Monster | Official Trailer | Netflix
Monster tells the story of Steve Harmon (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) a seventeen-year-old honor student whose world comes crashing down around him when he is charged with felony murder. The film follows his dramatic journey from a smart, likeable film student from Harlem attending an elite high school through a complex legal battle that could leave him spending the rest of his life in prison.
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Monster | Official Trailer | Netflix
A talented teen implicated in a robbery-turned-murder fights for his innocence and integrity against a criminal justice system that’s already judged him.

  • Eli Playz
    Eli Playz

    school project :(

  • Makaveli

    This movie sucks lol

  • Micah

    0:58 That's John David Washington! I had to do a double-take then look up the movie's cast to confirm.

  • Diego Arredondo
    Diego Arredondo

    What name Is Song?????

  • Brittany Valentine
    Brittany Valentine

    Does anyone know what camera Steve Harmon shoots with

  • Simply Saz
    Simply Saz

    I feel like the trailer is almost as good as the entire movie

  • nicknike10035

    Anyone know what ASAP Rocky knitted sweater is in this movie? (The scene where he’s getting his hair done)

  • Lorenzo Pedotti
    Lorenzo Pedotti

    Song name please?

  • Shaiful dogra
    Shaiful dogra

    Wait a sec asap rocky 😨❤️❤️❤️

  • Shaiful dogra
    Shaiful dogra

    Miles moralis ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ben

    Walter dean myers is a great Author 👍

  • Lorenzo Grant
    Lorenzo Grant


  • Garry Simmons
    Garry Simmons

    Why every black movie or show on Netflix is always built around trauma. The white, hispanic, and Asian shows are built around different content

  • Michelle Muller
    Michelle Muller

    This Movie was really good recommend👏🏻

  • The 3 Eyed Bear
    The 3 Eyed Bear

    Dear Marvel Studios, Please make him Miles Morales!

  • Janice Grant
    Janice Grant

    I wish that James McBride's book Color of Water could be made into a movie.

  • Corn Ondahcobb
    Corn Ondahcobb

    This movie just hit me so hard. I think the trailer it’s self with the music and plot telling ability really shows how great the movie is. Honestly a top 5 on my favorite movie list

  • poettii mi
    poettii mi

    Nobody talkin bout that beautiful music in the bacc? john legend is that u? if so somebody tell who!

    • Laurent Servole
      Laurent Servole

      its jacob banks - the devil i know. A really beautiful music

  • Alexl White
    Alexl White

    Good film👌🏾 I was moved. Great cast too.

  • Ratul Deoun
    Ratul Deoun

    I remember reading this book Monster back in Middle School

  • Nevaeh Ramsey
    Nevaeh Ramsey

    This trailer tells a story far more than our understanding

  • Obunga

    Haha i watched this in school

  • Felipe Augusto
    Felipe Augusto

    this trailer is at the level of the Joker trailer ... a lot of emotion mixed with the music.

  • James

    After watching this movie and also reading this book i don't know anymore I think Steve is not guilty but guilty also.

  • Susan Rodriguez-Kennedy
    Susan Rodriguez-Kennedy

    This is a moving and deep movie. Love this song

  • mega gamer
    mega gamer

    I think i will never understand sexism and racism, i just don't get it🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Patrice Philip
    Patrice Philip

    This shit looks watered down to be honest, this isn’t monster. Maybe one day we will get a movie that’s closer to the actual story Shout out monster kody though for bringing his story to life

    • Patrice Philip
      Patrice Philip

      @Strawberry Moments did you read the book

    • Strawberry Moments
      Strawberry Moments

      did u watch it

  • sam jones
    sam jones

    Dope can't wait to see it.

  • lavere

    I just finished watching with my wife and mom. When my sons come of age, they will definitely be watching this movie as a teachable moment, a life lesson!

    • Janice Grant
      Janice Grant

      I think that it's so cool that you said ... a teachable moment.

