Lucky Blocks - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 19
Based on a very popular mod for Minecraft.

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  • gina erro
    gina erro

    Is this Another Henrystickman Video???

  • Son Hoang
    Son Hoang


  • impact


  • Yingyi Zhu
    Yingyi Zhu

    Fog ❔💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢🚱💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢🚱🚱💢🚱 Bbghbhhh

  • TentacledElixir

    Ok the pig that red spawned is technoblade confirmed. Seems like loving animals is pretty useful. Very cool.

  • chrissandra bangga
    chrissandra bangga

    this is.....amazing!!!!

  • Cocoachanie’s Lyrics
    Cocoachanie’s Lyrics

    The snowman on the bat 😂

  • Ravindra Kengale
    Ravindra Kengale



    What are the stickmans name?

  • The playlist finders
    The playlist finders

    That orb that was totally cursed with a infection on the villain side to take over peoples body’s

  • raternood1035 the gamerlegend 31
    raternood1035 the gamerlegend 31

    2:15 if you were having a do not touch yellow challenge you would lose by now

  • raternood1035 the gamerlegend 31
    raternood1035 the gamerlegend 31

    1:56 yellow among us

  • Daniel the incrediboxer
    Daniel the incrediboxer

    Dogs: we're the best!! Axolotls: no, we!! ???: amatures... Axolotl: what was that punk? Their pig: *AMETURES*

  • daniel cornelius1535
    daniel cornelius1535


  • Вирзила

    Вот как появился Ислам

  • lorencraft9001

    5:37 ¿¿NETHERITHE??me fascina como es que combinan las antiguas texturas con las nuevas

  • AYRA princess
    AYRA princess

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  • cecilianny 1406 barriedale road, apt DkokkiUi
    cecilianny 1406 barriedale road, apt DkokkiUi

    Ghn hg

  • 포도설탕

    Pig saves the day again

  • Basil Asil
    Basil Asil

    This time I love stickman

  • Toed

    0:19 there’s something so wholesome about blue trying to jump the block like mario

  • Luis Diaz
    Luis Diaz

    I wonder if the yellow would sound the Lucky Blocks like the others that would have touched him ???? :v

  • hafiz rahmat
    hafiz rahmat

    I just loved how stick figure green summoned a diamond armor and sword zombie, and green was pulling the sword off then he got flinged lol nice

  • Andres Blox Gamer
    Andres Blox Gamer

    1:58 amogus

  • the one and only Tristan SOMIDO
    the one and only Tristan SOMIDO

    The glittering melon sword, the only sword that can deal 200 dmaage

  • Joeyready

    0:01 Yes yes not suspicious at all

  • R_Rsweat

    9:50 poor dog 🥺

  • lien do
    lien do

    Why does the lucky block insides look like yellow among us


    Real time ⏲ 💯 😪and the offer of my 473ih 50th I have 50th and thanks for the next steps

  • Erizal Rusli
    Erizal Rusli


  • Hi Kids
    Hi Kids

    I love the one Mario reference where blue tries breaking it with his head

  • Meriç

    0:20 ahahahahahahah awesome Super Mario

  • Vishnu Nair
    Vishnu Nair

    si in the amv universe, there 3 MC "infifinity stones" that can do anything, MineCraft itself, the luckyblock core (excluding its different types) and a command block,somone should do a detailed powerscaling vid on there 3.

    • Vishnu Nair
      Vishnu Nair

      @hyder That could be dark lords next plan ! forcing SC to use his Green energy again , and maybe controlling it like chosen one !

    • hyder

      Use all three at the same time and king orange will destroy everything

  • Kite 111
    Kite 111

    Is that the the second coming of Reuben? The pig from the "potion" episode!

  • Cristopher Javier Alcantara
    Cristopher Javier Alcantara

    hola so javier be vu ta ri a la pa te rei

  • menafire1234

    I want Arabic language

  • Roblox gamer pro😎
    Roblox gamer pro😎

    Poor oranges hat

  • Sg80DesktopGadget

    part 2 plz

  • Foxer Fright
    Foxer Fright

    1:52 AMOGUS

  • Кирилл Костенко
    Кирилл Костенко


  • Sionicgaming

    You know what's funny I watched them have netherite while they gave him diamond


    Why he not gevining Him a netherite sword (i have Seen it in the yellow room)

  • Dhanu dk Karki
    Dhanu dk Karki

    Big fan red I'm love red colour🥰🥰🥰🇳🇵🇳🇵❤❤❤❤❤❤ red red red red red red red red redddddddddddddd

  • klanky boi
    klanky boi

    8:29 Orange gets possessed Orange:DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE

  • mahifal saputra
    mahifal saputra

    I love vidios you

  • Shalpyaesone Shal
    Shalpyaesone Shal

    🇱🇷🇨🇷तिल बहब बन्न कऽ चाह लऽ हाजिर

  • kairaya Stokes
    kairaya Stokes

    I started laughing so hard I almost choked on my chicken when they pulled out the pig

  • Alif Habib
    Alif Habib

    On keep stoy friends join guy guys Cars lol block so take to did can join ❤️

  • Mark Walker
    Mark Walker


  • DeXyfero

    Lesson learned once again, don’t leave Yellow alone with any technological items. We saw this with the textures, command blocks, and these lucky blocks.

