Official music video for “CLOUDS” by NF.
CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE) available 3.26.21.
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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein

  • NeGAMES 3
    NeGAMES 3

    429, April 29?

  • Breezon Stefanyshyn
    Breezon Stefanyshyn

    okay i've been listening to this song since last friday.... it's now tuesday. love the song. can't wait for the full mixtape!

  • Blake McBride
    Blake McBride

    Kid at 1:12 - "What you looking for a high five? Nice try!"

    • Nikki Mubel
      Nikki Mubel

      Love his Real song! 🔥

  • mian fazle razik
    mian fazle razik

    I just cant get enough of this song.

  • ShowTimeWoods

    Finally 😎 💪 💯 Back

  • Anonymous

    Oh my lord this is now one of my favorites, NF

  • typoh

    This is elite

  • REGGZ Designs
    REGGZ Designs

    Always the best Director Ever!

  • The First Charlotte
    The First Charlotte

    *this is my new favorite song*

  • Patrick Benjamin
    Patrick Benjamin

    Welcom bak King 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • Mason Pope
    Mason Pope

    Two letters have seven million subs, impressive... WHATS YOUR SECRET

    • Nikki Mubel
      Nikki Mubel

      He sings music that pierces your soul. His singing only songs are beautiful. His raps are great. He got me out of a dark place last year. Therapy session song explains why he does his music. 🔥

  • Chrislee Eaton
    Chrislee Eaton

    Older cars in this video

    • Nikki Mubel
      Nikki Mubel

      Yeah NF posted the behind the scene for the car part of video. Cars going all around him and he did not flinch. That would have freaked me out a bit. He said it took 15 takes.

  • JellyHead

    Anyone else think he sounds like eminem

  • Thomas Waelkens
    Thomas Waelkens

    Mark my words this one becomes popular af

  • Aiden

    when he high fived himself i laugh soo hard

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees

    In paid my dues at the end he has a sign that says lost and the new album is called clouds like lost in the clouds show his growth from a no name to an outcast to being lost in the clouds idk just a theory I guess but I love how all his songs connect

    • Jason Voorhees
      Jason Voorhees

      @Nikki Mubel yeah he did🤣🤣🤣 you know I dont listen to much rap but i make an exception for NF

    • Nikki Mubel
      Nikki Mubel

      @Jason Voorhees he also brought back his options song in the football scene with the ref He said in Options: Put down the whistle, I'm done with you referees, Y'all don't know nothing, you think you ejected me Til I show up in the game, like, Remember me? Well did he not just show up in the game that was being played? 😂 Then he punched the ref. (He did say he was done with the referees)

    • Jason Voorhees
      Jason Voorhees

      @Nikki Mubel see that's what I mean his songs connect I love it

    • Nikki Mubel
      Nikki Mubel

      Lost is his song with Hopsin coming on his mixtape on March 26th. He connected this song to his outcast song. High off the music my heads in the cloud.

  • Zach Madge
    Zach Madge

    Director: how many transitions do you want? NF: yes.

  • Aiden


  • PeopleCallMeLucifer


  • Static-Impulse07

    Your gonna lose it one day

  • blackjae2012


  • Aiden


  • Agatinha

    Eminem vibes

  • Cleanly Plays
    Cleanly Plays

    Nf: going hard ok? Production manager: how hard? Nf: yes

  • WX・ عــلُـــوَشِ
    WX・ عــلُـــوَشِ


  • berrahoui houssam
    berrahoui houssam

    This is so good man it better than 99persent of the musice

  • FOR Kids
    FOR Kids

    Awesome 💕

  • MythicMikeyYT

    Nf is the best rapper ever.