  • Gloria Loftin
    Gloria Loftin

    Great 👍movie. I was on the edge of my seat 💺during the ending. Be very careful who you pick as your friends. Too many of our young people get caught up in those streets

  • R2sA!y

    I was in this show-

    • R2sA!y

      Btw their coming with a new one it’s about jeff’s (short name) back story

  • Olivia

    So depressing!!!! Can anything be positive

  • Ayan Chakraborty
    Ayan Chakraborty

    Should one moment define my life?

  • princess youth
    princess youth

    Almost cried watching the trailer

  • ĢooĐFellaś

    Jacob Banks is going to get the credit that he deserves...... BLM ✊🏾

  • denali88

    Yea I’m good. I’m over all the black trauma movies and shows.

    • James

      @denali88 true

    • denali88

      @James I’m black. My comment isn’t racist. It’s me just saying we need more positive imagery via movies, shows etc. This black trauma shit is all they wanna sale people.

    • James

      @denali88 it just sounds like you don't care you know am not saying you are.

    • denali88

      @James how does my comment seem racist?

    • James

      I hope you ain't racist cause your comment seems like it.

  • Maria Lountzidou
    Maria Lountzidou

    I see an angel...

  • Ant

    All-Star cast! Movie had me holding my breath! Well done!

  • D Laza
    D Laza

    I wanted to like this movie but the first couple minutes he’s being defended by a public defender... then a couple minutes later we see that his family is at least upper middle class in NYC.... why does he have a public defender? That is literally the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in a movie/tv show ever.. straight up the worst writing... It just seems too purposeful

  • Bernadette Bailey
    Bernadette Bailey

    I just watched this movie on Netflix. I cried through the whole thing. He was so vulnerable and unaware and realize it, but now has to live with the guilt of it all. Great story! Great actors!

  • Dustin

    A movie for the sjw from the sjw. U will be seeing alot more movies about black oppression which is bs. They are creating race again the only people who are racist are the far left trans racists. U want us to feel sorry for the black man well the black man can do anything any1 can do.

    • James

      Kinda agree with you but disagree with you at the same time

  • Justice P
    Justice P

    Dumbass movie

    • Y̥ͦḀͦN̥ͦN̥ͦI̥ͦE̥ͦ

      Oki bye

  • Ariana Pitre
    Ariana Pitre

    Omg i have this book. I hope the movie is really good but based on the trailer I think it would be

  • Ahmed

    Wow I remember reading this in 8th grade

  • Gatlin07

    ASAP rocky

  • Rell Griffin
    Rell Griffin

    The only person who should play Miles Morales in the live action film and after seeing this movie I definitely think he has the acting ability to

  • PostBoyShallot

    Random Guy: Kills everyone in his neighborhood. Also him: “Should one moment define my life?”

  • DestinNine

    Finished the movie. It was good. I'd recommend to watch if you're looking for a tone like this

  • Maggie Sanchez
    Maggie Sanchez

    I've been waiting for this movie for a long time! now it's finally here, definitely did the book justice!!

  • Paul Seigeldorf
    Paul Seigeldorf

    This was an excellent movie

  • Eric Barry
    Eric Barry

    Do y’all really like this movie fr? Be honest.

    • James

      @Eric Barry True agreed

    • Eric Barry
      Eric Barry

      @James Honestly it’s more confusing than conclusive really, like are we supposed to see him as innocent, guilty or justified in the end. It seems like the movie leaves it to interpretation, but in doing so- does it leave a negative impact on the image of black people? Does it make us look bad?

    • James

      In my opinion I think his innocent but not at the same I can't really tell the movie made him look like both.

    • Eric Barry
      Eric Barry

      @sheluvnelAfter finishing this movie, what message did you take away from it? I’m worried that this movie has an underlying negative message.

    • sheluvnel


  • Francisco Rodriguez
    Francisco Rodriguez

    Another movie about being comfortable with oppression in Amerikkka! Rebel and murder your oppressors and stop making movies about it! How about that for a change 🤔?