    • ばかいぬ


  • Zee Zaliana Che Rosli
    Zee Zaliana Che Rosli


  • Comrade Elmo
    Comrade Elmo

    Red with the sword skills

  • isaac asif
    isaac asif


  • Eva Rosita
    Eva Rosita

    Kamu bakus fbeyo bakus

  • Alif Habib
    Alif Habib

    Sc in so stickman in everyone stickman lol keep all but buy on guy on

  • Alif Habib
    Alif Habib

    But friend so take all in on old in so power hahahaha 😂😂

  • Alif Habib
    Alif Habib

    Look in like alan becker for can power

  • D. Mirmo
    D. Mirmo

    1:57 amogus

  • Utshav the gamer 101
    Utshav the gamer 101

    ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! K K K K K J J C D D E W W Q W E W W W We W Aa A Ww W E E E E E E E E Ee E E E W E E Ee

  • Desiree Nichols
    Desiree Nichols

    The difficult century orally irritate because period ultrastructually bare forenenst a youthful stinger. optimal, fluttering patch

  • sall david
    sall david

    The luckey realm will kill you

  • Sehaj Brar
    Sehaj Brar

    Wow Pigs can fly

  • Achan Kuol
    Achan Kuol

    I love this ❤️

  • Hola soy Brandon
    Hola soy Brandon

    The epic stories Alan baker

  • Gamingboy_Playz

    Omg, yesterday was exactly 1 year from when this video was created

  • Hanif Rasyad
    Hanif Rasyad

    i dont relised one year has past.

  • Miguel Cuevas
    Miguel Cuevas

    The Best animation!!!

  • The_Rejected_Soul

    Should have made an army of godlike pigs

  • 90M2K

    its exactly a year after this video was made when im writing this

  • QuimaZzo_Pro

    It’s my favorite video and one of the best

  • Chuong Dang
    Chuong Dang

    when yellow was in jail why couldn’t he/she get pickax? (I think that’s how I spell it) and mine?

    • Ricardo Matador de Onça
      Ricardo Matador de Onça

      No materials.

  • ❄️SnowieFlakes❄️

    🟢 /|\ /\ Green

  • ❄️SnowieFlakes❄️


  • Anshul Nair
    Anshul Nair

    i like he way alex combines other items to make weapons 7:48

  • cahaya satria
    cahaya satria

    wtfffffffffffffffffffff ini iklan anjinggg

    • Lucky shrestha
      Lucky shrestha

      Seriously seven seconds ago

  • Karanlık Tavşan
    Karanlık Tavşan

    I like ur animations!!!!!!!

  • Aidan Doyle
    Aidan Doyle

    Why does orange have a hole for a head rather than a circle? ⭕️ that’s red NO! 🟠 eh close enough 🟠. 🟡. 🟢. 🔵. 🔴. Is that all of them? 🟣 that’s the last one? All of them? Done?

  • เอิร์ท


  • Doctor Kayn
    Doctor Kayn

    Omo Technoblade 10:36

  • ROBLOXtails17 14
    ROBLOXtails17 14

    He knew netherworld was going to come to minecraft before we xid

    • ROBLOXtails17 14
      ROBLOXtails17 14


  • Tristan Guo
    Tristan Guo

    you know the block wish was make up alan make the wish block up

  • Tristan Guo
    Tristan Guo

    but also subscribe happy fathers day in this video

  • Tristan Guo
    Tristan Guo

    dude this really that day of date and moth were the same I was waching this in also septeber 6 this also made in the same day whaooooooooooo

  • Felix Guzman
    Felix Guzman

    10:32 The lucky block on the right stopping the diamond sword has a single peice of netherwart. Blue definitely spawned that one.

  • Javinshki

    4:28 dr strange reference

  • Fallen King
    Fallen King

    sheesh this vid got 70 mil than any vid that this guy made also twist the pig is technoblade but technoblade is a orphan

  • Noah Berman
    Noah Berman

    5:31 S U S

  • Scott Peters
    Scott Peters

    Fun fact: how da tnt came from sky it came from god gave birth to tnt

  • Alif Habib
    Alif Habib

    LOl for up did??

  • Alif Habib
    Alif Habib

    In do lol friend help in on so take Crazy

  • Alif Habib
    Alif Habib

    Guy in you huh

  • Alif Habib
    Alif Habib

    So did can to on in alan!

  • Alif Habib
    Alif Habib


  • Alif Habib
    Alif Habib

    Oh here in chip do did can friend on in

  • Alif Habib
    Alif Habib

    My so you up Are can power my cars lol

  • Bugaboo8 Creates
    Bugaboo8 Creates

    I like how blue thought the lucky block was a mario block and tried to jump into it

    • Leon Britton
      Leon Britton

      it was pretty funny

    • Baldi / BFMT
      Baldi / BFMT

      It does look like a Mario block though.

    • Lucas C
      Lucas C


  • Bugaboo8 Creates
    Bugaboo8 Creates

    Lucky blocks might as well be base game at this point

  • Claudia Murrieta
    Claudia Murrieta

    Fail wolf :(

  • Manolis From Greece
    Manolis From Greece

    +Alan Becker Your Video is super!