Chlöe Performs "Have Mercy" | 2021 VMAs | MTV
Chlöe performs "Have Mercy" at the 2021 VMAs.

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    Chlöe Bailey on 'Have Mercy' & Her Solo Debut:

    • Savannah Yemane
      Savannah Yemane

      Wow she did that!! Go Chole!!

    • Uriel Falcão
      Uriel Falcão

      can someone tell me the name of the intro of this song?

    • P Kitty
      P Kitty

      @Dee MER Well thank you for pointing out something that you absolutely favor 😁🙄

    • Catalina santana
      Catalina santana

      @Laura Catha Beyoncé??? Never

    • Dee MER
      Dee MER

      @P Kitty LMAO! TROLL

  • mrbrown0629

    Programmed Santanic Rituals... Plus a Controlled Audience by the Free Masons

  • Title Pending
    Title Pending

    Most disgusting and weird performance of the night

  • Yeeun eyes
    Yeeun eyes


  • Kentacle KEN
    Kentacle KEN

    Who is this

  • KnowledgeIsHair_

    So this isn’t Beyoncé lol

  • Angry kitten
    Angry kitten

    Satanic rituals on stage

  • Tania Ray
    Tania Ray

    Lip syncing 100%

  • Gum Drop
    Gum Drop

    Chloe's fame is weird. The song isn't even good. The music video AND performance scream thirst. Not hunger. There's a difference. And if this is ALL Beyonce has to show in her protégé, than maybe she needs to stop.

  • Bruno Viana
    Bruno Viana


  • Gum Drop
    Gum Drop

    They attacked Normani for paying homage to Beyonce with Motivation but praising Chloe for doing the same thing, because she's light skinned.

  • Gum Drop
    Gum Drop

    The fact they almost canceled Normani & gave Chloe her spot (Beyonce probably made them do it) and Normani slayed her performance with almost 0 PREPARATION and actual talent. While all Chloe got to show for is cheeks and a tampon string. I'm done 🙄

  • Cynthia Garcia
    Cynthia Garcia

    All I could see was her tampon string lmaoo

  • ella sygar
    ella sygar

    Can’t stop watching…. So excited to see what comes

  • Orlando Parker
    Orlando Parker

    Beyonce influence the hell out of her... salute!!!

  • thank u, aurora
    thank u, aurora


  • Nequita Russell
    Nequita Russell

    When someone’s copies Beyoncé there’s no originality sorry. Only who got it right was Doja

  • t.e.s.k_reacts

    Killed it.

  • Javi H
    Javi H

    Gzz I can feel the power from here!!! It gives me goosebumps

  • Bowlegg41 Smith
    Bowlegg41 Smith

    She sound like Beyonve

  • Alexandra Onwualu
    Alexandra Onwualu

    CHloe is too much like Beyonce for me..... I need a lil bit of originality. #ISAIDWHATISAID

  • 홍은혜


  • Quentin Jenkins
    Quentin Jenkins


  • Tarkan Dereboylu
    Tarkan Dereboylu

    Easily the best performance of the night! 🥵🤜🏼❤️

  • b brillare
    b brillare

    This was an amazing performance

  • Quaisha Thornton
    Quaisha Thornton

    Personally, I think Chloe should have had male statues on stage for full effect.

  • Ashley Holbrook
    Ashley Holbrook

    She could never be queen be but b definitely signed a young talented women and Beyonce know talent so with that being said ❤ she got a damn good voice and she he'll of performer at her age she only gonna grow and get better and she representing Beyonce lable so they signed a winner and she coming for her spot

  • TrainwithMe

    The beyonce comparisons always come when a female ACTUALLY performs and entertain.

  • emy D
    emy D


  • Karen Maisonet
    Karen Maisonet

    I didn’t really like her dancing, Chloe’s vocals are strong enough they don’t require all the theatrics. I love her btw no hate. We don’t need another Beyoncé we want a Chloe!

