The Nevers: Official Trailer | HBO
A touch of power can change the world. Experience the new HBO original series, The Nevers, streaming April 11 on HBO Max.
Victorian London is rocked to its foundations by a supernatural event that gives certain people - mostly women - abnormal abilities, from the wondrous to the disturbing. But no matter their particular "turns," all who belong to this new underclass are in grave danger. It falls to mysterious, quick-fisted widow Amalia True (Laura Donnelly) and brilliant young inventor Penance Adair (Ann Skelly) to protect and shelter these gifted "orphans." To do so, they will have to face the brutal forces determined to annihilate their kind. #HBO #TheNevers Subscribe to HBO on HRless:
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The Nevers: Official Trailer | HBO

  • koolwalla


  • Ben Pounds
    Ben Pounds

    So is this basically Victorian Xmen?

  • Shahin Hasham
    Shahin Hasham

    Watching it on sky own fault with it is the lighting so dark could they not afford lighting lol

  • Greg Zapf
    Greg Zapf

    The Touched. So now there's a magic fantasy show about Catholic altar boys?

  • Baz

    Literally 20 seconds in and I’m sold. Definitely Watching

  • charlie flowers
    charlie flowers


  • Steve Mcauliffe
    Steve Mcauliffe

    When does the lesbianism kick in?

  • Amit Kumar
    Amit Kumar

    Ok Stop Touching!!! 😂

  • RPS Corp
    RPS Corp

    Im not going too far out on a limb here by saying this is the worst thing HBO has produced in a recent memory.

  • huntressvideos

    Well, they have all been touched by Joss Whedon one way or another I guess...

  • Super Man
    Super Man

    Nice idea shame it will be a flop and cancelled. Just seen an article on the Daily Mail about this show. The comments were moderated and turned off. Probably tells you all you need to know about the general reception of just the trailer.

  • Mister Cat
    Mister Cat

    season 2 and 3 please, I NEED CLOSURE FOR THIS AMAZING SHOW

  • Bianca Shaw
    Bianca Shaw

    This show is amazing. I'm hooked.

  • Martin Zaparanik
    Martin Zaparanik

    Really Perfect 🥂🍾🥂

  • Chairunisa Puspa Juwita
    Chairunisa Puspa Juwita

    Adduh racun baruu

  • Arthur Betinardi R.
    Arthur Betinardi R.

    CTRL C + CTRL V = Netflix Shadow and Bones


    Qabid basit

  • alec cap
    alec cap

    Just caught up with this. Good acting they actually sound English unlike that other rubbish. Its a fun story not sure about the lead blackman considering the year. And so far so good

  • Hoof Hearted Ice Melted
    Hoof Hearted Ice Melted

    Mindfulness. With some added visual effects. I like the story from the police perspective. A police flow diagram with data, images etc always provokes the creative juices in an author's arsenal. Yeah. Could be interesting.

  • Hümeyra

    Bu fragmanlar neden filmin özeti gibi

  • Justin Mashburn
    Justin Mashburn

    Love this show its great. Episode five was wild didn't see that coming at the end.

  • Melanie

    huh are there only female Touched?

  • Juvan

    This is literally the umbrella academy nah? 😂

  • Daniel Canuto
    Daniel Canuto

    "Saint Romaulda Orphanage" reminds me a brazilian name called "Romualda', just two misplaced vowels, I think.

  • Engr Usman Amjad
    Engr Usman Amjad

    Amazing Story amazing acting . Keeps you on edge of the seat

  • stuntedmonk

    Yeah, but when does Hugh jackman as wolverine appear?

  • E k
    E k

    I'm here because am done watching American tv series. They force their agenda on everyone. After Line Of Duty. This will be next.

  • Fiona Zhang
    Fiona Zhang

    Me choosing movies: No, no, No, No, ..... 1 day later No, No, No, No, No, No, N-YES

  • StayyTruu2uu

    I'm so in love with this show!!! To all my fantasy people, you'll love it!!! HBO hits again!!

  • Nickole Marcovits
    Nickole Marcovits


  • ghosttowntomato

    would Ross approve of this???

  • Puffley

    Bernadette Banner sent me

  • the sibling hotpockets
    the sibling hotpockets

    This has Into the Badlands vibes. I really wish HBO would pick that up

  • MAR1NO12

    Never loved a series since Queen's Gambit.

  • Mycroft's Wife
    Mycroft's Wife

    Wanna know what's so good with this show ? The clothing is ✨historically accurate ✨ and amazingly beautifully done

    • K R
      K R

      Weird observation.

