Jupiter's Legacy: Everything You Need To Know
What You Need To Know About Jupiter's Legacy
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Who would’ve thought it’d be such a great time to be an indie comic book fan! With the success of recent hits like The Boys and Umbrella Academy, it seems like streaming services are really down to invest in lesser known superhero stories and comics in general!
Following suit with this, a short teaser was recently released for Netflix’s latest comic book adaptation, Jupiter’s Legacy, based on the Image Comics series written by Mark Millar.
He’s perhaps most known for writing two “small” Marvel Comics events.... Civil War, and Old Man Logan… Maybe you’ve heard of them?
Of course, I’d imagine some of you are wondering what THIS show is all about.
For some background on Jupiter’s Legacy, the original comic follows a group of superheroes called the Union, who first received their powers when going on an island expedition in the 1930s. In the present day, the team is seen as superstars, but their children appear to have fallen into the trappings of fame and fortune, and struggle to navigate that kind of lifestyle while attempting to live up to the family name.
Mark Millar, who also serves as an executive producer, actually drew comparisons of the series to The Incredibles, but if the kids were a NIGHTMARE!
So join us in today’s video, where we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about Jupiter’s Legacy!
0:00 Intro
0:32 What’s it about?
2:21 Production Details
3:39 Casting
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Written by: Aaron Redublo
Narrated by: Grant Kellett @Gtalkstoomuch
Edited by: Aaron Redublo
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  • Nat Burns
    Nat Burns

    Actually great concept but the action/writing is a little wack

  • Lovern Kindzierski
    Lovern Kindzierski

    Jeez! Now he is calling Duhamel, Dumel.

  • Lovern Kindzierski
    Lovern Kindzierski

    I wish the announcer would stop saying Quietly when is obviously Quitely.

  • Adrianne Mendoza
    Adrianne Mendoza

    Did the Union help America in WW2?

  • OoberMan1968

    Im watching this rn amazing i feel like im watching invincible

  • handri i
    handri i

    So who is the Superman copy in this series? First Brightburn, next Homelander, the newest Omni-man, and now Utopian. Atleast Utopian looks not some new evil version of Superman agaim.

  • Ron Cuyos
    Ron Cuyos

    The first season was a joy to watch. The Boys, invincible, Jupiter's Legacy,sweet tooth, indie titles are on it's way up

  • Wakky

    Bow tuk

  • p s
    p s

    If certain human become superhero, it will destroy earth. Power must be earned and not be given by birth.

  • Drew Santana
    Drew Santana

    Ok! NEW DRINKING GAME!! Turn on the CC. Now every time the CC says "ethereal tinkling" take a shot. You're welcome.

  • TheTeladoy

    I saw the first episode yesterday and i think is really really good. I liked 100 times than The Boys. Jupiters Legacy is very coherent and connected to our really today day. It has a very strong connection to moral and ethic. I hope the next episodes are also so good like the first one and i hope it success. In my opinion this kind of movies needs more than nothing the support of the people, because im pretty sure that richs, politicians and people from will find it a threat.

  • MeerKhan

    i already watched the 1st season and i must say it's very good ..

  • muziq empire
    muziq empire

    didn't know anything about it until today when i saw it pop up on netflix...ended up watching all 8 episodes in a sitting

  • ioannis passadakis
    ioannis passadakis

    Unsatisfying series. Not bad but definitely not good enough. Had higher hopes. Also too much make America great again..

  • Jesse Ross
    Jesse Ross

    This show feels kind of strange cause it deals with intense subject matter and represents in a cw, incredibly cringe and low budget action show style. Very disappointed with some aspects of the show but intrigue in the world and characters keeps you invested.

  • The 300: Primed Providence Phenotype
    The 300: Primed Providence Phenotype

    ♊ 5/7 🔼🔽

  • Fool Slayer
    Fool Slayer

    This reminds me of Kingdom Come Superman for some reason. A generation of superheroes set the example for other superhumans, soon enough a rift is formed between the older, more idealistic generation and the younger, edgier generation and then *boom* disaster...

