Blizzard Just Killed Classic TBC | $35 to Play Your Character & June 1st Release Date
Asmongold Reacts live to the announcement of Classic The Burning Crusade new Paid Services and the release date for June 1st and the Pre Patch for May 18th.

The new Paid Services consist of the Burning Crusade Classic Dark Portal Pass, the Burning Crusade Classic Character Clone Service and the Burning Crusade Classic Deluxe Edition with all its perks (Store Mount, Level Boost to 58, etc..). This is quite more than the few changes Asmon asked Blizzard for ..

June 1st Release 0:00
New Paid Services 9:21

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  • DarkDreth

    12:40 I feel attacked. How did he describe me so well? Although, I made $80k/yr while working at Blizzard, got laid off and now I make $190k/yr. I loved WoW but my time is worth more than replaying it. Classic/TBH/WotLK was the reason why I wanted to work at Blizzard, but now I'm happy I got let go, it was the best thing to happen to me.

  • Dan M
    Dan M

    so in the next expansion will it cost again 35$ per character?

  • Mr_Tea_Rexx

    can easily say activation has killed wow that much shows blizzard no longer have control over their product RIP WoW was fun when you were good while it lasted along with the Memories

  • DrCash7

    9:10 "Obviously nobody who is playing the game is having sex". 😵 Remembering all those lonely nights of WoW

  • craig gibbons
    craig gibbons

    This is why I stopped playing altogether I hate the direction blizzard went and I hate what the did to the founders life work. They do not deserve 1 dolla of my money no matter how much I used to enjoy the game. I am looking forward to Mike morheimes games from his new venture. Will most likely be worth the wait.

  • Tjallex

    Time to go back to private servers.

  • Thule Gezelschap
    Thule Gezelschap

    I think I will dust off my FF character

  • Standard Cake
    Standard Cake

    It’s arbitrary. They’re making you pay money just to pay money. They make more than enough with just 15$ a month from all of us that they won’t have to ever worry about money again if they put out good content. 35$ is just ridiculous. It’s a spit in the face after fucking us over the last few years and still expecting us to pay it like the good little pay pigs we are.

  • Wintyer

    if they were smart they make you pay for extra character slots over 1

  • Yer Dah
    Yer Dah

    Alot of money, but the way they look at it is, itll take you weeks to level a toon, but not very long working to get that money to pay for a toon transfer.

