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  • LazarBeam

    something to watch while servers are down :) we used well sourced free range eggs so no chickens were harmed for this video

    • bonny's unbrella
      bonny's unbrella

      Just imagine th vegan teacher

    • Kayan Atasani
      Kayan Atasani

      let illsa do it

    • Isabella Reid
      Isabella Reid


    • Jab116

      Hi laserbeam you’re one of my favorite HRlessrs and every time I watch you would just make me feel better if you can respond to me or at least like my comment that would mean the world to me

    • Viviboy Sri
      Viviboy Sri

      We LOVE NOT HARMING CHICKENS, and ur content

  • Theron Ott
    Theron Ott

    Play the vertigo deathrun without the low gravity mode on plz

  • Ky Games
    Ky Games

    That’s a sadness fart

  • Oliver Giavedoni
    Oliver Giavedoni

    Lannan, you can upgrade the sideways rifle and mini gun to mythic. YOU CAN GET INFINITE OF THEM

  • My name is ur mum
    My name is ur mum

    Hi kax

  • Bot_Entertainment


  • gaming with epikworld
    gaming with epikworld

    Hey there's new mythics there's a idea for a fortnite video ik on fresh channel you said you need ideas

  • Spy2345

    Why do u not play Apex Legends anymore? lol

  • ZeroTwo

    Where's willeh? Show him

  • Slipical

    Hey Lazar are you posting now???

  • Brady Carfagna
    Brady Carfagna

    Pls upload soon i want to see more of your fortnight content P.s love your vids

  • Aaron Shellabarger
    Aaron Shellabarger

    Isla was enjoying this way too much! i started to feel bad for you lazarbeam

  • ryan hopgood
    ryan hopgood

    Play some more fortnite

  • Teghan Shaer
    Teghan Shaer

    When are you checking in season 8?

  • Wait Wut
    Wait Wut


    • bobby plays
      bobby plays

      hay it calld season 8

  • bobby plays
    bobby plays

    I can do that easy

    • bobby plays
      bobby plays

      Yeah i no i can do that

    • bobby plays
      bobby plays

      Woah really your really cool😎


    People yelling at him saying to play Roblox bed wars The insane pay to win in the game

  • nakki piilo
    nakki piilo

    salmonella whatching this: 😏😏

  • Black_wolf 109
    Black_wolf 109

    Lazar beam why you are not uploading season 18 l have been waiting

  • This guy
    This guy

    Please make a video if you laugh the video ends

  • Lil Kall
    Lil Kall


  • Oliver Fuller
    Oliver Fuller

    On fortnite lannan

  • Oliver Fuller
    Oliver Fuller

    Can I play with you

  • Isaac Boyall
    Isaac Boyall

    Ilsa is just enjoying this so much

  • Marco van Graan
    Marco van Graan

    Let's be honest the best thing about this video is Ilsa's Crocs


    Best channel just make a fortnite season 8

  • Isabella White
    Isabella White

    All the vegans 🤯🤬


    10:37 XD

  • Brady Carfagna
    Brady Carfagna

    When will you upload your next video?

  • Amol Gosavi
    Amol Gosavi

    That’s was so gooey I think

  • Chloehailey Perez
    Chloehailey Perez

    Looooolll when you fatted looolll 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😍🤣

  • Vxlurxdy

    I’m getting uncuntable

  • YT-QasRL

    bruh if i was allowed to do that i would trickshot you

  • Trive Shorts
    Trive Shorts

    Yeet Is Real

  • Paul Theoharidis
    Paul Theoharidis

    The veagan teacher would be happy

  • Tj Wood
    Tj Wood

    Lazar been great content but if you post more you will get to 20m

  • Freddy

    Lazarbeam can you play with me on season 8

  • Chantelle Broad
    Chantelle Broad

    Laser beam

  • paulkrieg martinez
    paulkrieg martinez

    i love the face that he just make

  • Rocket2 MG
    Rocket2 MG

    Why does ilsa look like a teen and lazarbeam looks like a boomer

  • MrRichisRich

    can i have a shoutout

  • Danny Muruato
    Danny Muruato


  • Ahmed Alshukri
    Ahmed Alshukri

    Omar-alshukri this is the acount

  • Ahmed Alshukri
    Ahmed Alshukri

    lazareem this is my acount in fortnite


    rose are red violets are blue us long us lazer make content form suffering he will continue

  • mati is cracked _RL
    mati is cracked _RL


  • Manus vlogs Rees
    Manus vlogs Rees

    lazar needs a hair cut

  • Furiousstarkiller 1
    Furiousstarkiller 1

    Is it actually illegal to change a lightbulb in Australia without an electrician next to you? Please answer this @LazerBeam