  • Sr Guapo
    Sr Guapo

    So this is discount The Boys? Not worth watching 😂

    • Ab Cd
      Ab Cd

      How did you here the boys in any of this? The boys explores a world of celebrities' play acting heros Its arguably the exact opposite world set up in the boys where the hero's have for the majority of their existence actually A) been pretty good at saving people B) avoid interfering in world affairs C) genuinely want to see the world be a better place even if they have a warped view of it

  • my penis has feelings
    my penis has feelings

    They shouldve just animated it rather than doing a live action.

  • Alex Payne
    Alex Payne

    No black hero’s of course

    • Buffalo Cars
      Buffalo Cars

      Watch it🙄

    • Buffalo Cars
      Buffalo Cars


  • Adrian Durnea
    Adrian Durnea

    Ce need more Image Comicbooks adapted in live-action. Their Comics are... Different

  • 655 sigu
    655 sigu

    This is gonna be great.

    • Aurora

      Your prediction is wrong

  • cubencis

    Saga would cost an absolute fortune to make

  • Kerman Morel
    Kerman Morel

    At least chloe keeps her eyebrows in the Netflix adaptation

  • BonzerMrT

    I read a bunch of mark Miller stuff last year, because I wanted to see his random stuff, I’m so glad I read the series. It’s fantastic I wanna read it again

  • Mi Sproete
    Mi Sproete

    The 'official trailer' only gave the Black female character about two seconds of face time. Screen Rant didn't even mention her AT ALL. I guess we're being erased again, like in the 80's-early 90's. Back of the shot, or less than half a second on screen. Pretty much invisible.

    • Tobimaru Sakuragi
      Tobimaru Sakuragi

      @Mi Sproete You also don't have your real profile pic... The hypocrisy also it's youtube we don't need to show faces to say things unless you're like basing off faces to just make a decent insult and that's low lmao

    • Mi Sproete
      Mi Sproete

      @Tobimaru Sakuragi I'm not talking about the series. Can you read? Can you comprehend what you read? First three words: THE OFFICIAL TRAILER. And nobody mentioned politics but you. Catch tf up or go sit down. And if you really even stand by or want to have a valid opinion, maybe you should use your REAL profile, if you have one, instead of the one you are using to hide behind so you can make snarky idiotic comments.

    • Tobimaru Sakuragi
      Tobimaru Sakuragi

      That's kinda a huge assumption i just finished the series there's plenty scenes that gives them time to shine... plus not everything is about politics so calm tf down.

  • Finnrar Chaos
    Finnrar Chaos

    lol lets just see how bad woke netflix fucks it up

  • jaxtraw

    It's hope it's not another cynical deconstruction of superheroes told at a painfully slow pace full of people with tedious inner demons like The Boys or Doom Patrol.

  • Allen Dean
    Allen Dean

    Hammer needs a slot, Christine.....

  • rochelle Crump-mcnulty
    rochelle Crump-mcnulty

    What did I just see? Not impressed

  • Shane Cowden
    Shane Cowden

    Bomb Queen, we need a live action Bomb Queen adaptation.

  • Andrew Forte
    Andrew Forte

    Do a live-action treatment of Planetary.

    • Andrew Forte
      Andrew Forte

      @ShastaHawk Gina Carano is born to play the lead female protagonist Jakita Wagner, who is the super strong and durable one of the trio and show, since it's basically told from her point of view.

    • ShastaHawk

      I bought the omnibus last week, which has the entire series, and read the entire book in one sitting. With that being said, I would love to see a series of it. BTW, do you know they tried to do a Global Frequency series a while back? It wasnt picked up but the pilot is on youtube if you're interested

  • Andrew Gibbons
    Andrew Gibbons

    The creator of saga literally made the comic so off the wall that it can’t be adapted in live action. Maybe a animated version. Maybe. But wow. That would be crazy to attempt

  • MisterFloZeke

    Dude, it's Frank QUITELY, not Frank "Quietly."