  • melvin andy
    melvin andy

    *puts on shameless salesman suit* psst....hey, got some time to spare? Wanna hear about this epic game called FINAL FANTASY XIV? For the price mentioned ($145 bucks), heres what you can get - The full Final Fantasy XIV game up till the latest expansion Shadowbringers(thats easily over 200 hours of storyline gameplay excluding raids and side content! + 30 DAYS GAME TIME ($60 bucks) - Pre-order of the new upcoming expansion Endwalker ($40 bucks) which comes with a free minion (toy) and an in game accessory with exp boost ^ If you add $10 bucks to that, you can upgrade to the digital collectors addition that comes with A FREE IN GAME MOUNT + ANOTHER MINION + A WEAPON GLAMOUR - 90 additional days of game time (subscription is $15 bucks per mth) THERES MORE!! - Tired of making alts to play different classes? Well say no more! in FFXIV, you can play EVERY JOB CLASS WITH JUST 1 SINGLE CHARACTER! Im talking about 18 combat classes and 11 crafting/gathering classes each with their unique skills and mechanics and each with their own storyline quests! - Hey, starting to get bored of how your character looks? No worries! For just $10 bucks, you can purchase Fantasia from our game store and CHANGE YOUR CHARACTER LOOKS, GENDER AND RACE! Oh yes, i also forgot to mention that YOU GET A FREE FANTASIA IN-GAME AFTER YOU COMPLETE UP TILL A CERTAIN POINT OF THE MAIN STORY! HOLY SHIT! - So your friend suddenly moved to UK, he has to change servers or what we call data center to the UK one. You're gonna be lonely on your US server. WELL FEAR NOT! Starting from the next expansion Endwalkers, you can transfer your character to another country's data center anytime you want. What? How much? ITS FUCKING FREE OF CHARGE! (altho right now you do have to pay a fee to transfer you character, so ima give it to you straight.) WE AINT DONE YET!! - Tired of playing on your old PC? Maybe the graphics aint doing so well or you just wanna play a console game....hmmm.... knock knock. Whos there? Its jesus, CUZ HES HERE TO GRANT YOU A MIRACLE! FFXIV IS AVAILABLE ON THE PS4/PS5! You get everything the PC version gets. Im talking the same game, same servers, same everything. Execpt, you also get the following: -Unique and customizable PS4/PS5 controller UI for your preferred gaming experience -4k HD visuals optimized for the latest gaming console (im talking about PS5) - Near instant load times between maps The catch? Of course theres a catch - you gotta buy the PS4/PS5 version to play it on console (this is seperate from the PC version. you cant use you PC game code for the console..copyrights and shit...yea it sucks). Oh...but you are not sure if you wanna get it on a console now cuz you're using a PS4 and you dunno if you're gonna upgrade to a PS5? Its fine! You can buy the PS4 version of the game first, AND THEN UPGRADE TO THE PS5 VERSION TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE! Still skeptical eh? Hah, yea, most ppls be like that. ok ok sure. You dont gotta buy the game if you dont like it. But at least try it...i mean since there is a FREE trial version of the game WHICH ALSO INCLUDES THE FIRST EXPANSION OF THE GAME THAT YOU CAN PLAY WITH NO TIME LIMITS AND LETS YOU LEVEL UP TO 60! Of course there are in game restrictions such as you cant add friends, use the marketboard, join a guild (or free company as we call it) etc etc. But if its just the gameplay and experience, you'd still have 80% of it right there, again, FREE! So whaddaya waiting for? Go try FFXIV NOW!! *Removes shameless salesman suit* Now if you'll excuse me...i still have a Draenei shaman and blood elf paladin to grind up to 70....yeesh.....

  • A J
    A J

    Screw that. Bottom line without 20 minutes of rambling is this: the fact that your characters "aren't ready yet" is good news to Activision. It means (if you're not real bright) that you'll pay anything to continue. Money is their god, nothing else. And it's no longer Blizzard - it's all Activision. Blizzard exists in name only - joined to and held hostage by Activision.

  • All Around Recreation
    All Around Recreation

    Can just look at you and tell you havent brushed your teeth in weeks lmao!!

  • Eliwood407

    I've never really watched Asmongold, I've heard a lot about him and the clips I saw of him were quite overwhelming or aggressive. Of course I did not have the context, and I am enjoying his views and interaction now that I give it a chance. Now with WoW players moving to FFXIV, I wanted to get their view and reaction to the game I play. Having quit WoW myself- albeit a short adventure from Cataclysm to Warlords of Draenor, I feel so sorry for all the players who have invested their life in a game that now disapoints them. Seeing a man's soul crushed by yet more terrible and greed ridden news is hard to watch, and I'm so sorry man :(

  • The Deadest Trim
    The Deadest Trim

    Why pay 150 dollars for something that isn't a new game entirely.

  • Sir Pugly
    Sir Pugly

    I get where you're coming from but BC in my opinion is a sweet spot for WoW.

  • Timothy Gulics
    Timothy Gulics

    This is literally the Activision side seeing dollar signs. They're monetizing everything they can for a 15 year old game.

  • Flesh Tearer
    Flesh Tearer

    Bro your still really weird looking

  • Roblulz

    You guys know why Blizzard keeps doing this greedy shit? You know why they don't listen to the community? BECAUSE YOU KEEP GIVING THEM MONEY! QUIT PLAYING BLIZZARD GAMES, UNINSTALL BNET!!!! Demand change.

  • TheRealLink

    Also Asmon, sorry to bring it up in this video but should you ever do a server transfer in FFXIV, it moves your account, period. All 10 character slots included for $18.

  • TheRealLink

    Really well spoken and analyzed, Zach. They are certainly in an interesting position for sure.

  • Alex milonas
    Alex milonas

    Bro literally if you do pay the money for this shit, you are an Idiot ! you afraid to lose a character from the classic servers ?OH REALLY??? Oh man seriously get your shit together. You have people watching you taking stupid and imature decisions like that...

