Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - PlayStation Showcase 2021: Reveal Trailer | PS5
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the next game in PlayStation’s critically acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise. Developed by Insomniac Games in collaboration with Marvel Games and PlayStation for the PS5 console.

  • Micka Derksen
    Micka Derksen

    This game gonna be on ps4 too?

  • Sir DeadPixeI
    Sir DeadPixeI

    Ya know this has crossed my mind. Venom dlc where you get to play as venom for X amount of hours. Like this one spiderman game for the DS. Where you play as SM and venom that would be sick.

  • Juan Cassar
    Juan Cassar

    This series of games would make such an awesome film series

  • Kam The Rockstar
    Kam The Rockstar

    2023 or 2021

  • ViKaneki

    *We see spiderman, we click*

  • DevilCrafterxX

    Who are venom fans here 😎😎

  • 𝐍𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠..✰

    I'm so excited about the game that looks so amazing

  • Sidd Gaming
    Sidd Gaming

    On of the best game ever

  • Sidd Gaming
    Sidd Gaming

    One of the waiting experience game 😅😅😅

  • Ben Kirkey
    Ben Kirkey

    Tony Todd voicing Venom is awesome! Knew who it was when I heard it since Venom sounded similar to Zoom.

  • Yugo_1223

    This will be a venom game. The bad guy is Kraven.

  • adam fawzy
    adam fawzy

    sooooooo excited for this.

  • MikeDay212

    out in 2056

  • ivoneherman

    Me: Can you guys slow down on the Spidey stuff I’m still tryna 100% Miles Morales like chill out bro Insomniac, Marvel and Sony: “It’s funny how dumb you are!”

  • Makking Everything
    Makking Everything

    Venom voice is like zoom from flash

  • Shankaran Byjus
    Shankaran Byjus

    Dawn ❣️

  • WeeBeee  Gamers
    WeeBeee Gamers


  • Adz

    Am I the only one who didn't like how the game looks in this trailer? XD

    • Adz

      @MartinNC fair enough

    • MartinNC


  • FunnyGA1ex

    I’ll believe it’s a next gen game when i actually see the game. Thanks for nothing. We all knew it was coming out one way or another. Unlike a game like Agent or Bully 2. But no, just blow smoke with this bull cgi waste of time.

  • ItsMrDanny

    And I'm still waiting for PS5 to get on stock ):

  • Ajaheen Trim
    Ajaheen Trim

    Hope they give us Peter's old face back.

    • this Bubbly Goodness
      this Bubbly Goodness

      they won't

  • sakthipriya bairavan
    sakthipriya bairavan

    yoooo lets GOOOO cant wait

  • Jacob Mclauhlin
    Jacob Mclauhlin

    Take your time but isn’t 365 days a bit much?

  • Brian on a mission
    Brian on a mission

    Please having running charge jumps and air charge jumps like the ps2 games did.

  • Brian on a mission
    Brian on a mission


  • CheeseCat21

    This is insomniacs decade

  • Ellie

    Is it comming on PS4?

    • Syntex


  • Vergil

    If you are fan of Venom and like candyman at the same time then you are in for a treat.

  • BuzzyBeeBoy

    Imagine if this one is co-op as like one plays with Peter and the other person plays with Miles

    • this Bubbly Goodness
      this Bubbly Goodness

      its not, Miles will be Ai most likely

  • IsaacDope

    i think miles and peter will win because peter has the four arms and miles has venom power

  • hi random person
    hi random person

    Ngl but miles will probably be op

  • Stalinin evcil hayvanı
    Stalinin evcil hayvanı

    I'm from turkey:) ı dont have ps5 ıdomt have myself ıdont have

  • 이주원

    1:09 the flash zoom??? haha

  • yuhmooon

    *cries in xbox*

  • Lunar

    Xbox players crying rn 🥲

  • Udhaiya Suriya
    Udhaiya Suriya

    Pls release for ps4 too

  • Elian's honorett 🇺🇲
    Elian's honorett 🇺🇲

    Venom is back

  • Nesspoil

    In poor asf to afford a ps5 but i am HYPED.

