THOSE WHO WISH ME DEAD - Official Trailer
See Angelina Jolie, Nicholas Hoult, Jon Bernthal, Finn Little, Aiden Gillen & Tyler Perry in #ThoseWhoWishMeDeadMovie, in theaters and streaming exclusively on HBO Max* May 14.
Available on HBOMax in the US only for 31 days from theatrical release, at no extra cost to subscribers.
From New Line Cinema comes the thriller “Those Who Wish Me Dead,” starring Angelina Jolie and directed by Taylor Sheridan.
Oscar winner Jolie (“Girl, Interrupted,” the “Maleficent” films) stars as Hannah, a smoke jumper still reeling from the loss of three lives she failed to save from a fire when she comes across a traumatized 12-year-old boy with nowhere else to turn.
The film also stars Nicholas Hoult (the “X-Men” films), Finn Little (“Reckoning”), Aiden Gillen (“Game of Thrones,” “Peaky Blinders”), Medina Senghore (“Happy!”), Tyler Perry (“Vice,” “Gone Girl”), Jake Weber (“Midway,” “Homeland”), and Jon Bernthal (“Ford v Ferrari,” “Wind River”).
Oscar nominee Sheridan (“Hell or High Water,” “Wind River”) directed from a screenplay by Michael Koryta and Charles Leavitt and Sheridan, based on the book by Koryta. Steven Zaillian, Garrett Basch, Aaron L. Gilbert, Kevin Turen and Sheridan produced, with Steven Thibault, Ashley Levinson, Andria Spring, Jason Cloth, Richard McConnell, Kathryn Dean, Michael Friedman, Daria Cercek and Celia Khong executive producing.
The director’s behind-the-scenes creative team included his “Wind River” director of photography Ben Richardson, production designer Neil Spisak and costume designer Kari Perkins, and his “Yellowstone” editor Chad Galster and composer Brian Tyler.
New Line Cinema presents a BRON Studios/FILMRIGHTS Production, in Association with Creative Wealth Media, a Film by Taylor Sheridan, “Those Who Wish Me Dead.” It will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures. The film is set for release in the U.S. in theaters and on HBO Max on May 14, 2021 and will be available on HBO Max for 31 days from release.
“Those Who Wish Me Dead” is rated R for strong violence, and language throughout.

  • ghosthaunted2

    Just finished watch it today good movie and got vibe like Firestorm (1998)


    I surely love Angelina Jolie ..She's the best actress for me..

  • Jacob Nkonzo Dube
    Jacob Nkonzo Dube

    Best movie I've watched in a while💥

  • The One Truth
    The One Truth

    another movie about saving some kid... no thanks.. been more entertaining to see her being chased out of her fire tower by natives who were hidding in caves or some crazy wilderness people. Have them kill her friends tons of gore and dismemberment. Perhaps some good ol fashioned horror torture scenes anything over saving some kid from a hit squad. Movie lost all its starz with this mediocre plot

  • Robert Wright
    Robert Wright

    She looks about 25 again.

  • Alejandro Gallardo
    Alejandro Gallardo

    i fukin hate Jon Bernthal

  • Xavier Beurre
    Xavier Beurre

    Joe Dubois got old

  • Tomas Joel Beramendi
    Tomas Joel Beramendi

    All that for a kid?

  • Marlen Yanes
    Marlen Yanes

    Buena peli

  • A Wrecked Isle Dysfunction
    A Wrecked Isle Dysfunction

    looks decent, but stupid title ruin this movie.

  • Nick 92
    Nick 92

    I'll just stay home and watch awesome 80s movies then go to the cinema pay to watch this modern garbage movies are simply getting worse by the year.

  • Mayank Agrawal
    Mayank Agrawal

    Most beautiful woman !

  • G g
    G g

    If anyone that stupid to start a fire like that in Montana, the last thing they will ever be doing is starting such a fire. Good thing just video footage n 3D imaging!

  • gene howell
    gene howell

    This movie is so fuqin stupid.. attack lighting? Fire that changes speed depending on scene? A fireaxe proof man that takes several axe hits with no damage then magically gets hurt by one? Omg this is the worst movie in years. Wtf did I just watch?

  • BreezyCheezy

    4.8/10 If anyone else is wondering, no, you don’t have to see this movie. Cool to see Jolie back on the screen, and her acting is solid, but this is barely an action film. Plot felt kinda pointless. Fire is hot. People running, some have guns. Wanted it to be over. You’re not missing out. Watch Wrath of Man.