  • Nakisha Carlos-Collins
    Nakisha Carlos-Collins

    EAT Chloe!!!!🤯

  • Lucas Martins
    Lucas Martins

    Nao me canso de assisti-la 😍

  • Tee YnG God
    Tee YnG God

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 👸🏽

  • Malekkk


  • Laura Wills
    Laura Wills

    That is demonic and she is a servant of satan

  • Eleni Omarj
    Eleni Omarj

    She killed it, but her outfit was too revealing and her thighs looked too thick. Maybe if she had long boots on, take attention away from too much ! Won’t hurt to dress abit down, but she actually did kill it lols

  • Cyborg Pug 👽
    Cyborg Pug 👽

    Loved it but that mic lick at the end 😅🤣🤣

  • Myrei Reid
    Myrei Reid

    I love the performance but I want to know is this how the real Chole is or she just becoming a mini Beyonce

  • Annaliisa

    Chloe gives Beyonce vibe

  • DKAgnete

    Better than the studie version. The energy!!

  • Kylie_J

    This has beyoncé all over it and i like it

  • Maria Espiritu Cheresente
    Maria Espiritu Cheresente

    Que le pasa a esta mujer enseñando el tracero que son las mujeres un pedazo de carne que se exhibe para la venta no entiendo qué pena que no eliminen este vídeo este medio como hace con otros vídeos

  • MartianLadyTV

    And just like that Chloe took over the world 🌎

  • Lo Kellz
    Lo Kellz

    Beyoncé vibes? This is another reason why I don’t like this group. Try hards 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • §áRáH

      She's a solo artist under beyonce label and mentorship

  • Aline Barbosa
    Aline Barbosa

    Voz afinadíssima

  • Aline Barbosa
    Aline Barbosa

    A voz dela é perfeita

  • Aline Barbosa
    Aline Barbosa

    Essa performance foi TUDOOOO

  • Challenger

    Did she really lick the mic though?

  • Hashim Mohammed
    Hashim Mohammed


  • Andrea Ayers
    Andrea Ayers

    It appears the mk ultra is working just fine 👍

  • divaquana

    Oo watch the intro slowed down x75 omg iconic

  • Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel
    Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel

    Y’all acting like you’ve never seen tampon string before , I don’t know if you this but women go through something called menstrual cycle every single month . The fact she can get up there while she’s on her period and literally shut it down just goes to show the power of women

    • Chris Brown is The greatest of all Time.
      Chris Brown is The greatest of all Time.

      You must be gay.

  • derricklittle35

    Kills it Every Time!!! 😍😘🥰🔥💪🏾

  • Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel
    Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel

    One of the best VMA performances I have seen in the last 5 years

  • Pop Cult2re
    Pop Cult2re

    noothing of new, next!

  • 😳

    now look at how she ate dat

  • Cece Mac
    Cece Mac

    One thing I will say though... the mic lick. Rocked it but that was just nasty to me but only because I'm now overly aware of germs and viruses 😂

  • Jake

    This is just so generic. This doesn't tell me anything about Chloe or what she wants to be other than basic. She's phenomenally talented but this is just cringeeeeee

  • L EE
    L EE

    Damn I thought i was watching a young bey okay girllll!!!

  • Abii Reyes
    Abii Reyes

    I’ve rewatched this 800 times🤪💀

  • Duncan Lee Roy
    Duncan Lee Roy

    If I don't know any better ....I bet she trained by Beyonce....cause sure sounds like her

  • R. Smith
    R. Smith

    Disney not gon like this 😪

  • R. Smith
    R. Smith

    Demonic 😈

  • JagBoyQ

    The way she licked that mic tho 😳

  • Len Xiang
    Len Xiang

    I liked her the other way 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Independent

    Nice holloween song. Very sinister.

  • Shayla Robinson
    Shayla Robinson

    This a dark side!!! I don't like it

  • Nadia B
    Nadia B

    She’s soooo talented. But y’all noticed how she literally started sounding EXACTLY like Beyoncé when the fire came up on the screen. Beyoncé done found her a literal mini me

  • Myia Wyatt
    Myia Wyatt

    So glad I’m not the only who was only seeing Bey…from the hair flipping, the manic panic “dance moves” to the entire outfit’s hard to say that this is a good thing or a bad ..but I def feel like Beyoncé said “here take this it will help you relax on stage”, the way Chloe out there giving all the energy!!🤪🤣 ❤️

  • Amanda Gomes
    Amanda Gomes

    Credo essa menina tava possuída

  • Charles Gbamele
    Charles Gbamele

    Please pose at 2:38 omg

  • clara tonye
    clara tonye

    Beyoncé ???😳😳

  • Johnny Cullin
    Johnny Cullin

    Vocals remind me of Beyoncé’s BET awards 2006 performance of deja vu. That’s how good Chloe did IMO.