  • Drăgan Antonescu
    Drăgan Antonescu

    So the private servers are still the better choice after all.

  • Lucien Lachance
    Lucien Lachance

    Bro this guy is the pinnacle of a beta male loser.

  • Seminole Gamer
    Seminole Gamer

    This guy bitches about everything

  • AClumsy_ Ninja
    AClumsy_ Ninja

    The tree house is the only place his eyebrows agree with him.

  • vaprex

    I can't wait to spend $250 on 'Mists of Pandaria Classic'.

  • vaprex

    I know he's trying to speak for the player base, but he's complaining about the cost of playing TBC while being worth at least a few million. He's not exactly Pewdiepie, but he pulls in *at least* ~$40K per month between Twitch and HRless.

    • vaprex

      @Kenny McCormick Holy shit... Please review my first sentence: "I know he's trying to speak for the player base..." Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg wouldn't give a shit about a $120 cost to upgrade characters and play a WoW toon... The same is true for Asmon. I appreciate that he's making comments directed at the "average player base", but since WoW *IS* his own personal Golden Goose that lays the golden eggs that pays him millions, it's not like he's going to QUIT WoW because the TBC upfront costs were $80 more than he anticipated.

    • Kenny McCormick
      Kenny McCormick

      and you're fucking stupid for saying that. How does it not do well to his person that he speaks out about the price? Being rich does not mean that you dont give a f about "value"

  • Scott Kelley
    Scott Kelley

    Stop giving them money people.

  • Stefan Pedersen
    Stefan Pedersen

    Dude they put the price in there to milk everyone. This shit costs them hardly anything.

  • Frosty Phoenix
    Frosty Phoenix

    Remember the times when it was all about creating a game for everyone to enjoy? 14million people's 15euros a month wasn't enough eh?

  • Aozora

    I disagree. I think more content and balance fixes of the original expac will seem more appealing in the long run.

  • Philippe B
    Philippe B

    i get there prices are high for ex: character clone ect.. but dude you have no idea how much eastern game micros are lol... some people have spent millions of dollars on their accounts in certain games. did you read this properly.. MILLIONS

  • SizzleChest McMurphy
    SizzleChest McMurphy

    You can't pay off investors without fleecing the fanboys...

  • idsavo

    Blizzard cashing back for their Diablo fail.

  • T W
    T W

    I was all excited for this when I heard it but, I got my vaccines, summer started, and I still havent even played burning crusade classic. Not touched wow yet in months. Its just meh now, weve been there done that, until they release a whole new game instead of just these crappy expansions and rereleases, this game will never be close to its original success.

  • Nonya Buzznus
    Nonya Buzznus

    Take a fucking shower dude.

  • Sebastian Arias
    Sebastian Arias

    i was interested playing it but now with the graphics look bad. And it actually should be free to play. 35 bucks it like buying a decent bluray movie!

  • Jesse Cardwell
    Jesse Cardwell

    Just make a character on that server and level it instead of forking ya cash to them?? Or deal with it??

  • Uole Gullook
    Uole Gullook

    My man complaining that release is too soon for a 12 year old game, and that people wont be prepared. Prepared for what? Just fucking login on release, go through the portal and play the game.

  • Carlos Ramirez
    Carlos Ramirez

    Blizzard needs to create a rehab for people like you buddy..

  • Kevin Lemieux
    Kevin Lemieux

    For those that are late like me they changed the clone pricing to $15 USD

    • Kevin Lemieux
      Kevin Lemieux

      @Vindex World yeah cloning is basically to have your characters from classic wow put into BC, Back then it was free because whatever content update that came out just became the game from that point forward but now you can choose to play WOW from like 2005 (with classic) or from 2007 (with BC Classic)

    • Vindex World
      Vindex World

      I havent touched WoW for over 10 years now since original BC . tf they even mean with cloning? have character from classic wow put into BC? cause that shit was free back then. its weird to see what this game has become but seeing burning crusade pop up in my youtube, I was interested but now immediatly turned down xD

  • wulmpus

    hey we love you asmon bro ive never played WoW but because of you i like to stay in the loop and im sure they will change this, they are trying to milk there fans for all there worth.