  • eric mcintosh
    eric mcintosh

    Is he saying Quiet-ly?

  • henry geronimo
    henry geronimo

    Top 10 of Alan Moore. That's a hell of story. Smax,Robin,irmaggedom,king peacok,etc.they are a hell of characters from the mind of Alan mmore

  • henry geronimo
    henry geronimo

    I love Frank quitely's work!

  • Sean Stewart
    Sean Stewart

    This looks pretty damn good. When they did The Boys I thought this may get some attention. Just thought it’s insecurity would hold it back. Looks great though.

  • Logan Mercer
    Logan Mercer

    This gives me Kingdom Come vibes?

  • sammi khan
    sammi khan

    sounds a lot like Marvels Inhumans - without a giant dog

  • Siamonto Khachatourians
    Siamonto Khachatourians

    It’s not “quietly” can you read?

  • dan raz
    dan raz

    Kingdom come, Runaways, Justice League and Magic order!

  • R Magnitude Mystyk
    R Magnitude Mystyk

    Ah, not a sequel to Jupiter Ascending. I am pleasantly surprised for once lol

  • Brent Field
    Brent Field

    Hells, yeah, would a Saga series ever be awesome! And the cat only said that when people were lying! What else should he say?

  • Nat20 Damage
    Nat20 Damage

    Oh boy I thought I was stuck in a Mandela effect where I was the only one who knew about this show and I was going mad

    • Lenny Koka
      Lenny Koka

      They were just lazy! No respect for the fans.

  • Dexter Roberts
    Dexter Roberts

    Miller or millar?

  • deepak singh
    deepak singh

    is that bryan hitchs art ?

  • Iftekhar Ahmed
    Iftekhar Ahmed

    This is being adapted because Netflix bought Millarworld from Mark Millar.

    • Craig Perkey
      Craig Perkey

      Everything you need to know. Doesn’t say if the kids have powers or not

  • Joseph Ben-Obasa
    Joseph Ben-Obasa

    Saga should be adaptated only as animation preferably done by HBO

  • Joseph Ben-Obasa
    Joseph Ben-Obasa

    Saga is my current favorite comic series of all time. But I don't see it working in live action

  • stormking989

    *Jupiter's Legacy is a brilliantly written and drawn superhero graphic novel.*

  • Joshua Horvat
    Joshua Horvat

    The Massive was a great series.

  • The First Amender
    The First Amender

    Pro tip: learn how to pronounce the guy's name before you make an entire video where you mispronounce "Millar". It's not Miller.

    • Red headed Sojourner
      Red headed Sojourner

      @Mackenzie Brown Thank you.

    • Mackenzie Brown
      Mackenzie Brown

      No it's pronounced mil-ler, British name. Mil-ar is the incorrect American pronunciation

  • blaise russo
    blaise russo

    Once and future would also be great

  • OG Cisco
    OG Cisco

    Have you guys noticed how anytime Ryan makes a video here it gets way more videos than when this guy makes a video?🤭🤔 Ryan is a legend 😂

    • ShortStuff

      You know... that may be true but it's no reason to be rude. This is his job and he does it well. It's not supposed to gain as many views as Ryan's comedy sketches. This is an informative video.

  • John Doe22
    John Doe22

    dude , your voice sounds so fing fake i can t bear it lol gfus :/=

  • the god damn legit batman
    the god damn legit batman

    How do you bring up Frank Miller without the dark Knight returns books

  • Urban Twilight
    Urban Twilight

    Damn, I was disappointed by the second season of Umbrella Academy. Fantastic first one, but that second one was borderline weak.