  • Baihaqi Muhammad
    Baihaqi Muhammad


  • Jaden

    They better make venom playable in a dlc

  • Spider-Man Fan
    Spider-Man Fan


  • Akm monjurul Alam
    Akm monjurul Alam

    Wait I think the venom is Harry Osborn because he is the venom in Spider-Man 2018 and miles morales

  • Cheema 786
    Cheema 786

    Since miles is here yk how in miles morales the tinkerer helps you fight rhino its probably like that but this time you can switch to play as miles or peter like in Arkham knights

  • Bruce Whalen
    Bruce Whalen

    Why does venom sound like zoom from cw the flash show

    • Beasty loves cocks
      Beasty loves cocks

      Idk, maybe could be cause its the same voice actor

  • hierophany seer
    hierophany seer

    Look at little venom jr gonna cry

  • Hooder

    I was so excited until I found out it was a ps5 exclusive

  • sonic the hedgehog
    sonic the hedgehog

    ohhh I'm so excited I wonder if we will be able to play as peter and miles?

  • Vamsi Krishna
    Vamsi Krishna

    I’m calling it now, this game will have Peter propose to MJ and even marriage by the end of the game

  • Eion Bowen
    Eion Bowen

    But all I found was disappointment

  • Eion Bowen
    Eion Bowen

    Our turn as Spiderman

  • Eion Bowen
    Eion Bowen

    But this will do better than the original

  • Eion Bowen
    Eion Bowen

    Marvel Spiderman 2 one that could surprise me

  • Eion Bowen
    Eion Bowen

    But all I found was disappointment

  • Eion Bowen
    Eion Bowen

    Marvel Spiderman 2

  • Eion Bowen
    Eion Bowen

    One that could surprise me

  • Eion Bowen
    Eion Bowen

    Eion miles morales

  • defiant decay
    defiant decay

    I hope they make venom silly like he was in the comics

  • buddie ramos
    buddie ramos

    I wonder if der will be a multiplayer option dat would be cool

  • Ignacio Estrada
    Ignacio Estrada

    Wow it looks very nice but why did play station put this if it is going to come out on 2023?

    • Ignacio Estrada
      Ignacio Estrada

      Ok but it does not make sense if they release it early I mean it would make sense if they release it next year 2022

    • Nikki Holdmeier
      Nikki Holdmeier

      @Ignacio Estrada because they working on 2 games

    • Ignacio Estrada
      Ignacio Estrada

      I know but why did they release it early

    • XNorthEast

      Because it's a trailer.

  • Ded Cermalo Lliber Nik
    Ded Cermalo Lliber Nik

    Great 😢

  • Luka Milic
    Luka Milic

    I have a feeling that people will be shouting to Insomniac to add the Raimi aka Webbed Black suit

  • Tofan428

    Thank you John Sweeney!

    • XNorthEast


  • Hands Castovk
    Hands Castovk

    Play 2 ??

  • WHAT IF...?
    WHAT IF...?

    mano mt foda, queria eu ter um ps5 e 500 reais kk

    • Marllon Onfroy
      Marllon Onfroy


  •   LUCAS

    ps 4 ???

    • XNorthEast


  • marvin metellus
    marvin metellus

    At least the advance suit is no longer orange

    • sikm33

      @XNorthEast lol it had a orange tone... it was a art direction they chose but they listened to the feedback...

    • marvin metellus
      marvin metellus

      @XNorthEast go play the game and compare the suit clors the advance suit is sunset orange

    • XNorthEast

      It was never orange

  • MaskofFayt

    Just finish Morales and if the ending and this trailer are any indication we're getting venom, kraven, the lizard and norman with or without goblin-ness as the villains. I wouldn't even be surprised if Venom becomes playable either in this game or his own Miles-like spin-off before Spidey 3: The Webbening in 2028

    • XNorthEast

      It won't be called the webboning

  • Caige Tompkins
    Caige Tompkins

    Venom sounds like the voice of Zoom from The Flash season 2

    • XNorthEast

      @Tanner Jenkins eh

    • XNorthEast


    • Tanner Jenkins
      Tanner Jenkins

      Tony Todd which is the original candyman and zoom

  • Shadow Temp
    Shadow Temp

    All aboard the hype-train!