  • Najstefaniji

    slow and boring dialogs, with exceptional scenography and camera. 6/10

  • Betsy Korbinyr
    Betsy Korbinyr

    Love the show. But the set designer needs a history lesson. No way that Victorian era slum residents would have huge plates of green grapes at almost every meal!

  • neffa101

    When’s this out

  • Angelina Jo
    Angelina Jo

    Another kind of X men mutants, but then old English style.....

  • 11secondeclipse

    Seems a lot like Umbrella Academy

  • Karim Mohamed
    Karim Mohamed

    الجمعه ٧-٥-٢٠٢١ ٢٥ رمضان

  • Maxen e
    Maxen e

    Finally a series I couldn't stop watching! Highly recommended. The characters are interesting, the dialog well written and the actors exceptional. A lack of immature bimbos gives this cast a welcomed air of authenticity. Its still early days on the storyline but I am left wanting to know what is happening next ready to pounce on the next episode...perfect!

  • Tyran†.

    Reminder: I'm not spoiler, but I share to you a little bit details about this series, many scenes in this series are spg. Enjoy it !! 😊

  • Storm Vatican
    Storm Vatican

    There is no trump, no Jeffrey Epstein, no Maxwell Ghislaine, no Lucifer, no satan, no freemason, no satanic ritual, no human hunting but toy story.

  • Cee Koutsos nz
    Cee Koutsos nz

    Touched used to mean mad. To be “touched on your upper works” meant you were completely bonkers.

  • Rudra Bagale
    Rudra Bagale

    Why don't you dubbed in Hindi your series ..

  • KosArtShop_com

    Haven't people had enough of super-powered shows? Even if it's steampunk They are chewing the same story again and again. Simple people, get superpowers through some supernatural source, and decide they are supposed to change the world, some turn bad, some do good, there's a greater meaning to it all, yada yada. All the same recycled storylines.

    • computerjantje

      I have and had a long time ago but apparently 'people' still want these

  • imjaess xx
    imjaess xx

    i watched the first episode yesterday and it was so boring. Aesthetically beautiful and attractive but boring.

  • Steve Gee
    Steve Gee

    As long as it doesn't turn into The League of Extraordinary Wokeness.

    • Sean Coetzee
      Sean Coetzee

      @Captain Kace it's a pretty good show. There isn't any wokeness here. I would recommend. But then again wokeness has changed to="woman exist". So it'll probably be called woke.

    • Captain Kace
      Captain Kace

      When identity politics is being shoved down audiences throats, all male characters are portrayed as evil and weak, and people feeling isolated who question biased material are guilted to shut up and accept it or they're sexist bigots? Nah, it'll be fine. It's not like the entertainment industry doesn't do that at all already. In fact I'm expecting it just by watching the trailer. Let's all sit back, grab some popcorn and watch a potential dumpster fire light up, shall we?

    • Damian Woodall
      Damian Woodall

      @lone wrecche What does that even mean? Jesus, you people with your "people finding offensive things offensive upsets me because it doesn't offend me" attitude and applying it to EVERYTHING like your lifestyle is being attacked are so pathetic. Go and watch some REAL sci fi and be quiet

    • lone wrecche
      lone wrecche

      @Damian Woodall CHEERS MAN I WILL THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR SUPPORT. go woke yourself in the backyard. lol

    • Damian Woodall
      Damian Woodall

      @lone wrecche Okay pal, keep living ya bitter little life

  • justin is a BadAss
    justin is a BadAss

    Almost worth watching... but nope

  • Bry Marshall
    Bry Marshall


  • Keelon Dixon
    Keelon Dixon

    I'm hooked and I thought it wouldn't happen! Good fantasy TV.

  • TomiGun

    All the effort regarding the environment, costumes etc. to look like that period, only to destroy it instantly with all the out of place poc, who weren't there at that time. Pathetic.

  • Matthew Pauley
    Matthew Pauley

    Dear HBO please do a series from the Temeraire novels by Naomi Novik. I think the first novel is called His Majesty’s Dragon. If done properly that would be way bigger than Game of Thrones

  • Darius Cîmpan
    Darius Cîmpan

    I guess this is what happens when there is no Hogwarts? ;))

  • Mr. Everest
    Mr. Everest

    Leonardo Da'Vinchi TV series is 💕

  • tubepunksheep

    this is a show?

    • Chance


  • Money Singh
    Money Singh

    We want this in hindi please

  • john cwik
    john cwik

    The action is brutal , i'm loving it !

  • Papa J
    Papa J

    touch by touch, your my all time lover...

  • Sid A
    Sid A

    I just watched ep3 and am LOVING it!! All the characters are awesome and engaging and have such story potential and the overall storyline is brilliant - easy enough to follow but complicated enough to keep you guessing. Love that after the credits they show you how an episode sequence was shot!! Really cool and interesting stuff.

