LeBron 4 Steals 3 Blocks Lakers Snap 4 Game Losing Streak! 2020-21 NBA Season
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  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan


  • Chiemezuo Uba-Ifegwu
    Chiemezuo Uba-Ifegwu

    Laker fans need to bully kcp again

  • David Bubar
    David Bubar

    1:26 Chris so dedicated he even matched that high five sound effect there :)

  • Ayush Garg
    Ayush Garg

    Lebron is the most efficient athlete of all time.

  • L-e-gendary

    Watch all LeBron fanboys speed-racing him to the front of MVP conversation.

  • Challengersquad52

    About fucking time

  • xFlow777

    he didn't twist anything, pure acting as always in the nba

  • TyJamar

    Portland needs CJ

  • Silenti

    If Lebron really did his homework he would know MJ is the goat!

  • BracHD

    Did they count the goal tend at the end of the 2nd as a James block?

  • Čađava Mehana
    Čađava Mehana

    Whassup Lebron, where is your daddy Zlatan? 😃😂😁😆

  • BurstOne1

    Caruso for MVP

  • Lab Clinics
    Lab Clinics

    LeBron is the MVP 😤

  • Mitchell Ludwick
    Mitchell Ludwick

    Everyone’s talking about Lebron but what about schroder, he is taking pressure away from Lebron and is that second scorer and such a great defender

  • MichaelPforRbe

    How is 1:44 not a travel he moved pivot foot, well..... about a foot!

  • RD2A

    1:43 that turnaround is just so nasty

  • Chechus Paul
    Chechus Paul

    Wait did Caruso go full bald mode?

  • Jermaine Hall
    Jermaine Hall

    You forgot about dame making Schroder fall and Lebron blocking dame

  • Ken Zhang
    Ken Zhang

    ~Someone dunks~ No one: Smoove: "That's a momentum bOOSter"

  • Shuayb Khan
    Shuayb Khan

    Wow. Montrezl Harrell is a really nice guy. He helped Demar DeRozan up when he got postered by him, and now dame when he scored on him

  • Vernon Johnson
    Vernon Johnson

    Blazers need more defense they should have just kept Trevor ariza

  • tubedude92

    interesting how you cover the NBA but don't cover the raptors

    • Karanveer Dhillon
      Karanveer Dhillon

      I mean nobody outside Toronto and some parts of Canada gives a shit about the Raptors

  • Chris Fontenot
    Chris Fontenot

    Imagine Smoove as a commentator when a team calls a timeout. THEY NEEEEEEED A TIMEOUUUUUT haha

  • Giga 13
    Giga 13

    Caruso so inspirational man. Even LeBron trying to copy his hairstyle.

  • Giga 13
    Giga 13


  • Ben Henderson
    Ben Henderson

    Zlatan vs LeBron 😳

  • Certified Jerome
    Certified Jerome

    Lebron should be in DPOY talks...🚨

  • Tamir Hall
    Tamir Hall


  • Freedom Seed planter
    Freedom Seed planter

    Nobody watches the NBA anymore 😂😂 wwe gets more ratings than the NBA 😂😂

  • JonTheSinner

    blazers always injured lmao they really are cursed

  • Sajida Iqbal
    Sajida Iqbal

    Caruso is a goat nor Legm

  • John Bennani
    John Bennani

    Also it would be a big dub because both Lakers and Trailblazers don’t have their 2nd option

  • Devastinator


  • ItsGavin25

    70 year old man leads lakers to victory

  • Justin Brown
    Justin Brown


  • t_xxic

    Schroder throwing up a floater - rhymin' accidentally

  • Melly Icey
    Melly Icey

    LeGm is a thief with 4 steals

  • Anthony Crenshaw
    Anthony Crenshaw

    Lebron went right past Lantern with the quickness 😂

  • Hamzz

    0:13 is that not a travel? wtf

  • EU Wonder
    EU Wonder

    Not a fan of Lebron, but he always own the Blazers.