  • Suzan •
    Suzan •

    *Anjelina jolie ❤️❤️❤️❤️*

  • Harchi Ossama
    Harchi Ossama

    welcome back Angelina.

  • Chris McEvoy
    Chris McEvoy

    She has aged well. Film looks like a blast.

  • contort69

    not worth 5 minutes of anyone's time

  • khanage360

    She gave me Sarah Connor vibes

  • Gregor Jaklinov
    Gregor Jaklinov

    A stupid movie movie for stupid people .

  • Dougcm1

    Sadly.... The worst film i have ever watched....

  • R Kirsch
    R Kirsch

    aka.... SALT goes camping.


    Previews ?Really?🤦🏻‍♀️ Let’s be clear. Warner Brothers🐁 has been firing thousands if there own loyal employees,targeting whole divisions right here in the U.S namely🐀 Los Angeles whilst pimping movies thru 💁🏼‍♀️HBO Max🐁 as there own people suffer through joblessness,Covid,and there families PRE existing😔 conditions .. Talking about films is a wonderful thing but the regular people fired and kicked out of there jobs by Kilar and a cast of rich jerks at Warner Bros🐀 is a bit more important as those regular people are just like us..😳 Loyal hardworking Americans now jobless and possibly soon to be homeless having been let go just when a billion 🐷💰🐷💰🐷dollar company should have been showing some spine by pulling together and showing some class and grace.. Instead they limp there products. (🤹🏼Comedies) ..🐀 while there own employees face foreclosure. (🎭Dramas).🐁 while there American divisions have been decimated at there own had. (👽Sci fi films) ..🐀🐁 as there employees wither away unable to get health coverage for preexisting conditions as they are thrown away like trash for what?🤷🏼‍♀️ For being loyal and believing in honor and trust .✨🇺🇸✨ 🤷🏼‍♀️That’s what Warner Brothers always sold there employees until the time came to stand by there own.🐁 So. “F” 💩Warner and HBO MAX as these products couldn’t be made and sold without the people behind the scenes that are losing there houses,apartments,loved ones,marriages and livelihoods all the while as Warner and HBOMAX pimp Dune 🐀or whatever B.S they are shilling.🤦🏼‍♀️ 💁🏻‍♀️The executives there should be ashamed of themselves and there treatment of there own people,. (Over 6,000🙁😕😟😔☹️ and counting booted out the door through New Years and still in the rise as I wrote this).. How un-American.🇺🇸🐁 How spineless and cowardly. Those shafted employees are us and we should acknowledge that before it happens “to”... us .. Please spread the word if you can for those jobless people without hope or voices in facing a 5 billion dollar a year earning company that can’t protects its own people in a time of crisis.. 540,000 thousand dead from Covid and these 👩‍💼 CEO’s fire 6,000 people?!🤦🏻‍♀️ Just a thought and thanks for taking the time to read this ...🙏🏻

  • Brianna Dixon
    Brianna Dixon

    watched the movie before watching the trailer, but I had to come on here to comment to let y'all know this movie is garbage!!!!!!!!! and im the kind of girl that will watch a cartoon/b&w/western/1960s movies and think they're amazing! lol. you're left with so many questions at the end. the beginning is pretty much irrelevant to the movie!! I regret paying to see this. id pay for anything with Jolie in it but im not so sure about that now. SPOILER ALERT: like this movie was low-key bunzzzzz. what the father find out? why was she jumping off of trucks w a parachute in the beginning? what was on the note ? random ass Tyler Perry appearance ?? why did he want it to go to the news instead ?? this movie could've been wayyy better if they took an extra 20 min to explain those things

  • RetroDeath

    This looks like a visual FEAST!!

  • Irish 0331
    Irish 0331

    Jolie and Bernthal being directed by "Deputy Hale" of Sons of Anarchy? Take my money.

  • JDC

    Awesome movie! Best one I've seen in awhile. Angelina Jolie needs to make more movie. She still looks beautiful like she didn't age.

  • ross dunn
    ross dunn

    Is this just Firewatch?

    • J Reifsnyder
      J Reifsnyder

      No - fire doesn't play a part until toward the end

  • Josh Moyer
    Josh Moyer


  • Anfinn Skulevold
    Anfinn Skulevold

    I loved it! A classic action thriller which felt really fresh right now but wish I had seen it in a theater!

  • mikfax

    Cant wait to see 50 pound Angelina Jolie beat the crap out of half a dozen trained 200-pound killers.

