I Asked Every Rank to Freestyle in Rocket League: Which is the best?
Which rank is the best at Freestyling? I put it to the test...

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  • Mr-Napkin

    If you wanna be in videos like this join my Discord! discord.gg/53VzDx6gk3

    • Bad Boss Caesar
      Bad Boss Caesar

      I am not roasting but are u sure this is a gold???? Cause gold's in my lobby can air dribble and musty flick which got me mad so I spent a week training and now I can freestyle pretty good which I am interested in, I started liking to freestyle which made me quit ranked at the rank of plat 3

    • Hesser Montalvo
      Hesser Montalvo

      @vxrce same

    • hamida sahel
      hamida sahel

      The dumpest one is diamond the BEST is super sonic LEGEND

    • Michael’s gaming channel
      Michael’s gaming channel

      Sike I’m gold 3 div iv and he said I should be diamond thanks man

    • Michael’s gaming channel
      Michael’s gaming channel

      I freestyle a lot so yea

  • Aqua Sučić
    Aqua Sučić

    was that lana rhoades on pfp super sinoć champ

  • Julian Cutting
    Julian Cutting

    Hold on I swear he put bronze then gold

    • Julian Cutting
      Julian Cutting

      Because he said gold instead of silver confusion

  • Hoda Afifi
    Hoda Afifi

    Diamond is the best rank 💪💪💪

  • Chzy_ Hokage
    Chzy_ Hokage

    Lol bet the bronze went out after this and practiced mustys and air dribbles for hours now she's goated

  • Yousef Dardir
    Yousef Dardir

    Ive done a flip reset gold thxs but im better then him

  • Jason Yeomans
    Jason Yeomans

    The silver has the gold rank boost

  • The demon under ur bed Gonna eat you
    The demon under ur bed Gonna eat you

    I really don’t care about my rank i just love freestyling btw i’m plat i mean i can do better than the champ tho

  • itzWAdI

    why so many of these people are from romania? xd

  • Luka Bokhua
    Luka Bokhua

    Mr Napkin talking to the bronze player -that was close After the call -the bronze was garbage

  • psycho gaming
    psycho gaming

    Why do they use car cam for freestyilng

  • Spirit Gaming08
    Spirit Gaming08

    Why didn’t you choose a gold that can freestyle. Not the average gold

  • ah gaming3
    ah gaming3


  • Andrew Scoufis
    Andrew Scoufis

    Silver has gold boost

  • JustStadvice

    I am gold, but I can do what a diamond can do

  • JustMathiasK

    you should have a "that would've been it" counter in the corner xD


    MR NAPKIN i have a question, it is normal for a Plat to do very normal freestyle???



  • frank the tank gaming
    frank the tank gaming

    Champion can hit a flip reset but not a ceiling shot

  • Caleb And harley
    Caleb And harley

    Yo bro, I’m bronze and can ceiling shot better than the champs can i be in one of ur vids for the most experienced bronze?

  • Bstar 2710
    Bstar 2710

    I can do better I’m a plat

  • Kinan Ahmad
    Kinan Ahmad

    I am so proud of my fellow diamond ♡

  • tree

    lmao i can do so much better...

  • Chronic crypto
    Chronic crypto

    I can do a flip reset and I am in gold

  • Veereetex-Xedz Xx
    Veereetex-Xedz Xx

    i’m a plat, can i be in the next vid?

  • Visero

    Champ and u cant ceiling shot

  • M3LCOD

    I prob could've beat the plat

  • BranixvStraxes

    This bronze is gonna be a very good player in the future tbh

  • Kalvin Duch
    Kalvin Duch

    I'm bronze and I can hit ceiling shots and air dribbles and I play on switch

  • PJ Church
    PJ Church

    Can u do a vid with 5 silvers and one plat with me in it btw I’m silver

  • PJ Church
    PJ Church

    Who ever thinks the diamond is bad look at him bro he’s insane

  • Jelle De Cock
    Jelle De Cock

    The silver has a gold boost from the season before and tournament title

  • Mkrock Hon
    Mkrock Hon

    The diamond did good

  • Lachlan Walsh
    Lachlan Walsh

    SSL is the best

  • Jonathan Sandoval
    Jonathan Sandoval

    Could of done a lik better than the Plat I think

  • Kyle Hutchens
    Kyle Hutchens

    Honestly he did better than me on air dribble and I'm gold 2

  • Markenzy

    The 2nd guy was probably plat1 in 2s and 3s and s3 in 1s but he's not bad at all

  • swag fire
    swag fire

    I can beat the plat

  • bro's gaming
    bro's gaming

    im like one of those plats who can hit a pogo and celing shot plus air dribble bu t cant do anything else

  • Djebreel Duerinck
    Djebreel Duerinck

    I hit the like button 2 times😁😂😂

  • Unknown

    Bro I would have put a proud name on the plats

  • FlakyCcinoFAN

    I maybe would be better then golds but not plat even know I’m Diamond. (Only on Rumble and Duos)

  • DarkzoneDiamond

    Gold: if u can do a flip reset then u should be diamond. Me who can do them in platinum: What u say to me

