Mi 11 Ultra Review - Xiaomi just KILLED Samsung!?
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Thanks so much for waiting for my video on this one - wanted to make sure it was good! 👊 To check out the worst Tech fails of the decade: hrless.info/window/video/t4OK0YeM0qTAfm4.html

    • shorts with ishan
      shorts with ishan

      Which is better mi 11 ultra or iphone 12 pro max

    • zero!!!!!

      I like your vid, 1st time when I c U, and I subscribed, based not on Ur sugestion , but on the quality!!! Don.t take it wrong: Fuck U!! That means: You r great!!

    • BEAST 777
      BEAST 777

      Will u give me that mi phone😂❤️

    • Ozan

      Tell me this. Would you buy a BMW or a Toyota if everything is the same, including price, performance, fuel consumption, design etc?

    • Noor Jahan
      Noor Jahan


  • RS

    yep.. too bad Xiaomi software sucks. So, even with the best hardware in the world, it doesn't really matter in the end.

  • El Yoj
    El Yoj

    Not with that name their not. ?? Ximiix??

  • shrinivas Hulamani
    shrinivas Hulamani

    Finally Samsung's got an answer .

  • Bhanu prakash Agrawal
    Bhanu prakash Agrawal

    Boycott China 🇨🇳

  • Estelon Agarwaen
    Estelon Agarwaen

    i think any camera (dslr or mirrorless) still wins, even with lower megapixel counts.

  • Suhail Madappat
    Suhail Madappat

    What about the heating 🤔

  • Classy Tech
    Classy Tech

    #arun please cover aquos R6

  • Bharat Bhusan
    Bharat Bhusan

    That' s the tech. guy who get more views than his subscribers.

  • Sherin mary
    Sherin mary

    I like that verse he says 1:18

  • Ihjaz Aslam
    Ihjaz Aslam

    Why are those so BIG? 0:57

  • Macam Macam ada
    Macam Macam ada

    Is it the exynos variant too bad? Pls help me. In my country, s21 ultra only available with exynos :(

  • Tayyab Vlogs PRUPEL
    Tayyab Vlogs PRUPEL

    I EaT SaMsUng FoR BrEfAsT

  • bign3ck

    I'd rather give my money to freedom loving South Koreans.

  • Tekeon


  • Alfie Barker
    Alfie Barker

    so this phone doesn't break the Samsung display cycle. it uses a Samsung panel

  • Alfie Barker
    Alfie Barker

    That camera looks hideous

  • Evi1ways

    Zero apple comparison. Solid.

  • iTsAnubisbladeYt

    Mi 11 ultra the best

  • Ya3mor

    0:00 unfortunately it doesn't work that way

  • weerobot

    Oukitel Best...

  • Not A Bot #2oo
    Not A Bot #2oo

    Nice vid Don't scroll down I'm warning you YOU JUST GOT COCONUT MALLED!!!!!

  • Chezhian Sekar
    Chezhian Sekar

    Any mi is Chinese...hate it

  • Thijs Van leeuwen
    Thijs Van leeuwen

    Ive had a mi phone and theyre good but i just dont like the chinese spying on me

  • zero!!!!!

    FU, ur grGREAT! Man!! U REMEMBER FREDDIE ON WEMBLEY!? That kind of FU!!

  • Mad Dog
    Mad Dog

    😂😂 "I Eat Samsungs For Breakfast" 😂😂

  • CustardApple Entertainment Inc
    CustardApple Entertainment Inc

    I don’t recommend m11 I have it and it’s worse. I guess this is paid promotion

  • Collete

    0:58 I think it should be "Thats what HE said"

  • Karolis Gikys
    Karolis Gikys

    the saddest thing is Samsung is getting more like apple

  • Kraziken0

    I don't understand the fascination with glass backs. Ceramic yes. Even hard plastic. Yes.

  • jay raider
    jay raider

    Ahmir khan is doing reviews now huh


    No more china products 😅


    You lookalikes pakistani🤔

  • Jeff W
    Jeff W

    I don't think so. Xiaomi needs to have a military department to even stand a chance 😄

  • DSM jUhnky
    DSM jUhnky

    Xiaomi is onto something with the small screen on the back... Helping use the main cameras for selfies/vlogging. Atleast it wouldn't be awkward anymore, you'd be able to see if you got a good shot of yourself. If they focused on that new feature and a better price point vs S21 they'll do great in the market.

  • Johnn_110

    Lol, iPhone is gonna get left behind, and idk y they r so popular.