  • bob pope
    bob pope


  • Chloe Charleston
    Chloe Charleston

    ???????? whats the plot????????

    • J Reifsnyder
      J Reifsnyder

      a forensic accountant finds some big hidden evidence of a cover up and is about to testify when his lawyer gets blown up- the accountant goes on the run with his son

  • harry j
    harry j

    The moment you see Taylor Sheridan’s name, is the moment you shut up and watch.

  • Playboy Jayo
    Playboy Jayo

    Does anyone know what was on the paper he gave her

    • J Reifsnyder
      J Reifsnyder

      The evidence of a cover up that the father was about to testify in court about but before he could his lawyer gets blown up - his dad asked him to get to a news service because it would be the fastest way of getting the facts out -

    • Brianna Dixon
      Brianna Dixon

      literally? like this movie was low-key bunzzzzz like I have too many questions. what the father find out? why was she jumping off of trucks w a parachute in the beginning? random ass Tyler Perry appearance ?? why did he want it to go to the news instead ?? this movie could've been wayyy better if they took an extra 20 min to explain those things

  • Mehran Khan
    Mehran Khan

    whats there to watch? i can tell the whole story by looking at the trailer

    • J Reifsnyder
      J Reifsnyder

      Nope, sorry

  • Helga ZR
    Helga ZR

    Angelina is back! Gggreeat, love her movies and Aidan Gillen as the villain, what else can you ask for?


    Me wondering as I watch this movie why the crooks did not get burned worse from the sheriff wife but I will continue to watch

  • Mohammmad Khawar Syed
    Mohammmad Khawar Syed

    2019 felt like the year of Brad Pitt (Ad Astra, Once upon a time in Hollywood, Oscar). 2021 could belong to Angelina Jolie.

  • Cute Love
    Cute Love

    Honestly didn’t enjoy it

  • Thought Process
    Thought Process

    A good entertainment movie. but I have got a question, why can't the kid's father send an email to media like NY Times, Washington Post, and so on?

    • Thought Process
      Thought Process

      @J Reifsnyder My question is simple - He couldn've use online to upload "whatever the confidential" doc or video on social network or email to media. Why he didn't do? He put his son's life in danger by giving him some information. Put yourself in his situation. Why he is traveling with his son to a place where the hitmen can easily predict? Remember, he told to his son that he is not going to stop the car for anyone. That means, he knew the hitmen are behind him.

    • J Reifsnyder
      J Reifsnyder

      He doesn't have time, he just heard his lawyer was blown up, so he and his kid go on the run

    • Brianna Dixon
      Brianna Dixon

      @Thought Process lmaooooo good point! even though I am still curious. is it bc she was trying to retrain herself of using a parachute bc she got knocked of the jumping squad & put into a tower? that's the only thing I can think of but it wasn't the parachute that was faulty when the boys got caught in the fire.. so that doesn't really make sense either. ughhh she's lucky she's easy to look at lol😋

    • Thought Process
      Thought Process

      ​@Brianna Dixon The reason for jumping from the truck is simply because she is Angelina Jolie, the superwoman, the director wants it in that way. Tyler Perry got only a 50% salary from the production. We watch this movie for only one reason, that we know.

    • Brianna Dixon
      Brianna Dixon

      literally? like this movie was low-key bunzzzzz like I have too many questions. what the father find out? why was she jumping off of trucks w a parachute in the beginning? random ass Tyler Perry appearance ?? why did he want it to go to the news instead ?? this movie could've been wayyy better if they took an extra 20 min to explain those things

  • Dustoff19

    Just finished watching this one. Great movie, excellent cast.... And great to see Mrs. Jolie again. Loved the story, cast and everything about this film. Not preachy, no political correctness or virtue signaling in this one. Just good acting, good story and something to enjoy watching for once, without it becoming a political commercial. Worth watching more than once. I would have liked a better ending.... Maybe that's part 2... Funny isn't it..... Commenting a movie WITHOUT preaching to the audience....;)

  • Angel Jeter
    Angel Jeter

    The Queen is back and better than ever!

  • banuna

    Difficult because I like the director but movie is terrible

    • Brianna Dixon
      Brianna Dixon

      it was trashhhh I was let down

  • Pavel Soukup
    Pavel Soukup

    Uuuuuu. Hell yeah! You been well missed Angelina 🤗

  • Juan Herrera
    Juan Herrera

    Her jacket and boots weigh more than she does. She was barely believable in Salt. It's just comical at this point.