  • S//C[TV]

    Lol millionaire complaining about $35

  • Space Beagle
    Space Beagle

    People should move over to ffxiv as protest. Show them that this is unacceptable

  • tehf00n

    Me - "Honey Im going to ignore you for 4 days because I want to play a video game that came out 15 years ago" My Wife - "STFU I'm playing Farcry 5 for the 40th time" You - "Man your wife is awesome" Me - "Hell yeah".

  • Jeffrey Hammack
    Jeffrey Hammack

    I do not understand the negativity. This is actually the cheapest form of entertainment that lasts as long as you want. Imagine going to the movies every weekend or going to Disney for a brief entertainment fix. Before you know it there goes hundreds of dollars for entertainment that doesn’t last.

  • Nunya Buisness
    Nunya Buisness

    lol free with subscription

  • TexasDad

    You know DAMN GOOD AND WELL it's to sell boosts and all the other shit they've spewed out with retail over the past few expacs lol. They're trying to nickel and dime everyone they can,even if it's by fucking what few players they have left. And you also know DAMN good and well ya'll are going to pay for EVERYTHING they ask for,instead of telling them to fuck off so they will change shit like it should be.

  • SometimesTurtle

    This is why I always preferred Runescape over WoW. Lol.

    • D R
      D R

      Even when wow was in its prime i preferred runescape because when you kill people you get their items.

  • Allen

    Yep I’ve moved on from wow, blizzard has lost hope for the game and just want to make a quick buck. Ow

  • Nesano

    Well, boys. If I ever get the itch again it'll be on a private server. See ya there if it ever comes to it.

  • Jean S. Plescha
    Jean S. Plescha

    Of course they make it for money they got a ton of it from Boosts hah, you do not need cloning, just transfer all your chars to TBC, and if you already chose to have them in Classic Era, just reroll them. None of the boostinge tc is required to play the game guys, the leveling starts in Classic Era World the quests are the same the Dungeons are the same, you do not need to play both Classic Era and TBC, just play TBC and do the Classic Dungeons and instances etc, and when you choose to go to Outland you dgo that is it,

  • Alpine

    They're just redoing retail at this point, they'll just re-release all the expansions one at a time with "Classic" written on them. Fuck Blizzard

  • Anthony Gorrell
    Anthony Gorrell

    How can they charge for what we already bought

  • Alejandro Sánchez
    Alejandro Sánchez

    Lol 😂 i just found out it came out… you are right… no hype, would have at least bought classic a month ago. Used to play years ago…

  • Jayce Busch
    Jayce Busch

    its a game. get a grip. jfc.

  • MrBearMia

    It's so refreshing to hear that this particular streamer isn't going to play the same game I am. Hope you dont play it since it'll be dead. thanks.

  • Delta Blue
    Delta Blue

    I got my warrior to 57, I quit playing because of the level boost. RIP Indestructo. More time invested and wasted because of a dogshit company.

    • Alfred Leite
      Alfred Leite

      You just hit 57 and you quit because people can boost to level 58 with shitty greens? What about someone like me who has 9 level 60's in Naxx gear already? How does some shitter in greens who doesn't know how to play his class hurt you? If anything, it should make it easier for you to get a raid slot, considering you already have experience in that class leveling it from 1-57, which these people don't have.

  • Wolfisvara

    "You think you do, but you don't." This is literally why they said that tbh. When they released wow it was fresh, unknown, it was actually magical. Trying to re-release this game and expecting the and magic when EVERYONE playing can access ALL the information about the game and its trajectory, you naturally get people who will be more efficient at the game and not "waste time" effectively ruining the magic. You thought you did, but you really didn't.

    • Wew Lad
      Wew Lad

      they killed pvp with non faction character transfer pure and simple. Instead of learning from the past they either didn't care or were too lazy to fix.