  • KismuBeats

    🤮 iphone 😻

  • Jigdel Dorjee
    Jigdel Dorjee

    Only reason i wont buy it is its a chinese company

  • volclaire2

    Xiaomi is doing what people say: observe, copy, modify

  • canuck21

    Chinese company? o thanks.

  • Werewolf Master
    Werewolf Master

    I hope so because Samsung is just some expensive sh*t But still.... popout lenses and screenhole... ALSO: Curved screen means that if you drop your phone = no repairs. That's what curved glass is for on phones


    Xiomi reliability to sustain throught the year seems to be impossible along with its boring user interface fucking security norms...

  • Joseph Dompre twumasi
    Joseph Dompre twumasi


  • GaMinG NorD
    GaMinG NorD

    You mean he killed iphone iiidioot

  • Asia Turin
    Asia Turin

    This is china's ad. Never use anything made in china.

  • Dimitry Sl
    Dimitry Sl

    Camera on the left and curved screen just isn't what I'm looking for.

  • craigtothec

    It looks like someone straight up glued a 2000s era iPod Nano ripoff onto the back of a phone.

  • Latin Kuro
    Latin Kuro

    The feature that most people don't talk about but is the deal breaker for me, and the why I stick with samsung is : DEX your smartphone is a laptop essentially. any phone that seriously wants my dollars would need to support DEX or something similar and vastly superior for me to justify swapping.

  • naruto dattebayo
    naruto dattebayo

    Yeah but still samsung is the goat. It looks more professional and cool

  • Austine Chinoso
    Austine Chinoso

    Mrwhosetheboss pls gift me one phone


    Thanks for the tremendous reviews


    That phone looks like shit,

  • Iftikhar Ahmed Shovon
    Iftikhar Ahmed Shovon

    I just hate that back screen, wish there were cameras in its place, just think if they were to put a decent macro cam up there, who could beat them?

  • Internet Tv
    Internet Tv

    Video editing, you're fvckn good man🔥🔥🔥😤😤😤😤

    • zero!!!!!

      Ur so right!!!!!

  • Amar Vaid
    Amar Vaid

    8:08 can anyone tell me the name of that game ?

  • Ergi Hoxha
    Ergi Hoxha

    Samsung is the best phone at the moment. Xiaomi is the worst phone in planet..

  • V12BigBlock

    Enough with the cheap tabloid titles already...

  • Nigar Sultana
    Nigar Sultana

    U didn't appreciate Meizu pro 7 plus!

  • Multi_barista

    I don’t know why I watching this review that I can’t afford this beautiful phone. 😭

  • Malith Kahadavitagamage
    Malith Kahadavitagamage

    Getlost donkey

  • Kan Kantona
    Kan Kantona

    Your video quality has surpassed mkbhd by a lot now....

  • george budea
    george budea

    Damn, nobody speak about phones 🤣

  • slasher302

    Samsung has been working hard to lose my business. Bixby sucks (it interferes with my Sena 50s Intercom), and Samsung makes it very difficult to disable and/or remove. They also started spamming my phone and tablet with messages to log into a Samsung account & OneDrive... to the point that I had to to log multiple service tickets to get it stopped. I really shouldn't have to think this hard about my phone & tablet. The cameras on the Samsung Galaxy s9+ don't impress me much. They tend to have a slight "fish eye". If I hold the thing below my face when teleconferencing, it looks like my jaw is huge. Hold it up higher, and I look like I have no jaw and a huge forehead.

  • jhonatan boutchakdjian milagre
    jhonatan boutchakdjian milagre

    Oh god... this phone is horrible

  • NP3

    That's what she said :/

  • Dave White
    Dave White

    You explain so good man...

  • Justin _that_one_dude
    Justin _that_one_dude

    Alright I want this device yet due to money issues idk how that’s possible.

  • Xiaomi

    Samsung is going to die pretty soon LOL. Wwit 4 months

  • Elpinchiyogui

    Naw pffff i dont tink so

  • Ahmet Türker
    Ahmet Türker

    Samsung is mercedes mi is audi.

  • David Pauze
    David Pauze

    Android tries so hard all of the time. So many different phones to choose from with LG, Samsung, Google and the list goes on and on. Apple is like, "Meh, we keep the iPhone simple and besides, we're better and we know it!"

  • Troy's EDC Solutions
    Troy's EDC Solutions

    You can't use these in the US in at&t or Verizon so pointless to get excited God I wish we could buy them in the USA.

  • Unsalted Memes
    Unsalted Memes

    7.3 million people getting rick rolled at 5 minutes and 3 seconds into the video

  • Ferdinand von Stephani
    Ferdinand von Stephani

    ....did I really just get Rick Roled by Mrwhosetheboss?