  • Alfred Coon-Charlie
    Alfred Coon-Charlie

    fav song

  • Bishop and Masi Productions
    Bishop and Masi Productions

    We all know that first part of the song hit like a BITCH 🔥

  • Ty Kornblue
    Ty Kornblue

    This song is insane, NF is a master. also, i believe this song is referring to Outcast where he says “my heads in the clouds”...idk just a theory

  • Sven Vee
    Sven Vee

    1:10 Man does self-fives Barney Stinson style. Respecc

  • Newchild

    Texas b like: 3:19

  • C5KE忍



    Wow bro good

  • Sheldine dorival
    Sheldine dorival

    Yeah that’s good 😌 I tHink that’s it’s Evil god yeah Please do More it’s rEady good thank you

  • Matthew Woodruff
    Matthew Woodruff



    Notice how the cars hit each other when he says 'I rarely miss' at the end

  • José Hélio Lima souza
    José Hélio Lima souza

    Parece o Eminem

    • Nikki Mubel
      Nikki Mubel

      No eminem.

  • AJ Rossi
    AJ Rossi


  • Average Man
    Average Man

    Eminem wannabe! That is all.

  • Savage_GamerYT

    I love the part where he says Hollywood Hollywood.Amazing song

  • Its Møønrose.xø
    Its Møønrose.xø

    He's glitching in wrong places 😂

  • ziadd abdo
    ziadd abdo


  • Paul Lyman
    Paul Lyman

    when you thought that paid my dues was good

  • Xtremium

    Thank God he's back.

  • Lane Waller
    Lane Waller

    NF is literally always advancing and raising the bar! Just keeps getting better and better!

  • Terry Miller
    Terry Miller

    High priest

  • annette matvejeva
    annette matvejeva

    damn, this slapped me out of my existence...

  • Xtremium


  • Holly Hartwick
    Holly Hartwick

    I love FN

    • Nikki Mubel
      Nikki Mubel

      @Holly Hartwick 😂🖤

    • Holly Hartwick
      Holly Hartwick

      NF not FN

  • Tony Bakens
    Tony Bakens

    thats how you do a cinematic rap

  • Esther Miller
    Esther Miller

    [Verse 1] Calmly, feel myself evolving Appalling, so much I'm not divulging Been stalling, I think I hear applauding, they're calling Mixtapes aren't my thing, but it's been awfully exhausting Hanging onto songs this long is daunting (Yeah) Which caused me to have to make a call I thought was ballsy Resulting in what you see today, proceed indulging As always, the one-trick pony's here, so quit your sulking Born efficient, got ambition, sorta vicious, yup, that's me (Woo) Not artistic, unrealistic, chauvinistic, not those things Go the distance, so prolific, posts are cryptic, move swiftly Unsubmissive, the king of mischief The golden ticket, rare sight to see I stay committed, embrace the rigid I'm playful with it, yeah, basically Too great to mimic, you hate, you're bitter No favoritism, that's fine with me Create the riddles, portrayed uncivil Unsafe a little, oh, yes, indeed It's plain and simple, I'm far from brittle Unbreakable, you following? I'm Bruce Willis in a train wreck I'm like trading in your car for a new jet I'm like having a boss getting upset 'Cause you asked him for less on your paycheck I'm like doing headstands with a broke neck I'm like watching your kid take his first steps I'm like sayin' Bill Gates couldn't pay rent 'Cause he's too broke- where am I goin' with this? Unbelievable, yes, yes, inconceivable See myself as fairly reasonable But at times I can be stubborn, so If I have to, I will rock the boat I don't tend to take the easy road That's just not the way I like to roll What you think's probably unfeasible I've done already a hundredfold, a hundredfold It's probable that I might press the envelope Ideas so astronomical Sometimes I find 'em comical Yeah, incomparable Replay value phenomenal Beat selection remarkable Slowing me down, impossible I don't rock no Rollies I don't hang around no phonies (Nope) I don't really got no trophies I don't know why God chose me (I don't know) Got something in the cup, ain't codeine (Never) Change my style, they told me Now they come around like, "Homie" Man, y'all better back up slowly, back up slowly Woo, who are you kidding? How could you doubt me? I've always delivered Ripping the teeth out of the back of my mouth's The closest you get to my wisdom See my initial thought was to wait But what can I say? I had to come visit Check on you guys, you doin' alright? Your year really sucked? Yeah, that's what I figured They cover they heads up whenever I drop Shake the whole industry, put 'em in shock Come out the clouds like a meteor rock Then land on the earth like "Ready or not?" Ain't no one like me, the cream of the crop Don't even front, better give me some props I pick up your body and throw it a block Okay, I admit it, that's over the top, not Deer in the headlights looks every time I step my foot on the ground I get mistook for a lame with no weight to his name Ground just shook, let's not beat around the bush Even my B-sides throw 'em off like "How's he do it?" Some say I'm a great influence I don't know about that, but I did do the best I could [Bridge] "Hollywood, Hollywood Hope Nate doesn't go Hollywood" You think that, you don't know me good You think that, you don't know me good "Hollywood, Hollywood Hope Nate doesn't go Hollywood" You think that, you don't know me good You think that, you don't know me [Verse 2] I-I-I always advance, say how I feel, you know where I stand Raisin' the bar, I gotta expand Top of the charts, I'm setting up camp Pound in my stakes, I put up my tent Shoot for the stars, they fall in my hand Stick to my guns, I don't even flinch Can push all you want, ain't movin' an inch I rarely miss, you know I'm relentless Ain't got a choice, no way to prevent it Just who I am, and I don't regret it See what I want and then I go get it Followed my gut, I'm happy I did it Beat all the odds, I ain't got no limits Cannot be stopped, you payin' attention? I ain't gotta say it, they know where my head is They know where my head is (Head is) I've already repeated this song so many times help😅