  • Super Crazy Peanut Butter Dave
    Super Crazy Peanut Butter Dave

    blizz sells the boosts obviously

  • PickleChip

    Tbh i dont really see a problem. Blizzard has been doing deluxe stuff for wow for a while now, same with character transfers and boosters. Also you dont need to use the clone, you can move your character for tbc for free when it comes out, the $35 is for a clone in classic and tbc

  • James Bond
    James Bond

    they didnt kill it, they improved it... that tasty boost

  • JB3

    The only point I don't agree with is the time frame you need to build hype. I think he forgets that people have been getting hyped for this the literal second WoW Classic came out. The marketing would be a waste of money due to already having your claws in people that play the game.

    • JB3

      Also not every single character will hit the end game in TBC - just like they didn't when it was retail. It's not a easy expansion - yes, its dumbed down to Shadowlands level of standards due to everything being min-maxed and all that work for content scouting being done years ago. But no - everyone will not complete it, most will stop on Vashj or Kael ... as long as they don't nerf bat the bosses early on.

  • Thomas Brandner
    Thomas Brandner

    honestly i don't think 35 $ is that much, since it's a one time payment right? and then you get to keep it there forever it's like i always hear people talk about how expensive tattoos are but in comparison to how long it lasts, it's not that expensive..... like it lasts for the rest of your life

  • Heks i pose
    Heks i pose

    Blizzard don't care about their fans. Cause it isn't the real blizzard anymore. Either stop buying their services/games or suck it up, everybodu has a choice.

  • Jon

    that chinese company is getting out of hand

  • FlamingNinjaBoi

    I ain't getting milked. No TBC for me. Just gonna coast on Shadowlands and play a different game if I get bored until 9.1.

  • Backstorm13

    What the fuck do you care about people spending their own money? Who the fuck are you to tell someone what they spend their hard earned money on? I didn't buy it but I sure as hell ain't crying when I see people with the mount.

  • Dale Selby
    Dale Selby

    dont u play a warrior u girl

  • Trent Oscar
    Trent Oscar

    The fact you can buy a 58 character with gear and gold is so lame... People are so bad at wow and honestly should just stick to retail.

    • Alfred Leite
      Alfred Leite

      @Trent Oscar Yeah but that's never really a problem IMO, most of the best gear in the game is bind on pickup. Most gear sellable on the AH isn't going to be the BiS anyway. Even in retail even some of the easier to get mythic gear is way better than anything you're going to buy of the AH.

    • Trent Oscar
      Trent Oscar

      @Alfred Leite unless they add those tokens then they'll just buy enough to sell for a thousand gold and buy the best tradeable 60 gear in AH, which is all terrible except like the Krol blade and a handful of other pieces. It's just upsetting because classic was cool because you had to actually work and play a somewhat tough game to be able to get a 60. Which separated the weak from the chaffe lol. Now I see it turning into World of Warcredit: Overdraft edition

    • Alfred Leite
      Alfred Leite

      @Trent Oscar Not only that but they're stuck with apprentice riding and a 60% speed mount lol, with only 25 gold and terrible gear. Honestly Blizz kinda screwed these guys, the newbies who bought boosts are going to have a bad experience and a lot probably won't make it to 70 if they rolled a pvp server.

    • Trent Oscar
      Trent Oscar

      @Alfred Leite well of course it's going to be hilarious laughing at someone who should be 28 play a 60 trying to learn how to raid or do pvp and getting yelled at for sucking.

    • Alfred Leite
      Alfred Leite

      @Trent Oscar I doubt it, but all I can say is I have been SMASHING scrub 58's all day in hellfire peninsula and it's just free honor dude. I don't see the problem here.

  • Jade Motorsport
    Jade Motorsport

    You move your eyebrows way too much buddy

  • Exxeron2613

    If you don't like getting milked, then don't reward them for doing it.

  • zombie

    Glad I quit wow classic at the end of BWL

  • Brendy

    I'm confused. I didn't have to pay for anything other than the baseline subscription

  • Boomkin

    its free to play for me

  • G D
    G D

    Thats why i play wow ascension its much more fun and its free 🤗

  • Karl Schwarben
    Karl Schwarben

    Plenty of time was given, paid services are obviously optional and not required. Grow up and act accordingly.

  • lee leggat
    lee leggat

    assmongler appears in zachs tree house

  • Alexis A
    Alexis A

    I enjoyed Wow classic, but I decided to return on private server cause of TBC classic announcement. I dont want to give any money to Blizzard especially for WOW.