  • Ren Anave
    Ren Anave

    dAME tIME

    • Jack B
      Jack B


  • Braylen Hight
    Braylen Hight

    Thank god we have Dennis back

    • DA GOAT
      DA GOAT

      Yep yalll really needed him cause LeBron couldn't carry the team against the wizards😭😭😭😭dennnis schoarderrrr yessir

  • Funny Tik Tok Compilation
    Funny Tik Tok Compilation

    we all know it was because dennis was back

  • Rasool Crawford
    Rasool Crawford


  • mjaay

    MVP Schroeder

    • Alexander Savlohti
      Alexander Savlohti

      Boyyyyy you be trippin

  • TheNamesDitto


  • Swervoo Speaks
    Swervoo Speaks

    Lebron is really in the 4th prime of his career

    • Lab Clinics
      Lab Clinics

      Honestly it's incredible

  • Giannis Akumpo
    Giannis Akumpo

    Dennis Schröder saving LeBron again..smh

    • Karanveer Dhillon
      Karanveer Dhillon

      When you gon learn how to shoot Akumpo?

    • Vulcronic

      Hey Skip how you doing bro?

  • Dead Giveaway
    Dead Giveaway

    Did he have a buttshot ? Where was Lebron in the previous games ?

  • Cameron Shirley
    Cameron Shirley

    "Another fast break he's gonna pull up for three... steps..."

  • Raghuveer Dubagunta
    Raghuveer Dubagunta

    LeGOAT back at it.

    • EnjoyableTeddy

      @Don Quixote Doflamingo shut up

    • Don Quixote Doflamingo
      Don Quixote Doflamingo

      One game, and you reappear in the scene, where are you when he bricks multiple cluctch, just media and toxic fan hype... should not be in the MVP.... several runnerup infront of him.... actually there are TEN before him...

  • GZ GZ
    GZ GZ

    LeGoat for MVP

    • Don Quixote Doflamingo
      Don Quixote Doflamingo

      One game, and you reappear in the scene, where are you when he bricks multiple clutch, just media and toxic fan hype... should not be in the MVP.... several runnerup infront of him.... actually there are TEN before him...


    Always appreciated ur content even if it’s not 2k support 💪💯😤🔥

  • Artfil Wi Fi
    Artfil Wi Fi

    Lebron James Lang Malakas!!!!

    • Artfil Wi Fi
      Artfil Wi Fi

      @Don Quixote Doflamingo mahina pero pasok sa western confi? bvbv amp 😂

    • Don Quixote Doflamingo
      Don Quixote Doflamingo

      malakas sumamblay sa clutch time.... hina hina nung kalaban saka nag iiscore ng nag iiscore, ni hindi nga umaabot ng dalawang pasa yung blazers.... bihira..... mapagpanggap din eh

  • Esau Appana
    Esau Appana


  • dynachrome1982

    Told you, they need schröder

    • Purely

      @QRareê many lakers fans from my experience have said they only need lebron

    • QRareê

      Who said they didn’t?

    • QRareê

      I mean he’s one of the best players on the team. Who said they didn’t need him?

    • MBTM


    • geo745don

      If CJ was there what you think would happen

  • Club-Mate

    Schröder is the Lakers MVP

  • Juan Rosales
    Juan Rosales

    He doing it all Thats an mvp right there

  • colinz fn
    colinz fn

    LeBron proving why he’s still the best in the world 😤

    • BP

      @Aure Harrow huh who u talking to

    • Aure Harrow
      Aure Harrow

      @BP every team contending has superstars Whts ur point?

    • colinz fn
      colinz fn

      @EU Wonder LAST GAME?? HAHAHAH you dont even watch basketball. the time he went down was december against the warriors, know your fax

    • BP

      @Travis Tchokotieu so now its a 2 v 5 huh only dennis and lebron is the only player who carried the last game huh wow

    • BP

      @Basketball Legend u clown who said u need to score atleast 30 a game??

  • Fred G. Tiah
    Fred G. Tiah

    i am your father


    Chris smoove as a commentator in TOP 10 PLAYS

  • Totoy Dabest
    Totoy Dabest

    1:22 the passing of the crown

    • Matt Champion
      Matt Champion

      ... and the headband.