    YESSSSS MAM!!!!!!

  • Pedro mudesto
    Pedro mudesto

    ela é muito fodona

  • · NOI ·
    · NOI ·

    Beyoncé is that youuuuuu?

  • Zufolo Tuft
    Zufolo Tuft

    Speechless all I can say is she gave, she gave us EVERYTHING.

  • Blac ic3
    Blac ic3

    Oh baby ya tampon popn out to perform to lol 🙀😆😂

  • michelle slym
    michelle slym

    I'm heartbroken to see she's changed as a grown-up. She's fiercely talented but I wish she had remained the little girl with the big voice, the 'soulfull' type. Just like Normani and many others, I see these young black women trying so hard, killing themselves for recognition. How unfortunate and sad. I wouldn't want my daughter to get into that industry. Months ago, I saw a video of the Mcclain sisters "My Sanity". It was such a beautiful song filmed in the comfort of their home. No extras, just pure love and talent. That's how it should be. Whatever

  • joye k
    joye k

    Why she beyonce

  • Fatality Thomas
    Fatality Thomas

    Did the sis sell her soul as well?

  • Matthew12:30


  • ImStillJayyy

    2:44 save the video look at her face close up

  • J Gray
    J Gray

    Iono bout the dancing but them vocals were on POINT Hunty!!! Especially for a life performance!

  • Seymourintl

    The sad thing is she is going to be remembered by sounding and performing like Beyoncé .

    • Orochi Maru
      Orochi Maru

      Not really. Maybe a lil bit lol.

  • Epic Club
    Epic Club

    7 billion voices and yours is my favorite voice

  • traild32

    I overlook this hyper over sexualizing of her because I know she’s legit talented as a vocalist. It just gets boring to see every mainstream black female performer being dwindled down to wear barley nothing and patting their v-jaja’s

  • Sin Ca
    Sin Ca

    Her hair just amazing

  • GotTruth 100.
    GotTruth 100.


  • CactusJack22

    She’s defo channeling Beyoncé, this performance screams Beyoncé

  • SunnyDays

    It's a tampon get over it, what are yall 5 ,periods happen and things stick out its not embarrassing or nasty . Yall looking so hard to find stuff wrong with this women it's pissing me off. First people say she is to sexual. She is GROWN. Then yall said she is in the illuminati when it's a Medusa themed performance. Then yall said she copying beyonce which is stupid because we can hear clear opera vocal. Grow up and stop hating on this girl for no reason.

  • QJ MAC UniTea Talk
    QJ MAC UniTea Talk

    Yep that soul gone I literally want to cry man Ripped them girls apart I kept telling people this was gone happen. This baby Beyoncé 🤮 Everything should not have a price 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Asta Is A Beast!
    Asta Is A Beast!

    I’m surprised nobody really mentioned how this performance screams Illuminati from the beginning and especially that ending. 3:13-3:53🤦🏽‍♀️ (Also at the end look at the background dancers as well.🤨)

  • MaFer SalTo
    MaFer SalTo

    She wanna be Beyonce so hard !!!!

  • dgmare

    She can sing,she can dance,she is beautiful...I'm not religious and I don't consider myself conservative but this is vulgar to me.

  • JojoLOVE

    I saw the tampon 3 times . For anyone, play the very last part where she's on her knees ull see 😬😬😬

  • Yasmin Rosa Ottermann
    Yasmin Rosa Ottermann

    The background vocals giving me Ariana!

  • Thereall_ Marie
    Thereall_ Marie

    She killed that

  • Sophia Loren Coffee
    Sophia Loren Coffee

    Damn she got "ThickoLicous" and you know its 1000% natural! I know she ak'n "fast" as the old folk say but!!! Its so healthy to see a lil blk child loving her natural body and sporting Afrokn Hairstyles! I love it! ❤️

  • Kaayla Broadnax
    Kaayla Broadnax

    I like her. It’s just very….Beyoncé. I look forward to her developing her own artistic identity in the future.