The Green Knight | Official Teaser Trailer HD | A24
From director David Lowery and starring Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander, and Joel Edgerton. The Green Knight - July 30, 2021.
RELEASE DATE: July 30, 2021
DIRECTOR: David Lowery
CAST: Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander and Joel Edgerton
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  • MrGlibson

    This looks terrible.

  • Hydration Bot
    Hydration Bot

    This looks terrible.

  • 1 Bad Jesus
    1 Bad Jesus

    VISUALS 👍Amazing. SOUNDS 👎IF only characters audible.

  • Link 7
    Link 7

    This definitely feels more in tone with fantasy media like Drakengard or Dark Souls, where it removes the romance of knights, magic, and other fantastical things, showing the grim reality of medieval fantasy. As a fan of this genre, this definitely looks like a must watch.

  • Alusan

    The new Prince of Persia movie looks good

  • DJ Alternative
    DJ Alternative

    More anti-White hate propaganda. Shoving Asians and Africans into White roles. Deliberately trying to destroy European history.

  • Anders Kjær
    Anders Kjær

    Anti-white propaganda.

  • Roberto Maloney
    Roberto Maloney

    Wow, well look at that....the white walker king didn’t die after all

  • Ethnopluralism

    England for the English. Europe for Europeans. Stop trying to erase our history and culture.

    • La Doña
      La Doña

      @Goku Chichi You don’t find it ridiculous that an Indian dude is playing a Medieval English character?

    • Goku Chichi
      Goku Chichi


  • Triffic

    Stop erasing us from our history you evil cretins.

  • Robert Bench
    Robert Bench

    It looks like this has a much bigger budget than their previous movies. It doesn't look like an indie film anymore.

  • FreedomIsSlavery

    Damm, I didn't realise middle ages England was so multicultural and diverse.

    • Goku Chichi
      Goku Chichi

      Cry more

  • Nuada Airgetlám
    Nuada Airgetlám

    This is european and white culture. As always, globalists want to erase our people from history.

  • OGCpw

    Wasn't this dude from Scotland? L0l

  • 1888swordsman


  • Megachad Sixty nine
    Megachad Sixty nine

    Literally just finished reading this for English and then this came out. Bruh

  • Agron 11
    Agron 11

    An indian playing a medieval british knight 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • blaise russo
    blaise russo

    I read the comic this is going to be epic

  • Anthony Brown
    Anthony Brown

    Has Poundland DVD written all over it.

  • Joe

    Haven't been this excited about a film in a while. Little doubt that this is will be excellent.

  • Юра Іванов
    Юра Іванов

    Diversity quotas, go wild here))

  • Jayson Gold-Pambianchi
    Jayson Gold-Pambianchi

    Sir Gawain was an ANGLO-SAXON INDO-EUROPEAN. The same way Black Panther isn't White or Asian.

  • Nade Runner
    Nade Runner

    The first sound effect is so Lynch, surprised no one has mentioned it here

  • Callum Ager
    Callum Ager

    Wear your green sash in theatres.

  • Azerty Azerty
    Azerty Azerty

    The main hero is Indian like wtf? Why is a white black panther not okay, but a indian acting a white legend okay?

  • Jack White
    Jack White

    Believe it or not, this is the origin story of the British corner shop.

  • Slim


  • Didhity RK
    Didhity RK

    Groot? Is that u?

  • Travis Pratt
    Travis Pratt

    Favorite Arthurian legend. Can't wait!

  • Jace Evans
    Jace Evans


  • D C
    D C

    did not forget how good the first trailer was too

  • Sandra Gill
    Sandra Gill

    Not sure about casting ?🤔

  • Johnny Victor
    Johnny Victor

    2020: Not this summer, a year later

  • Millie West
    Millie West

    I'm getting real pans labyrinth vibes

  • Grey Fullbuster
    Grey Fullbuster

    Alicia Vikander? I’m sold

  • Styphelus

    Why is an Indian playing a European role? Are there no European actors? Imagine the outrage if it was the other way around! Hypocrisy at it's best.

