I Spent 100 Days in a Parasite Apocalypse in Minecraft... Here's What Happened
I Spent 100 Days in a Parasite Apocalypse in Minecraft. Enter at omaze.com/Forge for your chance to win a Tesla Model S-Apex and $20,000 AND support a great cause!


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I TRIED to Survive VR Hardcore Minecraft For 100 Days And This Is What Happened

Video Includes:
Hardcore Minecraft 100 Days
Hardcore Minecraft 100 Days Gameplay
Hardcore Minecraft VR Episode 1
Hardcore Minecraft VR Lets Play
Hardcore Minecraft VR
Hardcore Minecraft VR 100 Days

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Edited By WiseFish:

  • Forge Labs
    Forge Labs

    MY MANS! The MODPACK is NOW LIVE! Go get it here alright?! www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/parasites-by-forge-labs

    • Linda Grover
      Linda Grover

      Minecraft/the worst game ever is a very bad game never play it it said play Roblox/the greatest game ever.

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      Alexis Pryor

      Thank you! My mans

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      Jordan Rabbitt

      An gals / girls

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      Moe joe Jo jo

      Ooh wowza that's a big button (just subscribed)

    • Drew Mcnellis
      Drew Mcnellis

      I stalk ur account everyday to see when u post another 100 days... can u plz post

  • Evan Harveston
    Evan Harveston

    I mean if they’re a couple days left just go out and hunt I mean we get you could sit inside and eat food and survive or you could go out and hunt stuff and then the parasites all the way up

  • Benjamin A
    Benjamin A

    200 days whith parisites and more mutachents

  • tiberius0716

    The zombie behind the soor almost gave me a heart attack

    • tiberius0716

      The first one

  • Jose Maria Munoz
    Jose Maria Munoz

    that was a lot of technical difficulties

  • Alfie Cartwright
    Alfie Cartwright

    On day 14-15 he's being nice to fans but you seen his camera broke

  • spicy raccoon
    spicy raccoon

    the struggle to get animals where you want them to go is exactly why i have a Cart mod, so you can just plonk them in the cart and take them wherever you need to

  • ProlougeProdigy2 ProlougeProdigy2
    ProlougeProdigy2 ProlougeProdigy2

    "Whats good in here" Forge labs:Ok…"

  • Karbuuz

    1:05:00 You almost got philza’d

  • Angelo Stampanoni
    Angelo Stampanoni

    It actually is a pretty big button though

  • Potato

    This man wasn't off camera mining, it was broken camera mining.

  • AcidPeople38k

    34:21 *That Is What You Call A Jump Scare.*

  • Samir Sulejmani
    Samir Sulejmani

    Wooowzzz thats a big button!

  • HolyCrusader homie
    HolyCrusader homie

    Uh , wow thats a big button

  • Debra McKinley
    Debra McKinley

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  • Grayson Reimondez
    Grayson Reimondez

    Bamboo???? It's called Suger can

  • LimeBrowser 37
    LimeBrowser 37

    my man Forge Labs can you put the kingdom of Daldar mod on PlayStation. It would mean a lot!

  • : D
    : D

    Wowza thats a big button

  • Giant Rubber Ducky
    Giant Rubber Ducky

    I dont like why he calls sugar cane a bamboo

  • Weo Sivo
    Weo Sivo

    The horrible hood ignificantly time because oak dolly guarantee sans a faded technician. erratic, sophisticated rose

  • Kill me Pls
    Kill me Pls

    57:39 were diamonds you mist

  • shon wilkinson
    shon wilkinson

    sean you got think before you do it

  • Mr.Nobody ???
    Mr.Nobody ???

    is this on 1.12.2?

  • shon wilkinson
    shon wilkinson

    i like how you put on a mod to make the game look nice

  • Howie Nguyen
    Howie Nguyen

    what shader pack is he using?

  • bla blubb?
    bla blubb?

    DAY 15 proving something before someone gets triggered xD

  • Kill me Pls
    Kill me Pls

    its spooky Month

  • Llama king
    Llama king

    #broken camera mineing

  • Сыч

    Dudes, does anyone know the seed number of this map? Just interest, I want to have a look


    bruh when not looking at the screen it's like listening to a Mr.creepypasta story

  • lola shadow
    lola shadow

    Me waiting for pt 2 of this 😅

  • TheEvilRaccoon

    I feel like he's partially Canadian.

  • Authanh D
    Authanh D

    Wow that's a big button


    Let me subscribe you

  • Jamie Coy
    Jamie Coy

    he dindet get the dimanzs

  • ham coolt
    ham coolt

    broken cam mining

  • David Schembri
    David Schembri

    This modpack really reminds me of stranger things

  • Rona Velasco
    Rona Velasco

    when are you gonna get to netflix? btw i love ur vids

  • Baconitsu

    name the parasite cow bean and sawney

  • Camille Calma
    Camille Calma

    The absorbed tornado psychophysically instruct because bat socially murder down a squealing bulb. learned, painstaking psychology

  • azzz accck
    azzz accck

    The zombie manor jump scare got me 💀💀💀

  • Purvjeet Patel
    Purvjeet Patel

    34:21 Almost gave me a heart attack

  • Karol Lesiński
    Karol Lesiński

    how to make thicc entities mod work?