  • Raylo Gomez
    Raylo Gomez

    Can we get Peter pakers old face

    • XNorthEast

      If only

  • UrbanLegend131

    *To any developers from Insomniac Games, please can you add in the feature of being able to TURN OFF/MUTE all crimes and crime reports?! I love to free roam from time to time, but always still feel guilty if I ignore the crimes going on below!* 😆 Please Like if you agree. I know with great power comes great responsibility, but c'mon...! 👀

  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama

    I would very much like to see Peter get the symbiote and fight with Miles just to show how much it affects him

    • Shivalrus

      No joke last night me and me friend discussed this. I said that Peter may slowly over the game become evil like doc and then the ending is miles killing Pete, thus retiring him

  • Kevin Lockhart
    Kevin Lockhart

    Rami trilogy: Topher Vemon film: Tom Spider-Man 2: Tony

  • D.Senpai _Dai
    D.Senpai _Dai

    can we play in playstation 4

    • Electron SD
      Electron SD


  • Gabriel Mendes
    Gabriel Mendes


  • Noodles


  • Rich Glez
    Rich Glez

    I want it

  • FalsoJ

    i hope this will come at least on PC... is a crime that Spiderman will only be playble on ps5

    • Electron SD
      Electron SD

      I highly doubt this game would be on pc

    • Electron SD
      Electron SD

      Nope playstation owns this game because insomniac games is making it for ps5

  • Eion Bowen
    Eion Bowen

    Miles morales the black Spiderman

    • Eion Bowen
      Eion Bowen

      Miles morales the black Spiderman one that could surprise me

    • Eion Bowen
      Eion Bowen

      But yup miles morales the black Spiderman

    • Eion Bowen
      Eion Bowen

      Miles morales the black Spiderman one who could surprise me eion miles morales

    • Eion Bowen
      Eion Bowen

      Energetic scorpio on November 3 miles morales the black Spiderman

    • Eion Bowen
      Eion Bowen

      Eion miles morales

  • Eion Bowen
    Eion Bowen

    On November 3

  • Eion Bowen
    Eion Bowen

    Imaginative scorpio

  • Eion Bowen
    Eion Bowen

    But my game tho

  • Eion Bowen
    Eion Bowen

    But all I found was disappointment

  • Eion Bowen
    Eion Bowen

    Someone who could surprise me miles morales eion the black Spiderman

    • Christopher O Donoghue
      Christopher O Donoghue

      Miles morales Eion??

  • Eion Bowen
    Eion Bowen

    Marvels Spiderman 2

  • Percival Hotspur
    Percival Hotspur

    Any pizza delivery or naw?

  • José María Pérez
    José María Pérez

    O....m.....g 1:08

  • kkMilKu

    Black Suit is already comfirmed... Hype🥵🥵

  • ltsj0sh

    When kraven said will one of you finally give me what I desire? Venom said “yes we wil” soo does that mean we will be playing as venom????

  • Julian Abreu
    Julian Abreu

    words cant describe how excited i am for this

  • ree

    is it going to come 2 the ps4?

    • Ozan Güven
      Ozan Güven


  • V-Way

    The fact that this got the same amount of views as Miles Morales 30 second trailer. The hype is real. I got chillls hearing and seeing Venom lurking out the from the darkness with the same voice as Candy Man. Tony Todd man!!!! Aww man....2023 lesss Goooooo!!!!!!!!! 😫😫😫😫🕷🕸

  • vardhan girish
    vardhan girish

    Stupid game

    • Christopher O Donoghue
      Christopher O Donoghue


  • Jasmin Lakota
    Jasmin Lakota

    imagen they make a pc version that would be sick honestly

  • Ariz Playz
    Ariz Playz


  • Sergei Khramtsov
    Sergei Khramtsov


  • Siyanda Ngwane
    Siyanda Ngwane

    I hope this game will have Seamless Character Switching

    • Eldelasdonas Churros
      Eldelasdonas Churros

      Underrated comment

    • XlDeuteronomylX Thirty
      XlDeuteronomylX Thirty

      Don't forget explosive action and enhanced gameplay!!!

  • sachin shah
    sachin shah

    1:14 OOF

  • Eion Bowen
    Eion Bowen

    But two Spiderman

  • Eion Bowen
    Eion Bowen

    Our turn