  • Mauricio Ayala
    Mauricio Ayala

    I enjoyed it, it was a Decent movie. Angelina look like she pick up a few pounds

  • Shay Jenkins
    Shay Jenkins

    If anyone is wondering it's way better then the thriller...So good

  • Vicky Rodz
    Vicky Rodz

    I miss Lara Croft,Mrs. Smith and the Wanted...,and most of them..Angelina Jolie. I'm so disappointed with this one. Some may like and some don't. But it's good to see her again..💯💯❤❤👍👍👍

  • Spookychris01

    so long a trailer, i dont need to watch the movie,lol

  • Lajos Kelemen
    Lajos Kelemen

    Mediocre story, poor acting, weak dialogues. The only good in the movie is the young actor Finn Little, he steals the movie.

  • Shari Scott
    Shari Scott


  • Lady Zakari
    Lady Zakari

    Welcome back Angelina

  • Vrillx

    Just sad im too old to get adopted by Angelina Jolie.

  • Sinnesfrisk

    shit movie, the whole purpose with the movie was to get that boy to show the secrets hes dad had on something and you will never fucking know XD

    • Brianna Dixon
      Brianna Dixon

      literally? like this movie was low-key bunzzzzz like I have too many questions. what the father find out? why was she jumping off of trucks w a parachute in the beginning? random ass Tyler Perry appearance ?? why did he want it to go to the news instead ?? this movie could've been wayyy better if they took an extra 20 min to explain those things

  • Chitra kumar Boro
    Chitra kumar Boro

    This story is related from Amazon rainforest, fire polution...

  • Katrina Anne Ward
    Katrina Anne Ward

    watching angelina perform was like seeing a shooting star

  • Girl in the Red Scarf
    Girl in the Red Scarf

    And Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself...

  • 03 AI
    03 AI

    The film had so much potential but everything was mediocre. Is Taylor Sheridan overrated? Or is the original book bad?

  • Scorpion✔️

    I wish WB dead

  • Ayşenur

    Seeing Angelina Jolie on screens makes me happy

  • Carol-Hannah

    What the hell Lord Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish is doing here?

  • Kucing Ganteng
    Kucing Ganteng

    trailer shows entire plot 99%

  • Julepils

    Didnt know they released full movies on youtube now.

  • Jared Bezos
    Jared Bezos

    Worst movie in WB HISTORY!!!!!!

    • Brianna Dixon
      Brianna Dixon

      was v disappointed !!! omg

  • Rafael Antonio
    Rafael Antonio

    sooo this is the person with Henry talks all the time in Firewatch

  • RezaRob3

    OK, that trailer got me interested! 👍

  • الله سمانا المسلمين ،من أنتم يا سنة وشيعة ؟
    الله سمانا المسلمين ،من أنتم يا سنة وشيعة ؟

    Good to see her back .

  • mjaay

    might be the best movie of the last 5 years. just saying. Second only to Infinity War

  • Cody Elson
    Cody Elson

    Her names hannah and shes in Montana in this movie. Why they do her like that 😂😂

  • jovan jelic
    jovan jelic

    far cry from mrs smith sexily

  • Elijah Murphy
    Elijah Murphy

    Angelina Jolie been returned alright and she doing good with that movie but I watched it she doing well 👍🏼

  • sowokeitsajoke

    10mins in i was like "littleeee fingerrr "


    This movie was so fuckin 🔥 miss Angelina

  • SaranDas Creation
    SaranDas Creation

    Under flop 👎

  • Pita'sLife

    Saw it yesterday, I love Angelina but this movie is 2/10.

    • Brianna Dixon
      Brianna Dixon

      @julia jones tbh , Jolie can play the busboy for one scene with one line & I’ll watch it. This.. I could’ve lived my whole life without seeing this 🥰🥰🥰😔🤣

    • raijieli m
      raijieli m

      @Brianna Dixon haha & also...Did Angelina decide to adopt the boy in the end or what ? 🤔🤣 So many questions

    • julia jones
      julia jones

      Lmao can't be that bad

    • Brianna Dixon
      Brianna Dixon

      literally? like this movie was low-key bunzzzzz like I have too many questions. what the father find out? why was she jumping off of trucks w a parachute in the beginning? random ass Tyler Perry appearance ?? why did he want it to go to the news instead ?? this movie could've been wayyy better if they took an extra 20 min to explain those things

    • npm


  • Marie Lwom
    Marie Lwom

    This movie is refreshing in the way that it debunks the stereotype of woman and children being useless in the face of catastrophe. Very empowering. I loved it