  • Priyanka Rana
    Priyanka Rana


  • anjuneko

    Hipster rich kid a-holes the series -lovely :P

  • Tarsanah .H. Starkweather
    Tarsanah .H. Starkweather

    Paul Amos is in it. That's all I need to know

  • Reece and Ben
    Reece and Ben

    I'd wanna see the image comics prophet from 2012 made into a series hahaha

  • Sapphire

    The actor who played Jacob in AC Syndicate is in this. He keeps posting about it. That's how I know

  • Angryb 03
    Angryb 03

    2:01 top left he looks likes Jupiter’s legacy’s Superman

    • STG4 the glitchog
      STG4 the glitchog

      Yeah, also another indi comic i would like to see get adapted into a tv show is the Alan Moore run on Supreme & if it is popular enough, i would continue the story he made.

  • Angryb 03
    Angryb 03

    I didn’t know Jupiter’s legacy was a comic book series

    • DreadXplayZs

      It's a justice league rip-off,jupiter is marvels version of Superman

  • lore80

    I'd want to see Darkhawk

  • Frederick Jones
    Frederick Jones

    This is truly a golden age for comic book fans that have never actually read a comic book like myself.

    • Aurora

      Too bad this series is horrendous

  • Alexander Wayne
    Alexander Wayne

    I don't want to see this show. The horrible tipping point hit hard even though we had short time with the heroes.

  • Heather Lowry
    Heather Lowry

    An Avatar the Last Airbender fan providing a reminder that creator involvement means nothing

  • Just A Watch
    Just A Watch

    So since we're naming comics that should be turned into shows, SUNSTONE. SUNSTONE NEEDS TO BE A SHOW.

    • Steve King
      Steve King

      LoL, is that the S&M one?

  • Matt Stewart
    Matt Stewart

    Uhh the incredible baby is a nightmare lol

  • Nathan Banks
    Nathan Banks

    Is it just me, or does The Utopian look like he is played by Tim Robbins instead of John Duhamel? Lol


    Wooo..This good..Story..

  • CPU UK
    CPU UK

    Damn, now everyone will read it LOL.

  • Karl Cramer
    Karl Cramer

    Lorenzo di Bonaventura is involved? Oh oh.

  • Stephen Rice
    Stephen Rice

    Ima be honest. I only clicked on this cause I thought somehow the Wachowski's got the green light for a sequel to Jupiter Ascending.

    • Lenny Koka
      Lenny Koka

      Lol same

    • Ryan Mussell
      Ryan Mussell

      Same as me

  • Canal MultiVerso
    Canal MultiVerso

    So, what about the Jupiter name? I was guessing some relation with planet Jupiter.

  • kanwar pal singh
    kanwar pal singh

    Ohky so what happens next . Well u knw logan was trying to save profesor x , but then logan killed profesor x . . So logan was trying to kill logan FOR killing profesor x but then instead of logan killing logan for killing profesor x ,now logan killed logan AFTER killing profesor x . so logan that killed logan had also killed profesor x . But then That logan killed logan that was trying to kill logan for killing profesor x , actuly got killed for killing profesor x . So logan died for killing profesor x after killing logan that was trying to kill logan for killing profesor x . But logan that was trying to kill logan for killing profesor x also died by the logan that was trying to kill logan aftr killing profesor x

  • andrews

    Nice things with these lesser known comics becoming shows is most people don't know they are comic so they don't have the expectation of an Avengers-esque puff piece

  • Diamond King[GD]
    Diamond King[GD]

    1:19 is that darkseid?

    • Riley Walsh
      Riley Walsh

      It's a character named Blackstar. So, yeah. It's Darkseid.

  • Harry Wright
    Harry Wright

    Who’s Matt Lanter playing?

  • ziljin

    Cool that all the streaming services have their own comic book shows.

    • Ashton Tippet
      Ashton Tippet

      @Jessfiester Hulu has runaways

    • Jessfiester

      Except Hulu...

