I Challenged Plats to $50 Per Game in Rocket League..
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When content gets a little dry in the Youtubing World of Rocket League... the next best thing you can do is call upon a certain couple of players who you know are just made for content. This video will take you through the challenges I went through to overcome my challenges and hopefully I do.. because I lose $50 for each game I lose.

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  • CBell

    This was one of my favorite videos in a while and I hope you laughed a little! Also, here is the link again for the Aerial Mastercourse - I think you should at least check it out! www.gamersrdy.com/product/aerial-mastercourse-in-rocket-league/r/cbell/

    • SpeedboatAquatics

      i can not join the server

    • Oliver-Nation

      Would love to see this again (it counts so long ur plat in one rank right?)

    • Xjose_00

      Hey CBell I hope you read this comment mind if we do a colab ?

    • Bastian

      This is the Best course of all. Thanks Cbell.Reviewed

    • Malika Carter
      Malika Carter

      If someone did slow mo heat seeker😂😂😂😂😂

  • SKPlayz AU
    SKPlayz AU

    Fluff and the three headed beast are my platinum opponents lol

  • le meleon
    le meleon

    Plats can do anything: could they just let you join a custom modded match and play with mods against you? Aimbot for them, anti aimbot for you, etc.?

  • Anthony Mureti
    Anthony Mureti

    lets see gold

  • Sarcastic Duck
    Sarcastic Duck

    I would just change teams at the end to CBell's and boom, I technically won

  • Santos Yaxón
    Santos Yaxón

    ez, disable the forward bottom...

  • Rohann

    9:07 That scene was so funny I couldn't stop my laugh

  • Ghost

    Do silver next ahhh

  • BentleyBoy

    do this with silvers!

  • VirtuosoJo_ AZDZ
    VirtuosoJo_ AZDZ

    Weird intro . I’m plat 3 consistent and not that good ... nor is anyone I play with. Plats aren’t that good. They’re starting to get good but definitely lower levels

  • Slurpp Char
    Slurpp Char

    I'm diamond I'd totally beat you in a 1v1 lol

  • rl player
    rl player

    Cbell: omg that was 207 Pulse fire: *pathetic*

  • Splashy RL
    Splashy RL

    Can u do IT against champis?

  • EvanRL

    9:30 that’s what she said

  • C Mitch
    C Mitch


  • JD Playz
    JD Playz

    is the tips on switch

  • Velocity_OCE

    Do it with bronzes

  • Tenchu

    Do it with SSL's but they have to make YOU win lmao

  • sky

    loving the content lately finally gonna sub, definitely should do this again with diamonds maybe i could be in the vid :D

  • Hayden Murphy
    Hayden Murphy

    I’m gold 3 and you trash 1v1 me

  • 3Deck HS
    3Deck HS

    If golds i can handle that ;)

  • Doggo man
    Doggo man

    And plats

  • Doggo man
    Doggo man


  • Doggo man
    Doggo man

    U hate heat seeker too

  • Grayson

    My friend Big Mac faked you so hard but you didn’t put it in the cideoo

    • Grayson


  • Scy Fer_yt
    Scy Fer_yt

    Video idea Freestyle battle against there dream rank for example plat plays a game of horse or pig against there dream rank

  • Hayden Simons
    Hayden Simons

    Bigmac8842 is a medium to high diamond, even being champ 1 in a game mode btw

  • GemMythix

    hen u poo ca c ac apoo and piiiooooo

  • Pingster

    If you do this with higher ranks, then you need to set a limit of number of changes to a default 1v1 mode. For example, you can make 2 major and 3 minor changes. Major changes could include player count, game mode changes, demolish on contact and such. Minor changes could include boost strength, bounciness, gravity etc. Definitely more fun, to see what people come up with when there are restrictions!

  • Inhaled Conch
    Inhaled Conch

    Can you do this with golds please

  • mxkyy


  • Vylo

    The slow mo aerials look like a montage lol

  • Stormgod Brawl
    Stormgod Brawl

    I loved this one

  • TheRaw Veggie
    TheRaw Veggie

    I would have made it South African servers so Cbell lags then make it Demo on contact (ff) and had 7 ppl all play against him

  • Maciej

    If tie will get me win, ill set ball so big that doesnt fit net and overtime random winner. 50% chance for 50$

  • TND Sports
    TND Sports

    I'm surprised no one did the mutator 'time warp'

  • Gaming BEAST
    Gaming BEAST

    hi, love the vid CBell

  • roland hummel
    roland hummel

    rocket league its the greatest fraud ol all times ! every games is manipulated! whenever you could get one rang or four times in a row! it is our children who are cheated on us and are movde to buy ! worse than the mafia and ns ! man shits with bombs on children that is so unbelievable that nobody does anything about it !!!!! ????? :-9

  • Caleb Hyatt
    Caleb Hyatt

    You should do this with diamonds or even champs but with no multiple players, only the one player

  • wpgziggy

    There’s no way he missed! Misses....

  • SoundwaveRBLX

    wanna know what your mother is? 2:28 this is an epic gamer og joke, to all of you whom are offended.

  • Max De rooi
    Max De rooi

    More thiss pleasee!!!

