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  • Chris Joyce
    Chris Joyce

    I definitely enjoyed Z taking charge and not letting Doc Slip.

  • The World as I Know It.
    The World as I Know It.

    Stay healthy. Stay sharp. Stay ahead.

  • StormyStrife

    I feel like if Z and Doc never split up they'd clean every game they get into.

  • Doomtrigger

    i wish he was still on twitch

  • Sad Frog
    Sad Frog

    Can some body pls tell me the song's name at 00:01

  • King World
    King World

    20:59 😳🤯😏😌 25:14 Chelsea😳🧠🥰😍

  • Thrawn002

    Well, this is why no one plays this. The cheaters and hackers have officially ruined the game. The company has its head so far up its a$$, and swimming in Scrooge McDuck money, that they do not care to install an anti-cheat; hey, pssssst.....wanna be John McClaine? Season 5 through Season 1, okay. Season 2 and 3, completely unplayable, unless you run hacks or aim assist. This is what catering to the weaklings looks like when everyone wins.

  • HDsync

    Who else forgot about this guy

  • Chindy Ay
    Chindy Ay

    Play mobile legend please

  • Pay theRent
    Pay theRent


  • Andrii Siradchuk
    Andrii Siradchuk

    people!!! We have a best DUO!!!

  • john lundeen
    john lundeen

    crush you all anytime, any place with a knife in warzone who needs a gun lol thats for noobs

  • xTx

    1st entertaining gaming Chanel

  • GoblinPhreak

    Doc, when did zlaner give you his cheats? Im doctor disappointed in the 2 time. Shame on you. I see you aim locking and pretending like youre looking around. You use it too much. You literally aim locked on that kid behind the wall, you turn around and he climbs the wall, turn around and he shreds you. You didnt hear him. yet you aimlocked and pretended you didn't know. Get legit. Shame on you. There at least 20 more examples of you aim locking as a means to know where the enemy is. Sad.

  • George Moles
    George Moles

    What’s the first song? I’ve gone through the links in the description. It’s not there.

  • xedix xidex
    xedix xidex

    is it true that you paid 50,000 euros for your pc??

  • Notacrazy

    thats why i watch the Doc ….you are the most fun to watch💪🏻

  • Sebastian M
    Sebastian M

    5.37.05 "did the guy on the roof land late?" some of them do that they will wait up in the air to see how many players landed within given area. It gives little advantage like a uav you would know how many ppl landed and where. Knowing the the map and time it takes to clear given buildings you can predict where and when someone may move. That particular moment you got killed guy was probably just waiting for a chance to down someone in the middle of the flight on a lower lvl where you were.

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight

    Z needs a better duo for tournaments.

  • Pure Proxies
    Pure Proxies

    The torpid seagull posteriorly type because fibre splenomegaly order apropos a scandalous apartment. rhetorical, keen bookcase

  • Info Tech
    Info Tech

    Hi Drdsrespect can I send u a frnd request on WARZONE??

  • Bim

    1:39:39 he wasn’t dead silence

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark

    Doc you should try changing up some of your monitor settings or add a filter to see enemies better, it helps a lot, the map does look worse overall tho

  • Beta

    7:42:59 Some intense matches with lots of aggression and momentum yayayaya PUTTEM IN THE GRAVE DOC

  • cobra1995xx

    get a driver head cover made and im100% buying it. theres a dude on the GCT page on facebook that makes 🔥🔥 head covers

  • Alexander

    My boy doc getting carried like always 🥱

  • Vincent Sierra
    Vincent Sierra

    Somebody needs to make a compilation of doc missing his flash bangs 😂 06:05:24

  • Chris Ellis
    Chris Ellis

    What song was that in the intro of the stream?

  • Justin Burr
    Justin Burr

    6:21:10 when Z blows through the door!!!

  • ناصررر نهخخ
    ناصررر نهخخ


  • Ivan Zubia
    Ivan Zubia

    That was crazy Doc at 2:07:25 that guy actually had a rocket launcher as his 2nd weapon wow unbelievable indeed!

  • ThePhormio

    Dr Disrespect, worst teammate ever. Turns around and takes bad engagement instead of going and buying back Zlaner.

  • The Watcher
    The Watcher

    DOC you are the best !!! I think it‘s time for a Star Citizen Charakter Series career With ya. . . Yayaya

  • Beef Mann
    Beef Mann

    this guy should really stream on twitch

  • conor mc crossan
    conor mc crossan

    Gotta respect the players who clearly aren’t playing in bots lobbies in these tournaments

  • Clariselol

    washed up

  • MickeyonDrugs -1
    MickeyonDrugs -1

    Luv U DOC !!