  • philippe beres
    philippe beres

    35 dollars for an account should be reasonable

  • Ascel

    I'm not a hardcore player, never have been so i guess I'll never understand how you clear out content ina few weeks....I won't clear anymore than a tenth of the content before the next expansion. I waste all my time talking, dueling and pvp. I have a good experience winning duels, but lord have mercy my win rate in 2's is horrible, 3 non existent. Maybe I should learn how to be a hardcore player or get my friends to play it with me but that'd never happen. 🤷‍♂️

  • felicia felicity
    felicia felicity

    this is why i wont play classic and desided id stick with wow shadow lands until i find something better.

  • Fact: Beagles Are Best
    Fact: Beagles Are Best

    Assmongold your opinion is worth nothing. You are incredibly ignorant of the game. You continuously act like you are this ultra meta player with in depth knowledge and some world firsts behind you. You peddle views for money. You are a toxic HRless personality.

  • Jorge Motta
    Jorge Motta

    Waiting Old School Classic WoW

  • Dennis Mascarenhas Tastesen
    Dennis Mascarenhas Tastesen

    Im late for the party it seems. It is sad to witness this downfall for what could have been a really great experience. But activision is ruining the good stuff of games. They did similar things for Warzone, which is a free br game. It could have been good but its dogsh!t. No anticheat, constant bugs, constant change of “meta” just constantly ruining what could have been a good fps game. Their ingame shop always worked, so thats interesting. How or why did Blizzard sold themselves to activision?

  • Marty Moffatt
    Marty Moffatt

    you completely missed the point i quit after running aq 40 quite a few the difference between classic and TBC is something call resilence

  • Jeff St
    Jeff St

    You look homeless.. I cannot believe people take you seriously. Also blizzard is a private company. If you dont like it dont buy it

  • Criolast Cogstopper
    Criolast Cogstopper

    Asmon please don't take this the wrong way. You need to do more tree house vids. You look healthy and a bit younger. Thought this was an OLD video. Wish you the best of luck as blizzard has you grab your ankles

  • Rankhole

    Can someone explain this to me? I'm not playing WoW classic, if I started out as a new player, how would this affect me? I have no understanding of this game.

    • Alfred Leite
      Alfred Leite

      It wouldn't affect you even if you have a level 60 character, this video is completely wrong. You don't have to pay money to transfer characters at all, it's completely free unless you want to change what realms you want to play on after you already chose the first time.

  • Talon Queen Pry
    Talon Queen Pry

    No they really didnt

  • dylan56789ful

    100$ + for a game that game out 15 years ago with reduced content ? LOL no ty ............Im glad i quit at warlords Jesus this company is straight up getting away with murder now.

    • Alfred Leite
      Alfred Leite

      More like free with a subscription, Asmonbald is lying and completely misquoting things to make this seem worse than it is for views.

  • Beelzebub

    I havnt tried Wow, ever. Not once. I was thinking about maybe trying classic now, becasue I heard modern is bad. have they ruined classic like they did the original? Is it too late to start wow classic or did I miss the only chance I ever had to play wow like it was intended. Someone give me the honest truth.

  • Chicken Chowman
    Chicken Chowman

    they are milking a dying game

  • lkain619

    1:25 nothing in this video hit more then when you said that part right there. Asmo you are a god 😂

  • Tranquil

    Blizzard is about money - not art

  • J C
    J C


  • Dumah

    Cant belive what im about to say but fuck it, im gonna give FF14 a chance...wish me luck in the weeb universe

  • skimitar

    Guild Wars 2

  • Nebulousram

    Doesn't that kinda just turn a blind eye to the massive profits created by microtransactions such as the boost. You acknowledged in your video that "the boost is too good." Everybody is going to buy it. Your concern in this video is the pressure this creates on people who don't buy the boost to hit max. I agree with the statement that the boost is too good. I'm one of the people with no plans to buy the boost. However, I'm not going to be a fan of all my friends being ahead of me. The one thing I don't agree with is the idea not identifying all the possible explanations the creating of this pressure. The boost to me seems to be the number #1 culprit.