  • Taj

    And the two faced racists are out on force. Whitewashing is ok Brownwashing.. How dare they

    • Jack White
      Jack White

      Neither is ok. I bet you're in England aren't you.

  • kung Few
    kung Few

    Did I just take some really good acid before I watched this?

  • TheTyphoon365

    Love the way they did this trailer, oldschool and not like modern garbage

  • Ymir Reviews
    Ymir Reviews

    Dare I say that someone actually read some Arthurian legends before writing this? I think so

    • ii ii
      ii ii

      @Ymir Reviews Sir Gawain is Arthur's nephew. Do you think it's believeable Arthur has indian in the family?

    • Jack White
      Jack White

      @Ymir Reviews Well, he may have had a black Knight but Sir Gawain was not Indian. So this show, which is based upon a welsh Celt, should have a white Gawain really.

    • Ymir Reviews
      Ymir Reviews

      @Jack White I don't care about that. Honestly. I can imaging king Arthur having knights from all over the world. Wouldn't be the first time...

    • Jack White
      Jack White

      Did it describe Sir Gawain as Indian?

  • Hitch Msani
    Hitch Msani

    A24 studios is the only studio i watch everything they realise just because its A24

  • Nayan Parmar
    Nayan Parmar

    A Gujarati leading an American movie. Gotta love it ❤️🔥

  • Adam Williams
    Adam Williams

    See, this looks a lot better than the new trailer that just came out.

  • unknown

    @0.52 lady morgana

  • RAD Lab
    RAD Lab

    Usually trailers like these are a prelude to shit

  • The Principal Officer
    The Principal Officer

    Why not have a black King Arthur and be done with it, “we wuz kangz”

  • oddchild1

    If there's no hot make outs between Gawain & the Lord of the castle because Gawain made out with the lady of the castle earlier in the day I'll riot

  • Yet Another YouTuber
    Yet Another YouTuber

    The Dark Souls of movies?

  • Clay W
    Clay W

    Is the casting of this movie Revenge for casting an actual English man as Ghandi?

  • Merlin

    I wonder if they'll be using Tolkien's edited adaptation of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight or the original literature as a reference point. Super excited for this!

  • The Skoolmustard
    The Skoolmustard


  • indraja bahadur desai
    indraja bahadur desai

    I'm just so happy for Dev Patel! 🥺

  • Ash

    More woke PC BS. Surprised that they don't have King Arthur played by Idris Elba! Are we gonna get the knights of the round table Bollywood dancing?

  • kenyon wells
    kenyon wells

    Why is an Indian playing a Welsh character? Isn't this appropriation? And why does it look like it had an asian/middle eastern setting for a Welsh/Anglican mythos? Think I'll pass.

  • K Cifuentes
    K Cifuentes

    A24 is a draw just on its own at this point

  • Alicia Kristina
    Alicia Kristina

    Um ok 😅

  • Aggie Burger
    Aggie Burger

    Dark Souls the Movie

  • Verbal Kint
    Verbal Kint

    I'm sold

  • James Mcdowell
    James Mcdowell

    The Queen has a growth mind set. I love it

  • harryprer

    Finally a trailer which doesn't show the entire movie!

  • Bucky _
    Bucky _

    Ah yes please 💯

  • Kylloween

    i just heard a Resident Evil 4 sound effect

  • Eddie Lensweiger
    Eddie Lensweiger

    Very stylish, looks promising

  • Fernando Mena
    Fernando Mena

    Another movie where Dev Patel is attempting to reclaim his honor 🤔

  • Laura

    this looks so sick and dev patel is so handsome

  • Ish Bangura
    Ish Bangura

    I thought this was something marvel

  • TNovix



    *THE GREEN KNIGHT (2022) MOVIE.* *TRULY,TRULY ALL ABSOLUTELY BEYOND UNIMAGINABLY UNIMAGINABLE TRANSCENDENT TRANSCENDENTAL BOUNDLESSNESS LEVELS OF AMAZINGLY AMAZING AMAZINGNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* *NICE,VERY NICE.* *JAEDEN ABNER D'SA. NICE,VERY NICE.* - *JAEDEN ABNER D'SA.*

  • Shaibal Mondal
    Shaibal Mondal

    I can already see em nominated for the Academy Awards/ OSCARS just from looking at the Trailer. lel idk spoke to soon maybe but I said it first

  • Adam

    Who was the giant dude with the axe? Is this a fantasy movie or based on history?