  • Leo Muniz
    Leo Muniz

    okay I am still trying to finish this stream Doc but so far I see the gameplan not succeeding and going through with it.... stay with Z comms is key stay with Z comms is key!!!! also choose a great load out man, I think the LC10 is lit and Amax at the time of stream

  • xidex

    I am thankful that I can watch DOC streaming regularly, cheering us up, still going forward and improving, and not looking back. The Two-Time Champion, the only gaming superstar who also sings great! Firm handshakes all around supporting DOC.

  • Jesus Alvarez
    Jesus Alvarez

    I watch his clips to listen for his excuses of why he dies. It’s soo funny to me. His wins are awesome tho when Z does most of the work.

  • xDEADP00Lx

    Doc where you at?

  • Daily Dump News
    Daily Dump News

    @drdisrespect dude I'm telling you that you're missing out by not playing uncharted 4 multiplayer. It's the best of the best....like you. Peace bro

  • MostHigh 607
    MostHigh 607

    Hi doc

  • MostHigh 607
    MostHigh 607

    Ima put that on my xbox bio

  • Daily Dump News
    Daily Dump News

    Safemoon and doge my dudes.

  • Irishjag

    Doc ur garbage but u sure r entertaining

    • Vhray - Daily Twitch Clips
      Vhray - Daily Twitch Clips


  • MrMoon36O

    Shots throw glass count as wallbangs. Will never down with a headshot through glass.

  • Srt 8
    Srt 8

    Haven't heard a RAUUUUULLLL

  • Metro Deathraid
    Metro Deathraid


  • Srt 8
    Srt 8


  • Sebastian M
    Sebastian M

    He was there behind that wall you both had vision on each other same time just you were looking to the right more expecting him to be there.

  • Sebastian M
    Sebastian M

    You need to be more cautious. Quick looks between minimap and your surroundings. Control situation. You got lost by that shop at the superstore. You didnt know there was uav already in place called another one same time and you assumed that guy that killed you 4.13.27 shouod have been more to the right behind the wall yet he was more to the left as he was approaching both of you from the side he took wide angle to see you sooner rather than later if he was coming along that wall to see you only after coming out from around the corner last moment. There is so much psychology in this game.

  • blah

    Why is Doc playing with the cheater :( I love the Doc but no respect for a cheating wannabe Zlaner.

  • 45Side

    Zlaner called Dr babe so many times🤣

    • Tyler And Leah Canadian
      Tyler And Leah Canadian

      Hahaha Dude do u know the rules of this tournament ? Just trying to follow along

  • Eye of state
    Eye of state

    Lifting weights and even keel, wins the day. That's what I saw. The even keel is key.

  • One God One Christ
    One God One Christ

    i am here to tell you the bible is true

  • The Cereal Review Show
    The Cereal Review Show

    The best duo since Batman & Robin!

  • Jonny Murray
    Jonny Murray

    Just peak one time for the two time. Love your videos Doc.

  • skull films
    skull films

    Need the help, joe wo and you im my team please. xbox series s right now! the time has come. Skuh Lee 7061

  • Say it how it is
    Say it how it is

    Doc - use ALt z apply some filters man, Jgod done a video your game is so dark bro.

  • Kommando Kodiak
    Kommando Kodiak

    1:29:00 that suicide bombing xD

  • cortedemico

    speed violence momentum add focus and you got something there... ;P

  • Annie V
    Annie V


  • steve ford
    steve ford

    Deltatoid maximums is why I watch the Doc 🤣

  • JE KA
    JE KA

    He DOC check out GMR Gaming. It's blowing up in cryptoworld and they are looking to host a warzone tournament! They really could use the doc!

  • MorbidQuill

    does anyone know what song is playing at 8:10:42?

  • SouljaQ-on-YouTube

    Got my 2 MONTH VSM BADGE TODAY been around for 2+ yrs though…

  • Oklino

    Champs where can i find tournaments with Keyboard/Mouse allowed? My thumbjoints are pretty ruined from a car accident (5y ago) so i simply still cant play controller for longer than 15 Minutes... :-/

  • Tax Evader
    Tax Evader

    What is the intro song?

  • Sebastian M
    Sebastian M

    Also finish them off asap otherwise they will keep pinging you that may be unlucky in least expected moment

  • Sebastian M
    Sebastian M

    Haha 1 universal setting like in the old days? I wish..