  • Leo nard
    Leo nard

    LeMVP is back💪

  • PlatnumAce

    Anyone else watch these smoove nba vids before heading to sleep?

    • EggHead Gaming
      EggHead Gaming


  • easy katka
    easy katka

    Shroder effects 😤😤

  • Jabroni

    Jazz in 5. Don't @ me.

    • DA GOAT
      DA GOAT

      Depressed fan boy

    • MBTM

      @ you

    • AllDrip


  • Leo nard
    Leo nard


    • Leo nard
      Leo nard


    • Jack B
      Jack B

      nah i still have dame ahead of him

    • Don Quixote Doflamingo
      Don Quixote Doflamingo

      One game, and you reappear in the scene, where are you when he bricks multiple cluctch, just media and toxic fan hype... should not be in the MVP.... several runnerup infront of him.... actually there are TEN before him...

  • Skylar Small
    Skylar Small

    Yo what up

  • C0keboyz35

    The incredible basin spatially dry because pimple early compare astride a flashy danger. tearful, encouraging steven

  • Frobe Bryant
    Frobe Bryant

    And we back!! 💯

  • Vyronn Jay Bonghanoy
    Vyronn Jay Bonghanoy

    Dennis Schroder is Back

  • Charles Barron
    Charles Barron


  • Chinguun-成功


    • Wiz Kid
      Wiz Kid

      Yes sirrr

  • Edilson Perengue
    Edilson Perengue

    Look at CARUSHOWW..so inspirational

  • Klay Thompson
    Klay Thompson


  • Thành An OP
    Thành An OP

    Feel bad for your son LeKing

  • Mile High Prod.
    Mile High Prod.

    Mamma there goes that man

  • D Money
    D Money

    LeGoat 🐐

    • DA GOAT
      DA GOAT


  • Y T
    Y T

    That spin fadeaway is LeBeautiful 🐐 👑 🙌

  • Basketballfan15

    Lebron is Blazers nightmare after Stephen Curry LOL


      Awesomesause 111 Take a LeMeme you LeBozo

    • DaBigTasty

      @Officialj0nn 20-12 Fr, just cuz he’s on the Lakers he gets every call.

    • Keon Harness
      Keon Harness

      @Officialj0nn 20-12 HE ON HRless TOO

    • Human Lettuce
      Human Lettuce

      @Officialj0nn 20-12 LeStfu

    • iFinessed

      @Diego Luis Dizon man bro I see him everywhere

  • Amzino

    LEGOAT doing what he loves

    • LeBron James
      LeBron James

      @mohammad qubbaj nope

    • LeBron James
      LeBron James

      LeDaddy 😩

    • Amzino

      Bro I dont care what u gonna say people have their own opinions

    • sizwe Dlamini
      sizwe Dlamini

      @Amzino not MJ he averaged more points than lebron at that age and he carried a team filled with 30+ years as well as pippen who had back problems that season to the title while also having the best record in that league, winning MVP and finals MVP and don't talk nonsense about lebron deserving it over Giannis

    • DA GOAT
      DA GOAT

      @Amzino mj better

  • The gamer 55
    The gamer 55


  • loc

    when smoove posts it’s time to go to sleep

    • QRareê

      No cap

    • Tyler Bernard
      Tyler Bernard

      Ong 😂😂

    • Esau Appana
      Esau Appana


  • Carmelo Anthony
    Carmelo Anthony

    You did me dirty in the thumbnail

    • Jack B
      Jack B

      @Nuclear Sonic stfu

    • KYRIE

      @Ivan pang shut up

    • Marquis Parson
      Marquis Parson

      @Ivan pang well no duh ges fake

    • King Money
      King Money

      My name is Carmelo to

    • Nuclear Sonic
      Nuclear Sonic

      You shoulda scored more, Melo

  • Hoopers Update
    Hoopers Update

    LeBron might have the best career ever in terms of longevity

    • Chaim Miller
      Chaim Miller

      Karl Malone played 19 seasons and averaged 20+ points in every season besides his first & last

    • BaD_VibeZ

      @Amazingly Adept “in terms of longevity”

    • Travis Tchokotieu
      Travis Tchokotieu


    • Amazingly Adept
      Amazingly Adept

      @JAWNIE he said “best career ever”

    • Vinicius Martucci
      Vinicius Martucci

      @Richmond100% I'm not taking away his longevity, just saying that you can't compare these kind of things. If you wanna compare longevity use the same standards, Rogers, Manning, etc...