  • Mighty Man
    Mighty Man

    Yo if ye bored just play apex legends again

  • CrazyLemmyBros


  • trespasser elite
    trespasser elite

    Kevin back

  • Paul Morrissey
    Paul Morrissey

    Best HRlessr

  • it'sELIJAH

    Hey Lazar can you do dumbsh*t science in you next fortnite vid plzzzzzzz

  • Jackie Geale
    Jackie Geale

    What about your Willy your dog who is four years old

  • Quzac

    others: Die Lazar: Doie

  • ns_monks_ttv

    Reply to this I will break every egg that he does on my own head send it to you lazarbeam show reply

  • ns_monks_ttv

    Lazarbeam replies to this I will make a Tik-Tok of me smashing a react that he does on my own head

  • ns_monks_ttv

    Here's your laser being used through blue He's a bit spot through in through men to go to heaven but he went the other way went down down What do we think of laser beam He's all right

  • Zachary Cessna
    Zachary Cessna

    You should do a big Minecraft open server but everyone needs to apply and make sure nobody hacks

  • Colton Giesbrecht
    Colton Giesbrecht

    if you rewatch a youtube video are you looking back in time...

  • Sherrin Campbell
    Sherrin Campbell

    Plz start playing geometry dash again

  • Gigi Gibson
    Gigi Gibson

    Are you still suffering?

  • Captain boomerang
    Captain boomerang

    As an australian myself I know there’s nothing more australian then a lazarbeam and smashing eggs on your head

  • Lily

    Joe mom

  • Brittany Cowles
    Brittany Cowles

    Only needed one more egg

  • Vr Power4
    Vr Power4

    Almost hit funni number

  • james jacox
    james jacox

    those gnomes reminded me of the good miniladd days

  • james jacox
    james jacox

    those gnomes reminded me of the good miniladd days

  • james jacox
    james jacox

    those gnomes reminded me of the good miniladd days

  • Adrian Aguilar
    Adrian Aguilar

    Someone’s beating you at boxing simulator

  • Robert Thomas
    Robert Thomas

    hey man are you alr?

  • SpongeBob

    This is how you make a egg sandwich out of lazarbeam

  • AusCallum

    Ya need a haircut mate

  • Briana Castillo
    Briana Castillo


  • Christopher Hatfield
    Christopher Hatfield

    do it with a twist and donate 100$ every egg

  • sonbat34

    i cant go 6 days with out lazarbeam upload pls

  • Maciej Błachut
    Maciej Błachut

    OMG DOnald trump

  • Endermango

    Title is epic

  • Daniel Kitleung
    Daniel Kitleung

    How to basic would be proud

  • ShadowGhost

    Do you have any tips on being a god HRlessr

  • J Beasy
    J Beasy

    that's a lot of protein

  • GloatingPrince

    He has to do on more egg

  • Max Downing
    Max Downing

    The pain ur gonna have in that shower

  • Lazar Fan
    Lazar Fan

    Your girlfriend is cute

  • Mr Chameleon
    Mr Chameleon

    Can I have a shout out plz

  • TheBoredMan

    Me still sad bc lannan hasnt posted a season 8 is very cool video

  • Kayla Lu
    Kayla Lu


  • Philomena Young
    Philomena Young


  • Yawn Sleepy
    Yawn Sleepy

    Good job on free guy Lannan (sorry if I spelt your name wrong)

  • The official Dark
    The official Dark

    Thatveganteacher is raging right now

  • JJ___Moreno048

    Lazar Ik your never gonna see this but if you have joogies contacts can you tell him to pls post on either of his channels we miss him pls your my only person to watch now minus hockey you tubers and outdoors men don’t judge but pls like if you want joogie and lazar back

  • NT Ryan
    NT Ryan

    H o w t o b a s I c

  • Golvin The Cube
    Golvin The Cube

    Pls do season 8 i luv this vid tho:)

  • dare cousons
    dare cousons

    Make epic add avengers items like thor's axe, iorn mans gloves, thanos glove

  • Ryan Makarski
    Ryan Makarski

    The precious surname objectively check because population reciprocally grab into a righteous elephant. finicky, numerous chicory

  • Zachary Newson
    Zachary Newson


  • BSAT Imports
    BSAT Imports

    I have made a deathrun for you you will like it. I one up cizzors.

  • Brady Carfagna
    Brady Carfagna

    The servers are up pls do season 8 memes

  • Linden Ohman
    Linden Ohman

    try to guess what this says (easy) c'était tellement inutile

  • plane s. on. rfs
    plane s. on. rfs

    The new season is out lazbeam