    • WickedIsPopular

      That's the green knight.

  • EliasDanger

    This looks amazing. Heros journey will never get old as long as you keep everything else fresh. 👍

  • Scorch1028

    Given the popularity of Game of Thrones and the Green Knight, it's long overdue for Stephen King's "The Eyes of the Dragon" to be made into a film.

    • Isabella Felipe de Oliveira Campos
      Isabella Felipe de Oliveira Campos

      Randall Flagg deserved a Cinematic Universe, a RFCU, composed of The Stand, The Eyes of the Dragon and The Dark Tower series.

  • Gaurav J
    Gaurav J

    Dev Patel always surprise us, each and everytime...! 🔥

  • Joe The Sapien
    Joe The Sapien

    This looks so amazing

  • BoyWithCrackers

    Giant Dad...

  • Rafael Freitas
    Rafael Freitas

    Uma pena que para o Brasil não tem data. Deveriam anunciar pelo menos legendado em algum streaming. 💔

    • Kamiik

      deve sair legenda em vários sites delas especificas tem um que as próprias pessoas que criam então.. rlx em uma semana apos o lançamento já deve ter


    Director and writer is not good :/

  • Caleb Michael Miller
    Caleb Michael Miller

    aww yes the infamous tree battle axe man

  • Beau Barker
    Beau Barker

    Weird ,it’s almost like they’re trying to undermine white/European myths and legends by purposefully inserting non whites into these roles. but then, I’m a racist for noticing...right?

    • Loaf

      @Jack White If you think that norse mythology is weak enough to not survive the ages you are a weakling yourself.

    • Jack White
      Jack White

      ​@Loaf It does bother me. It bothers me because it isn't just that some director picked the best actor for the job who happened to be non-white. I know that the people behind these decisions have an agenda, they purposely pick non-whites for roles that traditionally would have been white . You said that Heimdallr wasn't really white, and that the description of him as white had metaphysical meaning rather than literal. While that may be, do you think that the people who cast Idris Elba as Heimdallr took the description of him as 'whitest' literally of metaphysically? I guarantee they interpreted white literally so cast him as a blackman to undermine our perception, as well as the reality, that Europe during the period that Heimdallr existed was white. They undermine this idea to enforce a modern narrative that Europe has always had non-white populations. Its the same reason they have made Anne Boleyn black, Hannibal Barca black (I know he would have been tanned but not sub Saharan black), shown black Celts in a BBC cartoon about Roman Britain or made the cast of Hamilton black., they want to undermine white history to fir their agenda. I can almost forgive the shows based on fiction, such as this show based on Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, for casting white characters as black because its fiction but it doesn't stop there. Its not innocent. The media is being used to push a narrative.

    • Loaf

      @Jack White if it bothers you that much just turn of the Internet for a day and calm down. Why is it that nobody of you cares for all the other mistakes in fiction about norse mythology as long as everybody is white? There would be enough misconceptions to point out in the mcu but you chose to focus on the aesthetics.

    • Beau Barker
      Beau Barker

      @Loaf The fact that you’re a fellow Northern European/Germanic and have such distain for your own people astonishes me. A once proud race. You’re pathetic man. You’re ancestors were a great people , you spit on them when you sell them out in such a manner.

    • Jack White
      Jack White

      @Loaf They were white bro, just admit it. I know it hurts. I know you worship homosexuality.

