Everything Epic DIDN'T Tell You in Fortnite Season 8!
Today Fortnite Season 8 went Live and I'm giving you Everything Epic DIDN'T Tell You in the new update! There's a ton of new items, Kevin is back and lots of crazy leaks!

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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid but this isnt really one because its a look at everything I do in a week! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! Hope you guys like the video where I talked about the season 8 leaks! Now its finally all happening! the HUGE end of Season event called Operation Skyfire just happening and I'm reacting to it! Hope you enjoy!

  • Mason Wathall
    Mason Wathall

    Haven’t watched sypher in like 2/3 years damn he lost so much weight


    Wait.. you can craft hunting rifles! Yieewww!!!!! :)

  • Cortrell Davis
    Cortrell Davis

    I still wanna know how we survived the uno that was charging at us after the ship blew up

  • fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhh

    I hope they make this a fun season!

  • norlia nasir
    norlia nasir

    dinosour is so annoying i hate it XD

  • Jordan

    another thing i noticed is that you can host private games very easily now. there is no more password system. you load up a creative map and press up on the directional pad. at least on the switch controller. please spread the word it is such a good update. before the password did not work for me on crossplay mode.

    • fouoii gyhh
      fouoii gyhh

      Where do I find a bolt to make a hunting rifle ??


    Let’s go

  • Yuqi

    hi if you guys would be able to check out my latest video and give me some feedback i would really appreciate it

  • Donzy Playz
    Donzy Playz

    Epic: makes an event with it ending with everything exploding Players: omg is there gonna be a whole new exploded map? Epic: n o

  • Weasel Squigglepants
    Weasel Squigglepants

    Did anyone else notice that jb chimpanski said on the donation board “If you wanna get those towers built, yer gonna have to chip in”… tilted confirmed?

  • Mandi Green
    Mandi Green

    Can you please make a live video skins

  • AverageYoutubeUser

    Sypher: Do not waste your gold to unvault the turret Me: OOP

  • Darlean Ballard
    Darlean Ballard

    How do you craft the hunting rifle?

    • Aydin Gaming
      Aydin Gaming

      I think bolt action

  • Deto Qcney
    Deto Qcney

    Amazing battlepass, great lootpool, exciting storyline 👏 The only thing that let us down is the poor ammount of map changes

    • sannio komi
      sannio komi

      I hope they make this a fun season!

  • The Lord Of PapaSquid
    The Lord Of PapaSquid

    I quit in the first quarter of last season because I was getting burnt out. I’ve been playing it almost everyday since Chapter 2 season 2. I haven’t played that much since chapter 1 season 7. Should I check it out and see if I like it? I’m not sure. I wasn’t a big fan of last season, but It was alright. I was more disappointed with the battle pass than anything.

  • Bolia Fops
    Bolia Fops

    “For the content” *Almost instantly dies*

    • Deto Qcney
      Deto Qcney

      Amazing battlepass, great lootpool, exciting storyline 👏 The only thing that let us down is the poor ammount of map changes

  • egouvaki

    Anyone else get a gold gun after throwing fireflies at the gold cube and then getting burned? I really dont know what happend .. or how.

  • Benjamin Leiteritz
    Benjamin Leiteritz

    I have got a mycits minegun

    • Bolia Fops
      Bolia Fops

      The bots in these comments

  • Fatal


  • Felix Arce
    Felix Arce


  • Drew Gee
    Drew Gee

    Where do I find a bolt to make a hunting rifle ??

  • Yami_Sanin

    Syper if yoy right click you can phase into boxes while being a shadow

  • Doinkz and Zoinkz
    Doinkz and Zoinkz

    Fun fact: If you go in the sideways and kill the monsters they drop this purple Kevin and if you get one of the sideways weapons you can actually make a mythic gun but to make the mythic you have to have like 50 Kevin's to craft a mythic.

  • #Songaiden

    That girl with the katana reminds me of akame ga kill

  • Dustin Moore
    Dustin Moore

    "Mythic is better then legendary that's really the only difference". Wtf no shit really

  • gtoss chddy
    gtoss chddy

    Imagine blowing up Steamy Stacks in the event and then it ends up not even touched.