  • Joseph Vaughan
    Joseph Vaughan

    Smoove be on that China time

  • Charles Barker
    Charles Barker

    There goes that man LeBron

    • ミカサ・アッカーマン

      @Officialj0nn 20-12 KDisney needs an mvp everytime to carry him

    • LeBron James
      LeBron James

      LeDaddy 😋

    • Eli Eli
      Eli Eli

      @Officialj0nn 20-12 I secretly think you’re a Lebron fan you talked about Lebron in almost every comment

    • Officialj0nn 20-12
      Officialj0nn 20-12

      U mean the guy who needs ADisney to carry him ?

  • Lavar Cole
    Lavar Cole

    Lebron wants that DPOTY award

    • Karanveer Dhillon
      Karanveer Dhillon

      @Don Quixote Doflamingo So my your logic Jordan was a bad defender because he got torched by Magic that one finals game

    • Purely

      @Reign Is Cracked He still 6-0

    • Reign Is Cracked
      Reign Is Cracked

      @Don Quixote Doflamingo mj got knocked out of the playoffs by one all star(sidney moncrief)

    • Don Quixote Doflamingo
      Don Quixote Doflamingo

      Hahaha, doing defence to a weak team, one time.... then gets defensive player.... missing multiple clutch shot his entire career, "just having a bad game"

    • Giannis Akumpo
      Giannis Akumpo

      Lmaooo foh

  • Andre Roberson
    Andre Roberson

    Trade wes for my defense

  • Chef Pepper
    Chef Pepper

    Of course it’s against the Blazers they are ass

  • Łobuz Biały Niedźwiedź
    Łobuz Biały Niedźwiedź


  • Carmelo Littlefield
    Carmelo Littlefield

    The blazers need CJ and nukic ASAP

    • Miguel Rivera Jr
      Miguel Rivera Jr

      Yea and it seems the Lakers needed at least Dennis back. One man can only carry so much.

    • Skullzzz

      Jusuf Nukic is definitely needed

    • Wiz Kid
      Wiz Kid

      Nope. Blazers need you

  • Breezy _
    Breezy _


  • Immaculate cap
    Immaculate cap

    Smoove don’t sleep

  • Hoag

    LeYoungTalent back at it !!!!

    • Vulcronic

      That one was smart 😂😂

  • Carmelo Littlefield
    Carmelo Littlefield

    I do my homework - LeBron James

    • Bro Stop
      Bro Stop

      @Super Yahci My goat played when he had the flu your goat couldn't even played through a cramp

    • Silenti

      @Skull so that’s the reason?

    • Bro Stop
      Bro Stop

      @Super Yahci Tim Duncan was past his prime and still beat lebron

    • Bro Stop
      Bro Stop

      @Super Yahci I forgot jason terry the bench player outer scored him 2011

    • Arion

      @Bro Stop wade wasn’t in his prime in 2011 what 😂

  • calan Agod
    calan Agod

    I'm right on time, and yall late

  • Unknown King Abyss
    Unknown King Abyss


  • demetre imerlishvili
    demetre imerlishvili

    thank lebron from spurs

  • Ona Ebodaghe
    Ona Ebodaghe

    Led his team in every stat 👑

    • swag lad
      swag lad

      @Karanveer Dhillon wtf are you on about LMAO?

    • Karanveer Dhillon
      Karanveer Dhillon

      @swag lad Lmao just look at your comment history. You clearly said “He’s going to be a bust lmao” on Lamelos video

    • swag lad
      swag lad

      @FlyPizza.mp4 I don't have a clue kid what you are on about LMAO

    • FlyPizza.mp4

      @swag lad So you were calling the invisible man a bust?

    • swag lad
      swag lad

      @FlyPizza.mp4 no one LMAO