    • Marie Lwom
      Marie Lwom

      @mikfax It’s a sexist trope used in film when women are always depicted as weak. So often men are made the hero’s in stories & woman are the victim in need of saving. The movie breaks said stereotype and debunks the idea of it. “Exposing the hollowness” is what debunk means in this context. Woman can undeniably outsmart & defeat men. That’s completely realistic. This is what helped Angelinas character beat the male antagonist. Men ALWAYS being the savior & always having a plan is not only unrealistic but negatively impacts young impressionable girls growing up watching all of it. We all know men are usually physically stronger than woman. And your comment on Angelina Jolie’s physicality; she obviously does weigh less than that man. That doesn’t make a woman inherently weak and/or destined to lose. Consider the reason for your chauvinistic mentality, and many others, is due to how society has treated and labeled woman. Girls grow up watching movies with unwavering sexist stereotypes. They are perpetually told to “act more feminine” “be less assertive” This is all deeply rooted in our subconscious and woefully results in women becoming extremely doubtful and completely unaware of our own power. At the point in time where girls become women, it’s already ingrained to be hesitant and tentative towards men who’s intentions are to hurt us. Then we make headlines like the ones you’re talking about “we all know how that story ends.” Everyone has internalized misogyny because of how the world is. Movies like this believe it or not, is a step in helping girls, understand their power they hold and making people stop believing in the ridiculous stereotypes against women. So maybe, when woman are walking alone at night or bicycling through turkey, we will have changed the narrative to be confident enough to react more assertively & valiant enough to learn how to physically fight back. There’s already so many self defense classes dedicated to woman. It’s proven to be effective against predators. For now we have the upper hand in being underestimated. But I’m glad more women are wanting to learn how to defend themselves and becoming stronger physically instead of shying away from looking too muscular. Like I said internalized misogyny exists in everyone. We just have to be better at resisting it. This movie was great at doing so (:

    • mikfax

      I hope you do have a healthy sense of confidence in your abilities, but not sure how fiction debunks stereotypes. Just take it sparingly because you can easily overdose on empowerment, then next thing you know you are walking through new Delhi at night alone, or you're riding your bicycle through turkey, and we know how those stories end. IRL I think the boy could beat Angelina, she probably weighs less than him. Wish they would have cast a real strong woman like Amanda Nunes and then it would be totally believable.

  • G. G
    G. G

    Sheet movie...


    shakira and angelina are my crushes

  • J Reifsnyder
    J Reifsnyder

    Just saw the movie - it was serious thriller edge of seat stuff

  • Luke Johnson
    Luke Johnson

    Kill Count: Patrick & Jack Blackwell: 8 Forest Fire: 4 Cancer: 1 Allison Sawyer: 1 Total: 14

  • dimitris mylonas
    dimitris mylonas

    Welcome back Angelina!!what the note was??

  • juliann

    this movie is amazing

  • Jay Quinn
    Jay Quinn

    I'm only 40 minutes into it and it's seriously the best movie I've seen all year

  • Michael Reynolds
    Michael Reynolds

    More Feminist propaganda.

  • chigsy

    and tyler perry? no thanks.

  • mi2ube

    This is gonna be good! Glad to see Angie back in movies. I’ve always liked that her range in characters is broad.

  • Marcus Grillo
    Marcus Grillo

    I thought Angelina Jolie cut off her breasts cause she was scared of getting cancer????? Man she looks like a scarecrow she is so skinny. She used to be pretty, wow.

  • Andrew Whyte
    Andrew Whyte

    Firewatch the movie

  • Lorenzo Grant
    Lorenzo Grant


  • vaughn amir.
    vaughn amir.

    Stop buying views. 9 mil views 43k likes smh.


    Good Movie!!!

  • Juchari Uinapekua
    Juchari Uinapekua

    Thought it was trying to be a series film until I saw Tyler Perry.. then I knew this film would suck

    • J Reifsnyder
      J Reifsnyder

      He was only in it for two minutes

  • CR23 Juan
    CR23 Juan

    Es de ZOMBIES

  • Frozen Hawk
    Frozen Hawk

    So Lora Croft becomes a hell jumper and then goes to a watchtower. Yeah no hard pass. I'm sick of the Mary Sue movies. And as most have bombed harder then Hiroshima. I think everyone else is as well.

  • Shimul nath
    Shimul nath

    Did anyone read the book those who wish me dead

  • Temporicide

    this film was absolutely SHIT

  • THECDG999

    Crooked cops movie season... is there other kind of cops?


    No fire was used in the making of this video...