    • Dustin Moore
      Dustin Moore

      Imagine making the same comment exactly word for word as 3 other people so far

  • Jason J
    Jason J

    They didn't tell us about the matchmaking change as well. Since season 8 I only play against Bugha's!

    • Jason J
      Jason J

      @Jordan haha that sounds good 👍😃

    • Jordan

      @Jason J in toronto i hear "craft beer market" is a good pub and grill :)

    • Jason J
      Jason J

      @GeckyGeck thanks, do you have any pub suggestions?

    • GeckyGeck

      ??? Play pubs then if you don’t want to face good players

    • GeckyGeck

      ??? Play pubs then if you don’t want to face good players

  • Cassandra sasthai
    Cassandra sasthai

    The symptomatic business informally introduce because caravan initially greet minus a smiling rugby. tasteful, tasty sunshine

  • Baller

    Carnage ain't red bro..

  • Ed Kelley
    Ed Kelley

    i honestly like the automatic sniper rifle, usally the problem is that they're far away.

  • Marcus Amores
    Marcus Amores

    Les go kevins back!

  • sannio komi
    sannio komi

    Amazing battlepass, great lootpool, exciting storyline 👏 The only thing that let us down is the poor ammount of map changes

    • Dustin Moore
      Dustin Moore

      Why so you can complain about the map changes instead? This is chapter 1 to chapter 2 all over agian

  • Rebecca Eyer
    Rebecca Eyer

    Pov it's 2080: Typical gamer: dead Mongral: retired. Shypher: still trying to explain how the old map is coming back in chapter 9 season 10

  • S.MClipped TV
    S.MClipped TV

    The bots in these comments

    • sannio komi
      sannio komi

      How do you turn the ghost thing off on xbox

  • Fe4rles

    Like sypher is right season 8 content coming your way👍he’s definitely right

  • Jennifer Mauro
    Jennifer Mauro

    Ores aim with the mini Kevin on or shadow fish

  • FIshyPlayz

    I know all

  • FIshyPlayz

    Epic doesn’t tell me stuff I tell them

  • Krishan Kalia
    Krishan Kalia

    Amazing video!

  • Mike Rivers
    Mike Rivers

    Auto sniper is it Sypher!

  • nighthorn 4u
    nighthorn 4u

    30-30 repeater here oh it's now in fortnite nvm

  • frasras

    bring back the outro song

  • dan fach
    dan fach

    You said hunting rifles are back

  • Tyler Wright
    Tyler Wright

    What happened to you pk! Fix the hair sell out

  • double B Gaming
    double B Gaming

    Rodey bro straight up dissed sypherpk in his newest video!!

  • Geurillo_dude Rampersaud
    Geurillo_dude Rampersaud

    When he said he doesn’t hear US, hes starting to sound like his skin

  • Homerzkillet

    im not sure if the rapid fire was nerfed ive been using it quite a bit, even if it has a tiny bit more kick it is still really good and fun

  • eEz Alex
    eEz Alex


  • Ethan Abrahams
    Ethan Abrahams

    I hope they’ll be consistent with content

  • Carson Osborne
    Carson Osborne

    How do you turn the ghost thing off on xbox

  • dark

    damn sypher your getting better

  • PändåX

    Speennndd all your gold on bring back the old OG pump

  • jacob suarez
    jacob suarez

    I was absolutely beaming the shit out of little shits with the gold semi auto snipe today tho…


    Reboot card has 265 seconds now

  • Dhairya D
    Dhairya D

    I swear I'm better than I was in Season 7 in Season 8! Me and my 8 yr old brother already got 2 wins from the start of the season!