  • Shae Roett
    Shae Roett

    Look this man here to littttttttttt 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 and not a curse word

  • gloup glouplji
    gloup glouplji

    Why are you coping the one and onlx TOKEN??

    • Nikki Mubel
      Nikki Mubel

      Dumb comment alert 🚨 According to all the comments I have seen about comparisons: NF is Hopsin. Eminem. 21 Pilots. mac miller. Logic. Now Token. Get a life 😂😂😂😂 NF is his own person. How about go through all four of his albums before you drop stupid comments that make no sense. Also Token and NF are friends.

  • Canadian Uploaders
    Canadian Uploaders

    The difference between NF 6 million views and sixnines 30 milion views, all Nf's views are actual fans.

    • Nikki Mubel
      Nikki Mubel

      That is it! NF trended number one worldwide and on here. 6x9 never trended. Also NF has more RIAA gold and platinum sales by a lot then him too. A Loyal and solid fan base is what NF has over that disgusting rapper

  • Castiano Alfredo
    Castiano Alfredo

    NF the new Eminem 🌍😎😻

  • Edidiong Akwaowo
    Edidiong Akwaowo

    Bro!!!!!!..... This is freaking mad yo

  • Jairus Faiella
    Jairus Faiella

    I love all your songs

  • Lil Icey
    Lil Icey


  • Lil McCready
    Lil McCready

    your like apear here. apear here. apear here

  • Lil McCready
    Lil McCready

    Be careful to many cars!!! wink wink

  • Jay Thoohan
    Jay Thoohan

    The song alr has 6 mil lets get it to 100mil for now

  • Papa Puny
    Papa Puny

  • Nico Araya
    Nico Araya

    I-I-I always advance, say how I feel, you know where I stand Raisin' the bar, I gotta expand Top of the charts, I'm setting up camp Pound in my stakes, I put up my tent Shoot for the stars, they fall in my hand Stick to my guns, I don't even flinch Can push all you want, ain't movin' an inch I rarely miss, you know I'm relentless Ain't got a choice, no way to prevent it Just who I am, and I don't regret it See what I want and then I go get it Followed my gut, I'm happy I did it Beat all the odds, I ain't got no limits Cannot be stopped, you payin' attention?