  • Kay Dorp
    Kay Dorp

    but i dont have discored

  • Kay Dorp
    Kay Dorp

    im gold 1 and im soo much better then the gold pls let me in

  • Dec._13 On ig
    Dec._13 On ig

    Bro I’m platinum and I could’ve done way better than that !!!! :///

  • Dillon Scott
    Dillon Scott

    I could

  • luka mix pro king
    luka mix pro king

    Ayo I am gold and freestyle better that diamonds checkkkkk

  • Pvp king0123
    Pvp king0123

    the plat is trying so hard to use airole and this is why people get stuck in plat cus thay air role wayyyy too much

  • Kitish Boro
    Kitish Boro

    That's not fair

  • Lucka Play
    Lucka Play

    but the supersonic legend won like you cant do it like that

  • DangerGamer-NL

    Silver is a smurf not fair a silver player can not touch the ball

  • Xdrands

    I’m silver and I’m better than the plat like what I can air dribble double tap flip reset

  • Wild Abram
    Wild Abram

    I’m good I think I could have done better

  • HeyItsDaveXD

    The plat is ass bro im plat and im way better. Check out my recent rl training montage 4 proof

  • Apatchi

    Just if i subscribed in this

  • XSD fearless
    XSD fearless

    Idk if this gold is bad every time or bad under pressure bcz when I was in gold I was streaming and doing ceiling pogo in game and almost flip reset but still his good

  • JD Everyday
    JD Everyday

    I am a gold 1 and I can almost double flip reset. I can flip reset 9/10 times

  • Martin Kerekeš
    Martin Kerekeš

    I could do better than the diamond

  • Martin Kerekeš
    Martin Kerekeš

    A plat can hit a goddamn ceiling shot but can airdribble like what the hell

  • J.A Contreiras
    J.A Contreiras

    I’m diamond but I can only wall drag, celling and maybe musty but never resets, my guy is goated

  • Thijs van de Pol
    Thijs van de Pol

    And plats jeah the want beatufil not good

  • Thijs van de Pol
    Thijs van de Pol

    Im gold but i can do so much better idnw

  • Bravo

    anyone gonna question the SSL pfp?

  • •Ę c ł ı p s e• •T e ą r•
    •Ę c ł ı p s e• •T e ą r•

    Can I try to free style I’m a gold 3

  • Ultra gamer
    Ultra gamer

    Were dose the silver have gold s2 boost impostor

  • Tuur Renaers
    Tuur Renaers

    Why have the silver a gold boost 🤦‍♂️😭🤣

  • Michi Weißflog
    Michi Weißflog

    Dis is Not e silber die is e Gold or platinum

  • Byron Jack
    Byron Jack

    sooooo funy man

  • mido.dzairi

    If you redo this vid I wouldn’t mind representing diamond…

  • Jennifer Booth
    Jennifer Booth

    The silver beats champ at ceiling shots

  • NitrixRL_

    Bruh that plat sucked

  • Legnas Fallen
    Legnas Fallen

    19:27 he said it like that was his favorite cereal

  • Zymir Ragland
    Zymir Ragland

    I could have don’t better

  • Dashawn Dubs
    Dashawn Dubs

    I think can do better 4 golds

  • Dashawn Dubs
    Dashawn Dubs

    To freestyle

  • Dashawn Dubs
    Dashawn Dubs

    We did better because you pick one of the worst gold

  • Dashawn Dubs
    Dashawn Dubs

    I can do it im gold

  • Amith Kumar
    Amith Kumar

    "Like I'm just doing stuff i can't do" story of the diamond players well if that ain't true idk what is 🤦‍♀️

  • valdrin clxps
    valdrin clxps

    SSL sus

  • CoolLightning88

    This daimond may have missed a few but he has insane control

  • CoolLightning88

    I was about to say: dang this silver is amazing but he has a gold boost 😑

  • Usman Shahzad
    Usman Shahzad


  • MekoM

    Im plat and i can beat The plat guy

  • Thibaud Tonnel
    Thibaud Tonnel

    Gojo is big noob

  • KamiKAz3 #%
    KamiKAz3 #%

    The gold and diamond dont diserve fheir Rank...me in gold i do Air dribble and musty flick,and in the plat i can do all of these

  • Charles McCreevey-Heywood
    Charles McCreevey-Heywood

    I’m better then that gold

  • Roan Prins
    Roan Prins

    Im gold ant kan air dribble siling shot easy

  • Caleb

    Poor Gold kid

  • julimendoza82

    I can do way better.than the plat

  • H.O.

    Why does all the kids have the same voice?

  • Hesser Montalvo
    Hesser Montalvo

    Im a gold and I freestyle

  • sqwience

    I am plat but i think i can do maybe better

  • Itz Fazz
    Itz Fazz

    I can’t get the point that the silver did the ceiling in 0 try’s but the diamond did it in 3 try’s and the champ did 4 trys

  • Crystal Duncan
    Crystal Duncan

    The five girdle postsynaptically number because payment immediately shrug onto a unkempt pain. loutish, low george

  • haccornyolc ien: negyvennyóc
    haccornyolc ien: negyvennyóc

    The gold is like a silver, and the silver is like a gold

  • Arthur Tatur
    Arthur Tatur

    I am a super big fan and I was wondering if I can appear and the next video because like I’m a super big fan of yours mr-napkin

  • Julián Romero
    Julián Romero

    Im diamond and Im sure I cant hit any of those hits

  • Taylan Canseven
    Taylan Canseven

    The silver is a gold tournament

  • Rafa Garcia
    Rafa Garcia

    I Am plat 1 and I can make air dribbles or a musty flick first try