  • Sebastian M
    Sebastian M

    Particles shadows off those confuse you during fire explosions etc. Unless your monitor fully supports 10bits take it down to 2 or even 1.8 check when you see enemies more. Textures on demand all off. Everything off. On a full hd monitor give it higher rendering res 150% - 200% see what works better for you. Give it higher res in general but then lower rendering to 100-125% and lower fov so they are bigger and closer and you will see them better. Gl Doc

  • Sebastian M
    Sebastian M

    On a wall you didnt have plates to continue that flight you had that moment behind those conctreete blocks to put em on

  • XL-Grudge

    Love love love the Doc, but who cleans up all the spit lol

  • Rhino

    I think this is the first time watching drippin in heat where I could hear a little frustration in Z 😂 can’t blame him, $50k is a lot of money. I think this game needs a true streamer mode where your name is hidden so the desperation can’t get on stream.


    ZLaner putting in that work with that Cronus.

  • Kult Ov Abomii
    Kult Ov Abomii

    I got killed by DrDisrecpect 2 minutes ago. He stole my 1stplace lok

  • L A
    L A

    Anyone know the song name at 8:09:37?

  • Deimos

    Why were you in a Mountain Dew game fuel commercial

  • The Tom
    The Tom


  • Xbigmike17X

    7:33:30 "I hit the highway, makin' money the fly way, but there's got to be a better way... a better way, better way... yea" classic

  • Zyad Shadi
    Zyad Shadi


  • SanketKD

    21:07 😂😂😂

  • Species Traitors
    Species Traitors

    Doc 4:20:37 release the song.

  • McTricky 187
    McTricky 187

    Doc!! What is the first song called its my favorite.

    • David Obr
      David Obr

      Hide - Seirra

  • Zacharia Zakaria
    Zacharia Zakaria

    1:28:52 what ???????!!!!

  • dylan stack
    dylan stack

    Doc or someone please please please tell me the name of the song playing in the back at the -3:51:28 mark. I need to purchase masterpiece of VSM. Please let me know so I can shut my flappy gums and take my seat in the arena. Thanks Doc never stop running down the dark alleyways.

    • Jarne Demoen
      Jarne Demoen


  • Snow Shoes
    Snow Shoes

    Doc your the greatest streamer. But it's insulting that they allow you to compete in these tournaments against actual pros.

  • PlayStation Professional
    PlayStation Professional


  • Sunny Darko
    Sunny Darko


  • T S
    T S

    garbage player

  • Andy Day
    Andy Day

    Why doesn't Doc use the Kilo or M13? The last time I saw him use the Kilo he dropped 20 kills. He even said he loved the Kilo because "it doesn't lie to me" did he ever say why he refuses to use those old metas?

  • ItsTagz

    I hope you keep doing these types of tourneys doc, this format of tourney is much more entertaining IMO, much love from Ireland big man 🐐💚

    • Tyler And Leah Canadian
      Tyler And Leah Canadian

      @ItsTagz firm handshakes

    • ItsTagz

      @Tyler And Leah Canadian 👊🏻

    • Tyler And Leah Canadian
      Tyler And Leah Canadian

      @ItsTagz it does bro thanks so much

    • ItsTagz

      @Tyler And Leah Canadian so in this format they are in duos and their 5 best games are calculated by kills and placement in the match over 5 hours, I think it’s normally top 3 or top 5 placement means bonus points on top of what was earned with the kills. But in other tournaments Doc and Z would go into quads with another two guys who they are competing against, and in this case it’s only focused on which duo gets the most kills in that singular match, so it cuts out the 5 hours of games to play/watch in the duos way of playing and technically you could be out of the tournament altogether after 40 mins of quads because doc and z could end up losing two games in a row. The duos way is much better in my opinion to watch because it’s 5 hours of intense games rather than much less, hope this helps 👍🏻

    • Tyler And Leah Canadian
      Tyler And Leah Canadian

      How does the scoring system work ?? Could u explain if u dont mind? Thanks anyone reading this !

  • 32 hammasta
    32 hammasta

    DOC is the Best, one and only.

  • Kristian Peterson
    Kristian Peterson

    Hey Doc! How come you put gas in your Lambo, but not me?!

  • Ali Zaidi
    Ali Zaidi


  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith

    Z Carrys Doc !!! Its Ashame Fr Z 🤧

    • Dalton Brewer
      Dalton Brewer

      Doc don't know who ghost is 😢

  • Henrik Sætre
    Henrik Sætre

    Amazing content.

  • Dogomatic

    Tonight’s stream? Friday? We getting one

  • Marvin Rozsa
    Marvin Rozsa

    Where is doc today? No stream on friday?

    • Marvin Rozsa
      Marvin Rozsa

      Thx for the quick answer :)

    • QuantumRads

      @Rocks awe heck

    • Rocks

      No stream today. He decided to take today off. Confirmed on twitter

    • QuantumRads

      I'm wondering that too

847 tis.