  • Pace

    Cube ball lmfao that one looks fun af

  • apo twix
    apo twix

    Next video: Play a game of H.O.R.S.E but with a basketball

  • Drem

    Walmart mrbeast be like

  • L77Coolkiller Bok
    L77Coolkiller Bok

    an idea take agianst super sonic legends but you chose seting or anything :D

  • Bennie4Real


  • TheMaxiTaxi

    Do it again with golds pls

  • drpizzaeater

    i was a plat till the new update. now im diamond 2 :/

  • PokeWrecksz

    I’ll play as a diamond...

  • Murillin exe
    Murillin exe

    bro but i deserve c1 and im d1 lol

  • Abdullah Abohamdeh
    Abdullah Abohamdeh

    Make a vid with Pulse Sam he's so good at rl

  • blazzd

    I have a video idea you could get d1s to a freestyle torny I'm diamond I can do it so can my friend

  • Apollo RL シ
    Apollo RL シ

    4:00 that was *interesting*

  • Kaku

    CBell giving 50dollars to plat and only if they win.... MrBeast giving 1000000........

  • Elie Lawand
    Elie Lawand

    make it with champions then you will be poor :))

  • Mad tekkerz
    Mad tekkerz

    Bruh heatseeker is the easiest mode he wasn't that good either

  • BestMira Pro
    BestMira Pro

    0:00 my interstellar is the same that these car


    d o i t w i t h d i a m o n d

  • HYPER ghost GAMING
    HYPER ghost GAMING

    How are these Plats so bad when im gold and can easilyyy beat them!!

  • Fennec Gaming
    Fennec Gaming

    Can I be in a vid

  • Torin O'Connor
    Torin O'Connor

    He changed title lol

  • Bobtherobber1

    Champs vs ssl(landen or someone) or pros which ever is better in your eyes champs choose whatever they want to do like same as this vid

  • Theodor D
    Theodor D

    you should do the same against silvers like myself

  • Mysteryos Door
    Mysteryos Door

    Agains ssl but u have to give 1k to who wins

  • aham uuh
    aham uuh


  • Jood T
    Jood T

    Oops auto correct cbell

  • Jood T
    Jood T

    Hi cell i think i deserve silver 1 or bronze 3 because all the people i verse are to easy

  • BessoRus


  • D3MoN jr
    D3MoN jr

    Kijk op het begin er staat lul

  • Jason Rodriguez
    Jason Rodriguez

    “We got the boot, kick him, you’re gone” and then the unnecessary air dribble after😂

  • yktm_jashi

    Heres a good video for u in my opinion try all the rocket league loading screen tips and go against them and also listen to them

  • Munchi RL
    Munchi RL

    Do it against champs but only 1 mutator and no extra teamates

  • Lucas Magnusen
    Lucas Magnusen

    Fun fact: cbell changed the title from i did something really stupid to this

  • Jake.120 FPS
    Jake.120 FPS

    I’d make it that u need to score a 9999999999999999kph shot

  • Frubbs

    Heatseeker is easy😂

  • Saqlain Hussain
    Saqlain Hussain

    What is his camera

  • Nowie

    Sheesh cell has progressed a lot he’s a lot better then he was before all of his vids with his ugly nugget😂

  • Saved Builder
    Saved Builder

    Do it with bronzes

  • Corey OX
    Corey OX

    he changed the title. It was: "I made something stupid" or something like that

  • Tim Leeiner
    Tim Leeiner

    I am platinum 1 and 2 and I have only lost around 3 matches heatseeker and have played around 100 to 200 matches but I have trained with champs and have been trained by dimonds and champs have played comp's with champ's and dimonds have run freestyle matches against SSL's and regular 1v1's against SSL's won in 1v1's against champs and dimonds with sure it was a while ago last because most of the champ's I know have stopped RL but I would choose to run a 1v1 against you fair and square.

  • EliteHitmarkers

    Imagine one of them do the good old getting carried by a supersonic legend. That’s what I would have done.

  • Cruz

    Check you discord Dm with Head Chief Cruz#4640 😈

  • Flippip

    Take it with diamond

  • Rachel Lambell
    Rachel Lambell

    Mrs Coulter makes the vid! 4:23

  • Andre Browne
    Andre Browne

    Me, A gold: why r u areialing to our net?

  • MOWxRish

    technically 5 plats did u dirty.. iykyk

  • Exaulitify

    I’d just hit your internet offline u did say anything

  • Zachary Clayton
    Zachary Clayton

    Yes bronzes though.

  • trulythesmhbrothers yt
    trulythesmhbrothers yt

    Wait you can owngoal on the other goal because you I said you can owngoal on your on yourself or the boys can and that’s what own goal means right so

  • Chischun

    Cbell, just saying the “plats” in the 1v3” were not actually plats

  • Ibby FX
    Ibby FX

    we gotta do this with diamonds next...

  • Jerrin's Channel
    Jerrin's Channel

    I am definitely the worst gold ever.

  • Edwin Rodriguez
    Edwin Rodriguez

    The knowing person enzymatically report because promotion pathogenetically lick pace a alluring euphonium. disgusting, internal taste

  • Phillip Sefo
    Phillip Sefo

    Those plats really suck thst 3v1 you aye


    if i went againts i would u bakkes mods


    You have improved so much

  • Infinite Arya
    Infinite Arya

    dimond next pls

  • Raphael Asiedu-Adjekum
    Raphael Asiedu-Adjekum

    Heatseeker is pretty easy: Hit ball Get 7-0 Win Pretty simple. Not sure how you get 2-7

  • FreeBxshee _YT
    FreeBxshee _YT

    BigMac8842 wasn’t a plat that’s how he could hit the shots more consistently

3,1 mil.