    • Y̥ͦḀͦN̥ͦN̥ͦI̥ͦE̥ͦ

      How about this be a reminder of what's happened, idk why PLL expect others to forget shi and this was literally the life of most

  • Alex Mulhall
    Alex Mulhall

    Monster sound track

  • Palmd rs
    Palmd rs

    This movie was actually terrible dude, first of all, the movie takes place in 2018, which makes literally zero sense because in the book it took place in the 90’s which gives a good reason behind why his lawyer was prejudice against the idea that he didn’t commit the crime and doubted him, as in the 90’s it was basically the norm to see a black male suspected for murder, and everyone agreeing he was guilty, in 2018 that literally never happens anymore, let alone in New York. Second, they made him 17, in the book he was 16; again, nah not seem like a big difference, but it makes all the difference in the world, as a 16 year old would be barely legally allowed to go to a jail with adults in it, and a 17 year old is closer to an adult and that’s why it’s not even surprising to see a 17 year old in an adult jail. The movie doesn’t even do half the things right, like in the courtroom scene where the district attorney directly calls Steve and William monsters, in the book it is only ever mentioned that the boys were called monsters, and the whole point of the title and mentioning of the word monster, was to let readers know that it is just what people are thinking and what is held over their heads, but we never ever actually read when they are directly called monsters, and the movie literally instantly has them being called monsters. Another dumb unnecessary addition, is showing how William and Steve have a really awkward and not even important relationship literally out of thin air without any actual reason at all, besides Steve bumped into William once and William cussed him out, and all of a sudden the next time William sees Steve he’s all buddy buddy with him and for literally no Reason tried to get him to be apart of a robbery, in the book there’s no mentioning of how they gathered the idea or got their relationship to the point to where the robbery occurred, because the whole point was to just put readers in a position to just wonder. This movie is actually so ass

  • Rafael Jeronimo
    Rafael Jeronimo

    alguém, qual a música do trailer??

  • Brisin Manu Lima
    Brisin Manu Lima

    Ok but what is this song

  • lele 4445
    lele 4445

    This movie was excellent I think he stared in a movie called Waves too. Good cast and could actually be somebodies story in the world. I liked it a lot.

  • Kay Henry
    Kay Henry

    To all the people saying that there are too many depressing movies on about black suffering,this is true however as a black person,black suffering is real and we should be realistic about it. Movies help us escape the craziness and I get that,we still shouldn't just ignore that these things happen. That being said,this was a good movie.

  • Melanin Goddess
    Melanin Goddess

    Asap Rocky is sooo overrated but aside from that this movie was meh and told like hundreds of other movies the back and forth from present to past, Not showing a clear view of the main event it wasn't a full understanding of the story. The main character was good but this movie was simply mediocre.

  • Pacifico Isai Barrios Valdes
    Pacifico Isai Barrios Valdes

    Aqui esta tu comentario en español tan deseado

  • Dope stuff 24/7
    Dope stuff 24/7

    ASAP rocky shouldn’t be in this beautiful movie about black ppl when he himself said he don’t support BLM🤢 SHAME

    • Y̥ͦḀͦN̥ͦN̥ͦI̥ͦE̥ͦ

      @record keeper like the one at the capital or??

    • record keeper
      record keeper

      why would he? Its a terrorist organization.

    • Xavier Your Savior
      Xavier Your Savior

      Not supporting the blm movement shouldn't not make him eligible in being in a movie.

  • Sonny Kay
    Sonny Kay

    This melody is awesome!!! Where can i find them?? Anybody knows?

    • I’m Rick James Bitch
      I’m Rick James Bitch

      It’s Bone Thugz N Harmony east 1999

  • Tim Truss
    Tim Truss

    All-Star Lineup. This is going to be fantastic. I stinking love Jeffrey Wright.

  • Nicola Roberts
    Nicola Roberts

    I started to watch soon as the shop man pulled a gun on those innocent kids I was already screaming at the screen. Don't think my heart or mind could this. Heart breaking. To think so many innocent men and women are in prison because of those lousy police...just angers and sickens me. The whole thing needs ripping from the inside out.

  • Sam Lindsay
    Sam Lindsay

    this trailer is unbelievable

  • Namrata Das
    Namrata Das

    is it like when they see us?