  • Gemcor

    I almost never sit and watch series. The last time I enjoyed a show was Game of Thrones and the ending wasnt very good. This show I really like and I hope it's not a total let down

  • khaki man
    khaki man

    Watched first 4 episodes today. Great show so far.


    Just 32 more period-fantasy action drama series to go and the genre will be done. Then back to vampires I guess . . . .

  • Carlyn Usher
    Carlyn Usher

    Me: The future depends on what I’m doing… Her: The future depends on the present.. Me: Hmm..last I check ‘am doING’ is the present (otherwise I would say ‘what I’ve done’ or ‘what I need to do’) But that’s just me.. 😂

    • Paul Clarke
      Paul Clarke

      Pedantic - and I'm someone who's very precious about bad English and punctuation. I think this is acceptable and understood colloquial English!

  • Владислав Хром
    Владислав Хром

    Name sound pls!

  • John Greek
    John Greek

    Have Doctor Who with female lead vibe

  • David Winehouse
    David Winehouse


  • Aman Shaikh
    Aman Shaikh

    Pls HBO hindi dub plss

  • Milos Milenkovic
    Milos Milenkovic


  • Bob The Builder
    Bob The Builder

    Looks fantastic

  • Kopie

    Basically the french revolution...

  • Bobby Bobby
    Bobby Bobby

    The future of the world depends on it.

  • aser dua
    aser dua

    She's like mrs watson young version

  • MultiFandom Fangirl
    MultiFandom Fangirl

    It scares me that bonfire Annie is in the trailer more than Penance. What happens to Penance?! Better not hurt her.

  • Nemia Jarabe
    Nemia Jarabe

    This series it's so beautiful, but I'm not spoiler.

  • Mas Dian Arts
    Mas Dian Arts

    Warmest regards from indonesia

  • Lena Cullinane
    Lena Cullinane

    Better than Bridgerton, also "historical England", yet utter fantasy.

  • Praise Okonkwo
    Praise Okonkwo

    why not name the movie "Touched" HBO: Never

  • NilJ *****
    NilJ *****

    Laura Donnelly and Eleanor Tomlinson !!! OMG ! That's worth watching ))

    • Paul Clarke
      Paul Clarke

      And Eleanor Thompson? Nice!

    • Paul Clarke
      Paul Clarke

      Think I spotted Olivia Williams in there, too - along with Pip Torrens, who's always good. Strong casting!

  • Awe Sam
    Awe Sam

    Herr Starr from preacher sealed it for me

  • Alfashiion Creary
    Alfashiion Creary

    They Nevers been Touched, i guess. Smh

  • Tyra Witherspoon
    Tyra Witherspoon

    This series is [everything], I especially love the Victorian costumes!! 💗📺💗👏 ...And yes, I became a little emotionally teary eyed when the spaceship vessel flew overhead and released those "sparkles", that was a very moving scene.

  • David Orozco
    David Orozco

    There just had to be a victorian-era british version of the X-Men

    • Double Guitars
      Double Guitars

      No that waa the league of extraordinary gentlemen.

  • Nigel Nix
    Nigel Nix

    Where's the Doctor when you need him?

  • TOP 5
    TOP 5

    Definitely a skip fr me,show was all over the place,confusing and just so badly written

  • ömer bakırhan
    ömer bakırhan


  • Theodore Manthovani
    Theodore Manthovani

    The title sounds weird, gotta check the synopsis. Hmm, sci fi, interesting, OK. Eh, joss whedon? Meh.

  • sandip kalal
    sandip kalal

    Something different!!! Awesome!!!

  • Imre Feher
    Imre Feher

    Song name plz


    Kalagan iranun

  • KamiEuKiTo

    Fell in love with this show within like the 1st 10 minutes. By the end of the 1st episode I was like Game of who?

  • TheGoodGourmand TT
    TheGoodGourmand TT

    I see Jenny passed through the stones

  • Shayan khan
    Shayan khan

    i will not miss "into the badlands" anymore as long as Nick Frost is here

  • Small Fetuse
    Small Fetuse

    Theres furry comic that has a similar concept and it’s amazing. Can’t remember the team though but you can find it on u18chan

  • ItzmeRF

    Okay i am officially touched.

  • marcel jenning
    marcel jenning

    Lol x man Abklatsch

  • Luis Núñez Carrasco
    Luis Núñez Carrasco

    Song 🎻?

  • sofia politou
    sofia politou

    lets everybody take a shot every time "touched" comes up

  • Simon Clark
    Simon Clark

    Ye olde x-men