    • BlueHamNewt

      Yuh, best part

  • Lil McCready
    Lil McCready

    memorized the Holly wood part already

  • Aleer Maloko
    Aleer Maloko

    His transitions are harder than for charli🌺🌹

  • Bri Broekema
    Bri Broekema

    Eminem is that you???!

    • Nikki Mubel
      Nikki Mubel


  • Lil McCready
    Lil McCready

    The best song yet

  • Sky Media
    Sky Media

    0:37 april 68' - why?

  • Lil McCready
    Lil McCready

    NF is the greatest rapper and singer

  • Laila CoKi
    Laila CoKi

    This Song remains a masterpiece years later.

  • Aleer Maloko
    Aleer Maloko

    Out of nowhere he drops it We all love it ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Lil McCready
    Lil McCready

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I love it! I've been listening to this song like a hundred times a day

  • Saad Saad
    Saad Saad

    "Man I don't know if I'm making movies or music videos"

  • Mark Skell
    Mark Skell

    He is so good,but is not doing anything new. Sounds like Em too much.

    • Nikki Mubel
      Nikki Mubel

      @asd.nathan yeah That is why I laughed at this guy. We will not even get into all the hidden eggs in this video as well.

    • asd.nathan

      1) innovative production: the beat is a symphony that fits perfectly with the video and the song 2) although he is not the first, he is a clean language rapper who talks about topics that can be easily identified, and that makes him "different" 3) he built a character full of symbolisms that make many of his verses metaphorical (black balloons, shopping carts, keys, mansion etc ...)

    • Nikki Mubel
      Nikki Mubel

      ? 😂

  • Julia

    I need to stop ignoring youtube recommendations This high-key fye🥵🔥

  • Saad Saad
    Saad Saad

    “Then you drop a song out of nowhere and all the fans embrace it”

  • ValZic Playz
    ValZic Playz

    Dear God this is fire 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Saad Saad
    Saad Saad

    The legend is back

  • Shivam Singh
    Shivam Singh

    Funfact: this will reach 1B soon.

  • Akiyama Joji
    Akiyama Joji

    I've never seen one of NF's videos like this before, he's getting better and better

  • Siliuz

    The wait is over!

  • Fabio Chaparro
    Fabio Chaparro

    looks like eminem, epic

  • Justin Ingram
    Justin Ingram

    You the black sheep of the music industry but never leave the shepherd NF. Always remember who you are and the purpose God has for you!

  • Bryan Mc Kay
    Bryan Mc Kay

    This aint fair to the was innocent

  • nisou nista
    nisou nista


  • Evert Roldan
    Evert Roldan

    Hope Nate doesn't go Hollywood.

  • Katherine Milewsky
    Katherine Milewsky

    My favorite

  • الزغبة l ZAGHBE
    الزغبة l ZAGHBE


  • Jawnii-Abhi

    Reminds me a lot of this song:

  • Oumar Ly
    Oumar Ly



    nf always come with soemthing special i so fricknig love his content its so fcking good the vibe the energy whta the fuck best song ever ...

  • Elle Sk
    Elle Sk


  • im the titus
    im the titus

    You’re still here? Me too...

  • Nickalai Mais
    Nickalai Mais

    I think this might be his best one yet

  • Martin Kovač
    Martin Kovač

    another masterpiece from NF. thank you Nate

  • muffin pillow
    muffin pillow

    Wtf how did it go from like meh rap to the best I ever heard it's like hearing trash and the listening to the best one ever

  • abiola ajibola
    abiola ajibola

    Hello Guys sorry for disturbing you with my msg I didn't mean to disrespect anyone I would like you guys to check my latest video: I would appreciate if you guys take some time to check it out thanks in advance.

  • Lilantman 05
    Lilantman 05

    🥸 how does he manage to keep the entire song clean?