  • ShadowRein

    This guy can talk about merch while in a battle, respect

  • Rahim Higgs
    Rahim Higgs

    Slone burst ar SHREDS

  • totallynotserbian

    I love squads cause fills and matchhaking is fixed

  • Jimmy Badgery
    Jimmy Badgery

    It’s always that spam in top 2

  • Another user
    Another user

    Wait donating gold for a turret is a waste? Oh it makes sense why I have only seen gold that has been donated by me

  • Robert

    Hey the Halo Needler weapon

  • Moose and Kroll Roblox
    Moose and Kroll Roblox

    This sheesh deserves substantial sub

  • janu venkatraman
    janu venkatraman

    im gonna play so good this season is easier

  • Ttvraider982

    My face when he said hunting rifle 😲

  • Bhavandeep Singh
    Bhavandeep Singh

    This is sick

  • Brandon Neifert
    Brandon Neifert

    lol u cant play without mats ur ass

  • white shadow
    white shadow

    yo what semiauto sniper is deadly bro its not trash at all

  • Rando Gaming
    Rando Gaming

    Where’s naruto!!!

  • Joseph Solorzano
    Joseph Solorzano

    Does anyone knows why a fog appears out of nowhere in Fortnite season 8

  • ZayneGaming 3218
    ZayneGaming 3218

    But they did tell us about this

  • Solyana Negash
    Solyana Negash

    Let Jesus Christ be with you all

  • summoner3 player
    summoner3 player

    You can double jump aim in button for builder pro

  • Parker

    The automatic sniper is kinda good if you know how to handle it

  • Rajni Kundra
    Rajni Kundra

    if u left click with the shadow cube effect it makes you go a bit faster

  • Katrina Heisler
    Katrina Heisler

    How do u cancel the shadow on Xbox???

  • Logan McCarthy
    Logan McCarthy

    The made the automatic sniper got buf

  • Aziz Bakyt
    Aziz Bakyt

    sypher is a sweat no im not

  • Bike Lounge
    Bike Lounge

    # forniteseason8

  • papi dukes
    papi dukes

    So old fortnite isn’t back 😞

  • Aiden Sadler
    Aiden Sadler

    Anybody getting ST vibes?? Hmu

  • Gamers Guy
    Gamers Guy

    If you right click on PC you can dash through builds as a shadow.

  • JR Rivera
    JR Rivera

    He ate a fishy

  • JR Rivera
    JR Rivera


  • JR Rivera
    JR Rivera

    You are a disgrace to the fishy army

  • JR Rivera
    JR Rivera

    Sypher ate a fishy

  • Joe Belderok
    Joe Belderok

    6:51 the phone was ringing

  • Joe-L Woodham
    Joe-L Woodham

    not to sure very many people know about this, but with the shadow stones/shadow floppers you can actually fly, whilst jumping if you look upwards, and continually phase, you can pretty much fly, and when the stone runs out you take zero fall damage

  • Jelly Turd
    Jelly Turd

    This game is still a thing????

    • Jelly Turd
      Jelly Turd

      @Amz lol true but I wish it was good like it used to be!

    • Amz

      Yea its the most played game in the world

  • Gaming With SHARPY
    Gaming With SHARPY

    How do get snipers and hunting rifles?

  • :/ SmashDTrash5
    :/ SmashDTrash5

    Sypher your high the automatic sniper is nuts

    • Amz


  • Dora the Explorer
    Dora the Explorer

    Who else expected another one everything epic didn’t tell you 😂

  • blixx

    sypher, you never cease to amaze me. you somehow made an almost 11:00 minute video out of an update that put some blocks on a map and took out some weapons and replaced some with 2.. huuugee season smh

  • VitaminO4

    sypher shooting with the sideways rifle: "misses 1 shot," this gun shoots weird and it is not very accurate

  • Ryan Tube
    Ryan Tube

    For the shadows you can right click to double jump.

  • Makadee

    I feel like ever since season 6 fortnite seasons have just been boring I miss c2 season 2 3 and 5 because there was a lot more exiting map changes but now all they do is just add patches of orange purple and pink to the map every season

  • ADiehardSavage Gaming
    ADiehardSavage Gaming

    Why did everyone want the AK gone? I absolutely loved that thing after the buff, and I loved the automatic sniper rifle too. I felt like I absolutely shredded with that gun.

  • Piplupfan_jayjay 3306
    Piplupfan_jayjay 3306

    I’m trans

  • TheRevivist

    The minigun is op tbh, a shame he never used it

  • DoeyySzn

    mythic burst also

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