Lil Nas X ft. Jack Harlow Perform "Industry Baby" & "Montero" | 2021 VMAs | MTV
Lil Nas X ft. Jack Harlow perform "Industry Baby" and "Montero" at the 2021 VMAs.

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    Lil Nas X on His Video of the Year Win:

    • Krestain Watson Jr.
      Krestain Watson Jr.

      Lil Nas X is doin his own thing. That's all that matters

    • Saeful Anwar
      Saeful Anwar

      Kek nya kmrn bunting dh tuh si lilnas kok skrng kempes

    • Cheech Dubinsky
      Cheech Dubinsky

      @John J Rambo he doesn't count (he's a white man with talent)

    • Cheech Dubinsky
      Cheech Dubinsky

      @Claire Brock ok wokester

    • Cheech Dubinsky
      Cheech Dubinsky

      @Leo Haddad AGENDA? Smarten up

  • Jaqueline Natureza
    Jaqueline Natureza


  • Alexandra Quintana
    Alexandra Quintana

    How come artists are allowed to make their performance as creative and graphic as possible, but are not allowed to curse? 😂

  • Cande Bonicci
    Cande Bonicci


  • Cande Bonicci
    Cande Bonicci


  • Sarah Kerubo
    Sarah Kerubo

    I thoute he was pregnant

  • Israel Narvic
    Israel Narvic


  • Squillz

    Those Shakos are difficult to keep on your head when you're moving like that

  • Gcost18

    2:38 love that


    no mames que ascoooo¡¡¡¡

  • ISMAËL '
    ISMAËL '

    They really beeped the word queer y'all-

  • daniel nehemya
    daniel nehemya


  • alpha wolf
    alpha wolf


  • Débora C. Zelazny
    Débora C. Zelazny


  • Pepe Figueroa
    Pepe Figueroa

    loveeeeeeee itt!!!!! :D

  • t.e.s.k_reacts

    He did not come here to play with you garden tools.

  • Aguss Castillo
    Aguss Castillo


  • Malu Fr
    Malu Fr

    me going back to the performance just to see Lil's ass swinging

  • Heather Lee
    Heather Lee

    What's good for the goose is good for the gander baby!! Loveeeee it!!!

  • samique isaac
    samique isaac

    Now jack y they put u in those pants

  • Franco Ungurean
    Franco Ungurean


    • lketicia🅥︎


  • Katy Y.
    Katy Y.

    Esto es talento??😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 premian lo más horroroso del año gggg

    • Yarid Laura Tacachiri
      Yarid Laura Tacachiri

      Yo e de decir que no estaba tan bueno y solo salvo la coreo pero hasta ahi jaja igual es temaso

  • Zowy

    imagine what dababy has to say about this

  • Leonardo Versace
    Leonardo Versace

    The beginning was just like beyonces homecoming at coachella

  • Fernanda Da Silva
    Fernanda Da Silva


  • Adisone Thammavong
    Adisone Thammavong

    How was your Shelby no I’m asking T7 …?

  • muzzafar asad
    muzzafar asad

    this is gay song?

  • Nasty_T

    best song no cap

  • Rolanda Dwyer
    Rolanda Dwyer


  • bad one media
    bad one media

    Hell on earth

  • J B
    J B

    Absolutely iconic man

  • D Patterson
    D Patterson

    *All ya'll praising this debauchery is truly disgusting. The Bible prophesy is unfolding.*

  • pasado la floop 💀
    pasado la floop 💀

    Estuvo increíble su presenció ojalá siga así le deseo mucho éxito

  • Cristiyana Pradda
    Cristiyana Pradda

    he ate it up .

  • allen

    Jack vibing in prison before rapping is my favourite thing

  • Juh Souza
    Juh Souza

    Maravilhoso! Entregou tudo nessa performance

  • Phoenix Pratt
    Phoenix Pratt

    This is fire

  • Diogo Silva
    Diogo Silva

    Im high and im bi, wait im mean im straight

  • Evrys

    Its sad that straight men of color will probably never collab with Lil Nas due to homophobia thats still crazy rampant in that community.

  • ItsLikeAwesome

    they censored the word queer on a lil nas X's performance wow

  • Elle-Rose and Dimi’s channel
    Elle-Rose and Dimi’s channel

    Jack gives me goosebumps! He has such kind eyes. The songs are great guys well done! lil nas looking great

  • Alistair Gonzales
    Alistair Gonzales

    Incredible as always ☺️☺️☺️

  • Aldry

    Jack Harlow is soo talented ngl

  • Lenni Lenni
    Lenni Lenni

    Pertunjukan clip nya dan Pertunjukan live nya tidak lain hanya memperlihatkan orientasi sexualnya yg sangat menyimpang dari kodrat yg sdh ditentukan oleh Tuhan Yg Maha Kuasa..