  • kocakafa

    A24 making a movie You son of a bitch, i'm in!

  • Jay Miller
    Jay Miller

    You never show the monster, looks good thou.

  • John Constantine
    John Constantine


  • Keiji Johnson
    Keiji Johnson

    Crazy to think that at some point today, we’re FINALLY going to get another look of this film again. Forgot this was even a thing, honestly.

  • Andrew Christopher
    Andrew Christopher

    Can't wait

  • Jim Morrish
    Jim Morrish

    when is this being released?

  • RAES Studios
    RAES Studios

    very very interesting

  • SharpeeMusic

    Gives off heavy “The witch” vibes

  • Justin Fencsak
    Justin Fencsak

    New trailer tomorrow

  • - Zorkaz -
    - Zorkaz -

    This story always creeped me out as a kid (my Mum was the one to study English literature and I paid the price ... 😂😅) So exciting though!

  • letsgetlucky

    I absolutely cannot wait!

  • R D
    R D

    Needs more bad CGI foxes.

  • Kirk Adams
    Kirk Adams

    Looks great and as a lifelong lover of Celtic myths, I'm pretty excited!

    • Kirk Adams
      Kirk Adams

      @Beau Barker Celtic and Hindu myths have a common Indo-European root. Also, it's *myth* and the 21st Century so take the racist crap back to Stormfront.

    • Beau Barker
      Beau Barker

      Celtic myths being played by an inventive.

  • Soccer67

    Yes, this is 'medieval fantasy', but it is clearly based wholly on English/British mythology of the early medieval period. So why so many clearly ethnically non-English people as characters, including extras AND apparently the main character? I know. I know. 'You're a racist', said every ignorant, uneducated, disingenuous person in response to my comment. Try making a movie about an African or Chinese character from their ancient or 'medieval adjacent' history or mythology and include numerous non-African or Asian people within the cast of extras, much less any of the main characters and see how that flies. Short answer, it wouldn't. It's like those that complained that there weren't more female (or any) characters in the movie, Dunkirk. Because there were virtually NONE present as 'main characters/participants' in that event except the female civilians and nurses, and they WERE portrayed BTW. I have an idea. How about you stop warping history or even the portrayal of mythological stories to please aa certain demographic and supposedly make them feel good about themselves because their supposedly 'represented.' Yeah, represented in an event or story they were never involved in. There are LOTS of fantastic stories that they are the main characters of, both real and mythological. How about you actually show you respect those stories and those cultures and recreate them on the screen. I know, crazy (racist), right?

    • Beau Barker
      Beau Barker

      @TheHolyMackarel Not sure anyone was crying buddy...just pointing out the obvious fact that East Asians weren’t in England until the 1950s. Cry more that you’ve have no valid argument to these facts.

    • TheHolyMackarel

      Cry more

    • Goku Chichi
      Goku Chichi

      Get lost troll.

    • Beau Barker
      Beau Barker

      💯 my thoughts also

  • Seth Leoric
    Seth Leoric

    For the Lady! Wait no...

  • nette

    this is gonna be so cool

  • Lee Stewart
    Lee Stewart

    Dev Patel is not an English name. More woke trash.

    • Jack White
      Jack White

      @TheHolyMackarel You know the middle east has a serious problem with inbreeding? Its left wing 'people' like you who think incest is acceptable.

    • Lil Chaos
      Lil Chaos

      Poor baby 👶 😢

    • TheHolyMackarel

      Cry more inbred

    • Goku Chichi
      Goku Chichi

      Whites have no names.

  • jamie peterson
    jamie peterson

    Is this a remake of the classic staring Sean Connery?

  • Zavarious

    Okay, it's been a year since this came out and the only things we've seen is a teaser and a DnD style board game for this... Please! Where is the full trailer?! UPDATE: FINALLY!!

  • Mr. Mean Beard
    Mr. Mean Beard

    Dark Souls the movie?

  • Renaldo Matadeen
    Renaldo Matadeen

    1:16 - I am groot