West Ham United v. Manchester United | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 9/19/2021 | NBC Sports
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  • Mahd Arslan
    Mahd Arslan


  • CHER 🎺JesusisComingSoon🕊
    CHER 🎺JesusisComingSoon🕊

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  • sito504

    cavani in the starting line up with ronaldo face lol

  • chris g
    chris g

    1 Thessalonians 5:4- "But you, brothers and sisters, are not in darkness so that this day should surprise you like a thief." Jesus is coming soon my Friends, he told us we would know the Season of his return, and we do. He is at the gates, please pray for the lost and blind, repent and tell your family and friends to fully repent and give their lives to Jesus. God Bless you all!

  • Daddy Devil
    Daddy Devil

    Wait wait tf he change name cavani at Ronaldo 🤨

  • Sebastian Umerez
    Sebastian Umerez

    haha they put Ronaldo's face on E. Cavani in the starting line up

  • beau dreher
    beau dreher

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  • Jimmy Bryant
    Jimmy Bryant


  • Steven Vicijan
    Steven Vicijan

    Maybe save of the year and the way it happened

  • Chris Cole
    Chris Cole

    How was that not a good penalty? Low hard to the side . ? Lol how about De Gea is a good goalkeeper 😂😂 .

  • Lee E Magritte
    Lee E Magritte

    Cavani with the tan and haircut 0:52

  • Jiggie-zay

    0:55 They put Cavani instead of Ronaldo lmao

  • Miamicapt

    Man of the match: Mark Noble

  • Off The Hook Productions
    Off The Hook Productions

    Dear NBC, Why leave out the penalty shouts? Surely they are part of the story and drama and we would love for them to be included in the highlights!

  • Ndukwo Ugbaja
    Ndukwo Ugbaja


  • S R
    S R

    Yep pogba season 2022/23 if he stays will be goalkeeper, then 23/24 number 10, 24/25 coach, and maybe 25/26 midfielder. Is he not talented or what to be walked around at so many positions.

  • ThisIsOSOS

    Buy SAITAMA INU if you want to be rich

  • Dam

    Roy Kean on De Gea's pen save: that's his job

  • Enzo Oliva
    Enzo Oliva

    Cabano for Ronaldo?

  • Beth Street
    Beth Street

    Good job MU.

  • Shelton Parker JR
    Shelton Parker JR

    I can say one thing , Lingard has an impact Everytime he is on the pitch 😠😀. Good or bad

  • Corey Edmond
    Corey Edmond

    Even with a win and a goal, Ronaldo still gets hate lol💀💀🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Arturo Hernandez
    Arturo Hernandez


  • raincoat

    Lingard turned his career around with one loan

  • Fan Soundz
    Fan Soundz

    Be Christlike...

  • Jared Stasch
    Jared Stasch

    Almost every single win is by a thread. No comfort at all.

  • Young Prodigy
    Young Prodigy

    So no one is talking about 0:46 😹😹. They put E. Cavani 😹

  • JF Productions
    JF Productions

    Pogba just pushes the west ham player at 1:38 😂

  • Andreas T
    Andreas T

    Why do people call Lingard, "Lingardinho"?

  • Daryl Rergis
    Daryl Rergis

    Who was the mvp of the game?

  • It's Gluke813
    It's Gluke813

    In the team sheet for Man U. Under Ronaldo it says Cavani lmao

  • Active Peace
    Active Peace

    Man Utd attack is too slow. Ole need to get the players to play with more tempo Or we going to keep having difficult match like this.

  • Kyle Loftis
    Kyle Loftis

    Never forget God loves you and is our lord and savior

  • Omagestine kettor
    Omagestine kettor

    What VAR is trying to tell us that Christiano Ronaldo's hand is not part of his body? This is very frustrating.

  • WD

    Cristiano Cavani. What a player

  • Hype ShoeCooking
    Hype ShoeCooking

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  • Raigek!

    0:47 Lmao

  • Dj_Zah

    So we’re gonna ignore the fact that at 0:49 they titled Ronaldo as E. Cavani

  • Dj_Zah

    Am I the only one that noticed that in the lineup they had Ronaldo as E. Cavani???

  • FMHD 17
    FMHD 17

    Ronaldo’s name spelled wrong lol

  • crosses101

    They say Jesus saves but I say Dave Saves! Also... Messi Lingard!!!

  • Edwin Becerra
    Edwin Becerra

    Wtf is crestwell doing on the Ronaldo goal? Leave him offside jeeeezzzzz

  • Tom Tinling
    Tom Tinling

    great match

  • UNKNOWN_exe


  • Jkr97

    de gea is lanky

    • Jkr97

      not focused

  • Alberto L
    Alberto L

    West Ham fans are angry they let go of Lingardinho 😠😂

  • Execution-Victim

    Cr7 Lingardihno and Bruno with Pogba assisting them SHEEEEESH

  • Andriy Kozak
    Andriy Kozak

    They should have let yarmolenko penalty kick hes the one earned it not that loser

  • Zuhayr Chaudry
    Zuhayr Chaudry

    1:38 Pogba just pushed him lol

  • 9 AM
    9 AM

    idk why i thought this was so random and funny 1:35

  • Alberto L
    Alberto L

    1:09 They put Cavani instead of Ronaldo 🤣😂 ESPN is always drunk.