  • Nocturnal Wolf
    Nocturnal Wolf

    when str8 and gays unite !!! Unstoppable. im str8 btw

  • Ana Maria
    Ana Maria

    THIS IS HOW YOU PERFORM ! Men should learn

  • Jan Mathew
    Jan Mathew

    Performances would be so lit if they were more like Lil Nas’, instead of just bouncing around a stage you actually get a full choreographed routine 👏

  • Coty Taylor
    Coty Taylor

    This man is expressing himself to the very meaning of the phrase, and pissing so many people off at the same time and it is truly amazing 🤣

  • Zikit

    Hold up did they just censor “queer”

  • Kenz K
    Kenz K


  • WanderBoy

    Ele entregou Tudooooooo!!! 😻😻😻😻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jackson Baker
    Jackson Baker

    He is so fine he did a great job

  • MendezLopez Family
    MendezLopez Family

    What is happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Abby Lewis
    Abby Lewis

    Jack was really just vibing in prison loll

  • zoltron30

    Repent and believe the Gospel

  • Lucasz pv
    Lucasz pv

    Best vma performer

  • Jayden Vazquez
    Jayden Vazquez


  • Mar Love
    Mar Love

    I don’t like rap but I freaking love him 💜

  • Louie Ayala
    Louie Ayala


  • Esther Kegwaehi
    Esther Kegwaehi

    This performance will make my parents sprinkle holy water on me but I love it!!!!! ❤️

  • Cibi Vadivel
    Cibi Vadivel

    jack harlow with the garbage bag fit

  • Luka gomes
    Luka gomes

    Someone needs to join Lil Nas x and Plabo Vitar. Alguém precisa juntar Lil Nas x e Plabo Vitar.

  • Vendo Fogão
    Vendo Fogão


  • Julian Hewlett
    Julian Hewlett

    Sis really took one for the team she said give me that damn jacket and hat you forgot to take it off you not about to ruin this for all us cuz you forgot lol

  • Mariah ʚïɞ
    Mariah ʚïɞ


  • Specter 0820
    Specter 0820

    Im proud of lil nas x

  • Sofi ♥ [only]
    Sofi ♥ [only]


  • COyG

    This is a message to everyone that we should never use God name for style or unnecessarily by saying oh my god, jesus!, goddam or OMG because God name should not be use for style or unnecessarily no sin is big or small all sins are equal in Jesus eyes if you guys felt important please share the message ☝️ as much as you can and as soon as possible 🙂 thank the way don't feel weird that i posted the message here but it can help others

  • Sylvia Garcia
    Sylvia Garcia

    This is good I like both the real one and this this sounds good to me and lil nas x is your watching this I love your vidoes

  • Daquantavius

    Kudos for making it clean

  • Stuff

    Jack Harlow has AMAZING stage presence!!

  • innara perez
    innara perez

    El Lil Nas se super rifa con su presentaciones 10/10

  • Juan Carlos Castaño Castañeda
    Juan Carlos Castaño Castañeda

    No Girls ❤️

  • ASMRLashaw Omar
    ASMRLashaw Omar

    I hate this world

  • Gracyn Brooke
    Gracyn Brooke

    who else just watched jack vibe in his jail cell

  • Laura Flores
    Laura Flores

    Perfeito amor lindo

  • BananaBaller

    I love how when lil nas gave the hat and jacket to the girl, she was literally ripping them if his body 😂

  • Triz

    History being made right in front of our eyes, 21st century I love you

  • edgars powerful mind
    edgars powerful mind

    Sad this us what represents the gay stuff today 😪

  • seosweetpotatoes

    that was insane I love it

  • jay kay
    jay kay

    I have never seen anyting like this gay performance.

  • Tommy Roel Roel
    Tommy Roel Roel

    As a competitive powerlifter and a recreational bodybuilder, and general meathead plus I play a lot of basketball ; Looks like this youngin been putting in some work in the gym. Good gains Lil NAS don't be no skinny rapper bruh go get your gains ! Seems like you got solid athletic genetics too probably high in type II muscle fibers I bed this guys a good athlete

  • Thaíssa Motta
    Thaíssa Motta

    come to brazil pls i want to scream this song with u

  • Fat0cean

    my eyes

  • Cheech Dubinsky
    Cheech Dubinsky

    HOW WERE YOUR RATINGS MTV? Keep pushing this garbage

  • Cheech Dubinsky
    Cheech Dubinsky

    No wonder nobody watches this 💩. Used to be real performances by the ppl that actually made the music. Now 💩, 🤡's, samples, & lip syncing. NICE

  • hawkeye1019

    Did anyone else just become gay for lil nas?

  • moy Frias
    moy Frias

    🥰🥰🥰🥰YOU DID IT AGAIN🥳🥳🥳

  • Deborah P
    Deborah P

    This performance represents a lot

  • Arilson Lima
    Arilson Lima

    Reizinho ❤️

  • mllop aeet
    mllop aeet

    I absolutely love these two together! I love how Jack doesn’t care about who Lil Nas likes, he likes him for him and they did their thing on this one!

  • Bex Sam
    Bex Sam

    Omg he was so exited he can barally sing😍😍😍

  • ComeAtMeBro

    Disgusting and demonic

    • Fran !
      Fran !

      @mllop aeet respect satanism it’s like any other religion

    • mllop aeet
      mllop aeet

      Illuminati everywhere subliminal messages there are many ignorant people who do not realize it hurts like how many people applaud satanics like this character

  • ComeAtMeBro


  • fr0zenintimeee

    true performers

    • Turtle Turtle
      Turtle Turtle


  • Juliana Silva
    Juliana Silva

    Please man say i am am not gay

  • Sir. PeppaPig
    Sir. PeppaPig

    L E L

  • dua

    A versatilidade dele me encanta, ele é tudo oque essa industria precisava