After Chad Wild Clay made "EXTREME TRIVIA... Wrong Answer Gets Messy", Vy Qwaint created "NEW BLUE SPY NINJA... TRY OUTS to Find New Crewmate", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "I FOUND MY MOM'S HOUSE", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "If You Lose... SLAP ATTACK! Chad vs Melvin in Roblox Arsenal", It's boys vs girls in the balloon fort challenge! Each team will have 5 balloons and whichever team gets all their balloons popped loses! The losing team will have to face whatever punishment is under the Box of Doom!! Chad and Melvin start the offense with some water balloons and soften up the girls' defense. Then they retaliate with an attempt to pop their balloons. Things heat up when the girls bring a pizza into the mix to lure the boys away from their balloons. It works! And the girls pop three balloons in one go! So now the boys come up with a clever plan, a stink pizza! They make a smelly 1 topping stink deluxe and deliver it to the girls. It smells so bad that they leave their fort and the boys pop all their balloons down to the last balloon. Now it's one balloon left vs one balloon left. The last one is determined by the legendary balloon joust. Vy wins by just a hair and the boys have to face the Box of Doom! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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  • Vy Qwaint
    Vy Qwaint

    Hey Spy Ninjas! What do you think is the best strategy for popping their balloons?

    • Honest Exceptions
      Honest Exceptions

      Umm ok so you can try to break the Lego wall and then use the long stick thing and try to go in the box and then POP balloons are coming your way vy and regina

    • Xiao Lei (Leo) Wang
      Xiao Lei (Leo) Wang

      @Alex Ng jn

    • Harry Allen
      Harry Allen

      I'm early

    • marwan gaming chanele
      marwan gaming chanele

      Vy why did you say why did he hug here

    • Shadow the killer
      Shadow the killer

      The girls for sure and the boys to but I think all of us are winners 😇😇😇😇

  • Maricela Espinosa
    Maricela Espinosa

    Chad help the pz leader.🤬🤫😭😔🖕🏻

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  • Mimthoj Hawj
    Mimthoj Hawj

    I think girl win

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    Hazel Gonzalez


  • freddy fazbear
    freddy fazbear

    No boys Rule

  • Noah Johnson
    Noah Johnson

    Vy and Regina Cheated because they had a longer pole

  • quashawn roane
    quashawn roane

    Piety of you guys birthday party as a spider and dad birthday buddy other side I find that change it to real life he was a awesome dad love you because horseradish frozen steak left you if you use your money so I will stop you Emma OK I’ll just have Senia

  • Carrots the beast
    Carrots the beast

    Bad bad yuvi

  • Mahaz Rahman
    Mahaz Rahman

    vy is a 💩 and for boyz

  • Shaikha Aldoseri
    Shaikha Aldoseri

    vy is the best spyninja

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    PlayzRoblox dude


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    Zaira Perez


    • Zaira Perez
      Zaira Perez

      10000000000000 cool

    • Zaira Perez
      Zaira Perez


  • phillip jeffery
    phillip jeffery

    You don’t want to talk about it because you can’t say that you have no money money right away you have

  • Keegan Knox
    Keegan Knox

    It’s me I love your videos

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    aydin Mcpartlin

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    Kadee Nielson

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  • Morsal Maqbool
    Morsal Maqbool

    if i were you guys i would of popped all of thr ballons in 5 mins

  • Jason Espinoza
    Jason Espinoza

    Melvin sounded like Alie at the start

  • Audreyanna Komulainen
    Audreyanna Komulainen


  • Audreyanna Komulainen
    Audreyanna Komulainen

    Go chad and melvin

  • Audreyanna Komulainen
    Audreyanna Komulainen

    Go boys

  • Bethany Gunnell
    Bethany Gunnell

    Go girl TEAM

  • Bethany Gunnell
    Bethany Gunnell

    I love your vids

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    Shakiyla Monteith

    Juelz Sp

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    Fanny C

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    • Fanny C
      Fanny C

      It’s a lot of emoji’s right

    • Fanny C
      Fanny C

      Oh mine

  • Fanny C
    Fanny C

    You are the only ones that are the best

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    Rinas Ransi

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    Maverick Vlogs

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    Bryce Rose

    get mad at chad

  • Annastaysia Hersey
    Annastaysia Hersey

    The best way to pop balloons is you get all the sharp stuff you can get and you get the boys and talk to them and pop all there balloons

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    jennifer fowler

    Levi can I have a shout-out

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    Rube Mendoza

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      Morsal Maqbool

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    Anthony Flores

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    Jamie, packer and Scarlett Price

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    Andrew Likes Video Games

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    Joseph Gerard Samson

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    Lily-rose Lee

    Hi chad

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      Lily-rose Lee

      Love you spyninjas

    • Lily-rose Lee
      Lily-rose Lee

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  • Chun Cheung
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    • JTN Bros Official
      JTN Bros Official

      Jeez your a very little kid if you beleive any of this is real You probably got messed up when you were little

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