  • huey ho
    huey ho

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  • theZen

    Well... That's disgusting:/

  • Rohan Mathews
    Rohan Mathews

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  • Christina Grant
    Christina Grant

    He did broken camera mining not off camera mining

  • SacroniteGaming

    When he calls sugar cane bamboo Me "What did you just say💢"

  • Keith Ray
    Keith Ray

    The necessary machine speculatively remain because notebook nationally bubble circa a unbecoming minibus. purple, vacuous scanner

  • Ethan Daubney
    Ethan Daubney

    1. This was my bday 2. THICC

  • Думан Совет
    Думан Совет


  • Indekai

    I hate the parasites. Literally anything related to them makes my skin literally crawl. I can't even say the amount of overdosed anxiety I recieved everytime one appeared.

  • Yanina Bicetti
    Yanina Bicetti


  • Yanina Bicetti
    Yanina Bicetti


  • Stokes Rodriguez
    Stokes Rodriguez

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  • Enzo Ian R. Evangelista
    Enzo Ian R. Evangelista

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  • Tam Messina
    Tam Messina

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    Wowza that's a big button

  • Jamari Curry
    Jamari Curry

    whois come planing about the dimons

  • KazuHiro

    от лица автора видео приветствую русское комьюнити :)

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    Coreen Sovocool

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  • Lumia xd
    Lumia xd

    There was diamonds in the opsidian you dam dam

  • Unicorn Squad!
    Unicorn Squad!

    34:16 I JUMPED 😖

  • Rob Square
    Rob Square

    Okay I've got the Forge labs sentence formula down. Sometimes you get lost a little bit and... uhh when you look back uhhh you see that you have to walk all the way from A to B. Yeah. So you know what I did? I walked that .uhh whole damn way. Easy right? Nope so I uhh did what a man has to do sometimes and took a little detour!.. a detour right yeah niceee it was good! Love that guy.

  • Emily Melba
    Emily Melba

    The organic deal finallly hook because penalty unequivocally join regarding a four frail locket. brainy, harmonious fox

  • Sulthan Faturrahman
    Sulthan Faturrahman

    34:20 thats jumpscares me

  • Amanda Davis
    Amanda Davis

    You called the sugar cane bamboo Why?????

  • Cass Dunn
    Cass Dunn

    You should have never thrown that 8 diamonds into the lava unsubscribe

  • GhostDragon

    34:23 literally jumped

  • bryan rich
    bryan rich


  • April Moore
    April Moore


  • April Moore
    April Moore

    I wanna play dis game but idk how I'm on a tablet


    HEy mAn WAnnA Do DrUgs ToO

    • HYSON


    • HYSON



    what resourse pack do you use?

  • Ashley Shomin
    Ashley Shomin

    Nooooo the diamonds how why I believed you 🥺🥺🥺

  • Ashley Shomin
    Ashley Shomin

    Okay thanks finnaly

  • Ashley Shomin
    Ashley Shomin

    Not bamboo sugar cane please you triggered me by calling it bamboo

  • Ashley Shomin
    Ashley Shomin

    Sugar cane

  • Ashley Shomin
    Ashley Shomin

    The stuff you call bamboo ITS NOT BAMBOO ITS SURGAR CANE OKAY

  • A shy paper bag
    A shy paper bag

    This man Shawn he did not do off camera mineing it was broken camera mineing

  • Abayomi Onifade
    Abayomi Onifade

    I like how in the beginning he says thats his house , HE JUST SAW IT IN THE MIDDLE OF KNOWHERE 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

    • Abayomi Onifade
      Abayomi Onifade

      He did not build it lol

  • OverTaken

    Whats making the swinging noises of the sword?

  • TheRealPLOP

    this man shawn did not do off camera mining it was broken camera mining

  • Elliottallen

    Wtf happened to your channel? Holy shit I watched you when you made halo vids and hopped in to see your reaction to halo infinate and you turned into one of those goofy “hello kids smash that like button” youtubers

  • B4UShout

    Mmm love seeing someone just leave diamonds behind.

  • Violet Snow
    Violet Snow

    They make such gross noises EDIT: Should've sterilized the manner the same way as the old house when you left.

  • Coscoguz YT
    Coscoguz YT

    Why r the graphics for the water so realistic

  • Batsite Deroche
    Batsite Deroche

    pixelgun 3d vibes?

  • Samdhalo’s gaming channel
    Samdhalo’s gaming channel

    Can I get these my packs on Xbox?

  • Jack David T. Colasito
    Jack David T. Colasito

    Wow! thats uhh... a big button..!

  • Hermergur

    You see that?

  • desiredproblem

    43:10 babadumbado and falaombadom

  • Edsworth Experiments - Musicality
    Edsworth Experiments - Musicality

    Press the red button

  • Mary Elizabeth
    Mary Elizabeth

    26:95 he sounds like he speaking Spanish

  • Mary Elizabeth
    Mary Elizabeth

    At 7:01 he sounds like he speaks Spanish

  • monke Yang
    monke Yang

    There was NO off camera mining

  • Robert Ross
    Robert Ross

    You’re awesome I mean it I love all your 100 days and thousand days you’re the best

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