  • Blxssed Jay
    Blxssed Jay

    The dude from everybody hates chris is in it and Nas and ASAP rocky

  • Hanif Noor Fauzan
    Hanif Noor Fauzan

    what the tittle this song?

  • Esteban Garcia
    Esteban Garcia

    This is a really good movie, and I really like the end. If some one have diferent perspective please give a comment I will like to exchange some opinions.

  • Surya Md
    Surya Md

    I clicked on this thinking it is a Netflix adaptation of "Monster" the anime

    • Enger

      same :((

  • eggsart

    what the songs is this ?

  • Creepy joe
    Creepy joe

    My god this movie was amazing.

  • Sean Clark
    Sean Clark

    Kelvin Harrison Jr. is amazing.

  • Nicholas Costello
    Nicholas Costello

    New York many many people lairs

  • Capital Ode
    Capital Ode

    I've always wanted Monster to be turned into a movie. I'm a little disappointed that it doesn't seem like the story's going to be told through security camera footage like how the book was told through reports etc. but still watching for sure. Also, I here for for Nas returning to acting. Hopefully he's better than he was in Belly lol

  • Big Slim
    Big Slim

    Now I’m a fellow DC guy. What’s going on with all that skin on the back of Jeffrey Wright neck. Please tell me? Hell of an actor though!

  • The_Winged_Frog Yt
    The_Winged_Frog Yt

    First of all, I thought this was a cheat sheet for my book in English. But I can already tell this is not anything like the book. *Can I get a RIP?*

  • Serenity Clay
    Serenity Clay

    Sigh idk if I’m ready to watch this but it looks interesting. I thought of “when they see us” all over again 😩

  • Tre

    Whole time I was wondering if it was John david washington cuz it looked and sounded like him but then I was like nahhh , his actin got dimensions cuz I really thought it was a random hood dude. Like he actually had me laughin lowkey

  • kaneshima kumaroho
    kaneshima kumaroho

    All movie Life about black ppl is,will,definetly good no matter even the story is simple....btw tis is a good movie i watched, bgm 👌

  • lillost

    This movie should’ve just been about a kid wanting to be a film maker and you know some plights but not this one... we’re tired of this plight. Black people have other stories to tell.

  • Carmen Robinson
    Carmen Robinson

    What song is this?



  • TravelForFun


  • MSGSlayer1

    This reminds me of the movie Prison Song. The premise looks pretty similar.

  • Yann ROBERT
    Yann ROBERT

    FO. Juste go to hell or in your continent.

  • jicu jicu
    jicu jicu

    Its Not about one moment. Its about all the little moment that leads you to The moment that ruins your life. And i dont know why you make IT about race when you are a muderer and a thief. If you do something like this then you are Not a human by killing someone iven if you are White, Black, yello or american.

  • Kitanna Davis
    Kitanna Davis

    Finished watching and this is a really great movie totally recommend!!! 💯

  • Tyler F
    Tyler F

    Is this based off the book?

  • dfhiu dfhiu
    dfhiu dfhiu

    The song is?

  • Elizabeth Gutierrez
    Elizabeth Gutierrez

    This was an extremely heart gripping movie, 🍿.

  • Śedi 0319
    Śedi 0319

    what's the name of the song in the trailer?

  • eyetellyou

    As an ELA teacher, I'm excited. Hopefully, it's as amazing as Walter Dean Myers' novel of the same name.

  • Malek Makaveli
    Malek Makaveli

    finally a good movie

  • symone salmon
    symone salmon

    Is that song in the background Jacob Banks

  • Mariusz Łysik
    Mariusz Łysik

    A$AP Rocky yes man



  • gamer normal
    gamer normal

    Music ?

    • gamer normal
      gamer normal

      I from Brazil ok?

    • gamer normal
      gamer normal

      @Seher Aydoslu thank

    • Seher Aydoslu
      Seher Aydoslu

      Jacob Banks - Devil That I Know

  • E. Simon
    E. Simon

    That's what happened to Teddy ?