  • Tony Tran
    Tony Tran

    What's the song at 05:10?

  • Lizard Man
    Lizard Man

    This comes off as a paid ad when u try and turn anything negative into a positive. It’s a bad look

  • arunn dabas
    arunn dabas

    I love your reviews..they are honest ,& Your voice command is superb and you are very articulate..more success to you dear🙏🙏

  • Lucas Villanueva
    Lucas Villanueva

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  • Schweiz Swiss
    Schweiz Swiss

    Next time I'm gonna buy the cheapest phone but better than Samsung. It's kind a shacks that they don't include the charger and buds. I'm going to buy them separately. Schiesse s21 ultra.

  • Princess Foxfox
    Princess Foxfox

    Dear normal people, Apple and Samsung are the worst phone manufacturers. LG had way, WAY better phones, but they're quitting because nobody bought them. Technological illiteracy wins again...

  • Superbot9341_2


  • Princess Foxfox
    Princess Foxfox

    I wish normies didn't care about cameras so much on phones. We could have completely flat backs, but noooo

  • C Munsta
    C Munsta

    Made in china? No thanks

  • nandesh sah
    nandesh sah

    Bro can u compare vivo x60 pro plus with xiaomi mi 11 ultra vs oneplus 9 pro

  • nandesh sah
    nandesh sah

    Bro can u compare vivo x60 pro plus with xiaomi mi 11 ultra vs oneplus 9 pro

  • AwsomeDestroyr

    Man just can't stop the rickrolls... every single video... I LOVE IT

  • Nioh

    Thanks for not having 3/4 of the whole review about the camera - the single most irrelevant part of the smartphone in my opinion.

  • Matthias Apostolidis
    Matthias Apostolidis

    showing subscription stats is getting really pathetic. We do you think random viewers care about your stats? Let your vids do the talking and stop wasting everyone's time with stats that only matter to you.

  • kartick sundar
    kartick sundar

    0:57 there you go

  • The 000 Gamer
    The 000 Gamer

    Will the Mi 11 Ultra work in Norway?

  • The 000 Gamer
    The 000 Gamer

    I got a question

  • The 000 Gamer
    The 000 Gamer

    Hey Arun

  • Miles Lafferty
    Miles Lafferty

    I’m so tired of this now ubiquitous, cutesy “I’m going to look up and to the right to find that oh-so perfect word” affectation. So grotesquely phony.

  • Jose

    "Xiaomi just KILLED Samsung!?"... NO!!! NEVER!!!!!!!

  • c h a y a n a
    c h a y a n a

    4:13 I noticed something.. nevermind 👁️

  • Master Tonberry
    Master Tonberry

    Mi 11 has an IR blaster so it wins for me

  • Faisalsahaik Dudeee
    Faisalsahaik Dudeee

    Me: can I get a phone

  • thenonexistinghero

    It has a punchhole. Therefor it sucks.

    • thenonexistinghero

      @namcicle As long as there isn't a hole or notch I think it's fine. Having a damn notch or hole would annoy me so damn much I'd probably throw those awful phones straight up against a wall in less than a month.

    • namcicle

      @Princess Foxfox Fair enough. Personally, I don't mind the holepunch, but I see the appeal of pop up cameras

    • Princess Foxfox
      Princess Foxfox

      @namcicle I'd guess they like the "normal" screens i.e. bezels or flip/pop up cams. Bezels are also great so you can actually pick up the phone without having to be a surgeon to avoid pressing things or smudging the screen. I hate notches and hole punch cams as well.. Honestly I'd add onto it- protruding rear cameras are awful, give me 10mp in a housing that's flush with the back of the phone. Rounded screen edges suck as well, takes away screen space. High refresh rates are also worthless but at least it's forcing manufacturers into the 5,000-6,000 mAh battery range like they should be anyways. Something like the Poco F2 Pro is literally the perfect phone except for the rounded screen, but that isn't the worst offense. edit: Actually, the Motorola Edge S would be except for the front cams and rounded screen corners

    • namcicle

      Therefore* So, are you a notch person? Or a thick bezel person? Or a motorized camera person?

  • Lifes Eternal
    Lifes Eternal

    I have the oneplus 8 pro and the New Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra and taking pictures with the oneplus kill the Ultra in pixel clarity when shot on 48 megapixels. Their new camera update awhile back is superb. Try it for yourself Oneplus 8 pro vs the Ultra.

  • Lakshith Ravindra
    Lakshith Ravindra

    Fun fact: mi11 ultra is literally the same as Samsung S21 (not ultra or plus)