    • Jazzbuh

      Invincible and The Boys are top tier. A R/TV-MA rating also helps.

    • SilentNoise103

      Gotta get that MCU cash flow

  • Ceiling Fan Bs ツ
    Ceiling Fan Bs ツ

    Literally 100 more subs till 8mil

  • Aick Sofonofos
    Aick Sofonofos

    Oh, they should do Grendel, the Hunter Rose series.

    • Red headed Sojourner
      Red headed Sojourner

      Omg one of my favorites

  • Joe Knipp
    Joe Knipp

    Just FYI... I think Mark Millar's last name is not pronounced "Miller" (like Frank Miller), but like Mil-Lar (sounds like "far" or "car").

    • Studio Chimiel
      Studio Chimiel

      It is!

  • Brian Penton
    Brian Penton

    These are the comics worth adapting. Lesser knowns have more potential because they haven’t been rebooted a jillion times.

    • Tyrell Graham
      Tyrell Graham

      As much as i love marvel i cant argue with that at all im a fan of both dc and marvel but instead of creating new heros they jus keep starting over with the same guys

  • Tyler Boring
    Tyler Boring

    If we’re naming comics that we want turned into shows, I’d like to throw “Five Ghosts” into the ring.

    • Red headed Sojourner
      Red headed Sojourner

      Yes PLEASE !!

  • Ken Fromchicago
    Ken Fromchicago

    What "unique powers"???

  • James Conte
    James Conte

    Is this show a 12

  • BlackNinja03

    Holy smokes I never thought anyone would adapt Jupiter’s legacy holyyyy

    • Aurora

      Yea, and it's wack.

    • Jacob Woodford
      Jacob Woodford

      @Israfel El elyon and she's a ninja

  • Luis Sierra
    Luis Sierra

    This is like Succession but with superheroes

  • Kit Yuen
    Kit Yuen

    Mark Millar also did Kick-Ass and Kingsman.

  • Noah Workman
    Noah Workman

    I didn't read many comucs they are expensive but i'm hyped to see some of the less well known ones getting some love

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe

    Jupiters legacy- justice league

  • Hardy Wallace
    Hardy Wallace

    ...he said quietly, instead of Quitely.

  • Ron-j Ignacio
    Ron-j Ignacio

    Net you uot you

  • Jamal Vargas
    Jamal Vargas

    Housebroken everything you need to know about the upcoming Fox network Cartoon

  • Nicholas Cole
    Nicholas Cole


  • 苔蘚青

    Eh, not much point in watching this because Netflix will probably cancel it before it can conclude, like they do with just about everything.

    • Naquin Green
      Naquin Green

      @A Hope For The Last! You're better off Not watching ether show

    • A Hope For The Last!
      A Hope For The Last!

      @Naquin Green Yeah I'd never heard about either of those shows despite owning netflix.

    • Naquin Green
      Naquin Green

      @A Hope For The Last! Netflix also renews terrible shows Fate: a Winx Saga and Warrior nun Both shows have unlikable main female characters

    • Naquin Green
      Naquin Green

      @苔蘚青 Don't forget they renew terrible shows as well like fate: a Winx Saga and Warrior nun

    • 苔蘚青

      @A Hope For The Last! The existence of a few exceptions doesn't change the reality that Netflix cancels most of its own shows. I'm tired of getting invested in stories and characters only to have Netflix drop the axe. It's happened far too often.

  • defb4 dizhonor
    defb4 dizhonor

    This is how I view DC comics gods and monsters, marvel is more akin to our universe dc is like Henry Cavill's immortals or the movie sky captain

    • A Hope For The Last!
      A Hope For The Last!

      @Zenitura Gaming You can blame Zack Snyder for that one

    • Zenitura Gaming
      Zenitura Gaming

      And that's exactly the problem with DC they treat their characters like Gods there is nothing relatable about the live action DC movies they are just brooding morons