  • Diego Mejia
    Diego Mejia

    Is rashford injured¿

  • Jon C
    Jon C

    Manchester D looked absolutely horrible

  • Sidd Rao
    Sidd Rao

    what a complete blunder by moyes

  • Junior A
    Junior A

    De Gea still showing everyone he’s the goat

  • Daffa Ramada Ghifari
    Daffa Ramada Ghifari

    0:52 so Ronaldo real true name is Cavanni ??? 😂

  • Maria Aguirre
    Maria Aguirre

    Tarjetas de feliz lunes

  • Justin Ganz
    Justin Ganz

    Are goal songs still being used this season?

  • Daniel Mata
    Daniel Mata

    wow this game is #1 trending INSANE😲

  • Cryptic

    Prem gotta fix that on Ronaldo’s icon for the starting Xl it says E.Cavni

  • Ale G
    Ale G


  • Leo Nissan
    Leo Nissan

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  • Bennett Davis
    Bennett Davis

    Big win for the reds

  • Steve S
    Steve S

    I was so confused when it said cavani? Then i looked and saw ronaldo as the picture 😂

  • Instegram

    Did anyone notice 9 0:54 Cavani 7 with Ronaldo’s head lol

  • Divine Light
    Divine Light

    Jesus Christ Is Coming Soon Please Repent And Accept Jesus Into Your Hearts Today God Bless and I Love You All


    they gotta fix the cavani number 7 thing...

  • Joe Goh
    Joe Goh

    The ref made 3 penalty mistakes .. 1 against AWB and 2 for Ronaldo.

  • Google Reviews
    Google Reviews

    No one gonna talk about the mistake at 00:52 ? They wrongly put CAVANI instead Cristiano Ronaldo 🤣

  • T-Virus Terrance
    T-Virus Terrance

    Hello, Humans. Joe Arridy had an IQ of 46 and is known as the “happiest prisoner on death row”. He went into the gas chamber with a smile. It turned out he was innocent. TERRANCE OUT

  • Nathaniel McCurley
    Nathaniel McCurley

    Anybody notice they had Ronaldo as “E. Cavani” when displaying the lineup?

  • Alan Torres
    Alan Torres

    Is no one going to point out how maguire makes atleast one terrible mistake per game

  • Alex Saitama
    Alex Saitama

    Is this really NBC with 360p ?

  • Oto Zaragoza
    Oto Zaragoza

    Edison cavani same ronaldo 7 😂

  • Versusz LDR Music
    Versusz LDR Music

    I thought i was looking at an old highlight at first, then checked the date, then thought i was going nuts as i couldn't find Ronaldo's name anywhere on the line-up and substitutes, until i focused on Cavani's picture 🤡

  • Brandon

    10:32 "Fabianski's not saving that." Neuer in his prime isn't saving that.

  • Stallendall

    Anyone complain about the audio???

  • Saul Flores
    Saul Flores


  • GGhost

    Cavani has Ronaldo’s icon. 1:03

  • Germain Mitacc
    Germain Mitacc

    De Gea eres un grande, que atajada!

  • Sam Kang
    Sam Kang

    how was ronaldo not offsides?

  • Chillahs Local
    Chillahs Local

    How nbc put cavani as Ronaldo name disrespect

  • Cebuwulfkiba24

    Another Ronaldo tap in 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Messi still with 0 goals or assists 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Mike LaBelle
    Mike LaBelle

    Ronaldo being back in the prem scoring goals just feels so satisfying

  • Bing Yiu
    Bing Yiu

    4:20 can u jump that high at age 36 lol


    Take Mcfuckups armband right now !!

  • datboidiego

    This match was poetic in so many ways. Ronaldo scoring yet another goal, Lingard scoring a redemption goal for his mistake against young boys, Lingard scoring against West Ham, De Gea saving a match deciding penalty after not saving one for so long, Ronaldo showing his passion and winning mentality. Good match

  • DC

    Can't believe the announcer was saying that shouldn't be given handball. Feeling some bias on that. That was a hand ball every day of the week.

  • radicalindependent

    Gee Cavani looked an awful lot like Ronaldo! LOL!!!!

  • Octavio Suarez Rincon
    Octavio Suarez Rincon

    Lol the Cavani typo in the lineup

  • messsatsu

    The best manager in the world is Ole when his job is on the line. Change my mind.

  • wukongne

    fxxxing disgusting ref

  • YoshimanMarioKart

    0:44 That is an embarrassing error. Lineup maker wouldn't be fired for messing up anyone but Ronaldo, but since he messed up the most famous one, he's probably lost his job.

  • BandTheHoorse

    Anyone else only able to see this highlight in 240p?

  • Hiep Pham Bui
    Hiep Pham Bui

    Man Lingard is weird. Maybe he should be a super sub.

  • TR7

    Manutd robbed by referee

  • Hard Worker
    Hard Worker

    Why Lanzini didn't take this Penalty. This old man Noble, needs to retire already

  • Bfn bfn
    Bfn bfn

    So everyone is ignoring Fred's performance 🤔