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Camera Settings:
FOV: 108
Distance: 280
Height: 110
Angle: -4
Stiffness: 0.2

  • Rad Nomad
    Rad Nomad

    My smurf account name was Jizzo, after Rizzo of course lol

  • kayleb kuchenbecker
    kayleb kuchenbecker

    Get a tan

  • “_”

    Escuanchi scored every goal, for both teams…

  • CrisWzy

    What are you camera settings they are so hot

  • Lincoln Jessen
    Lincoln Jessen


  • Patrick Engelby
    Patrick Engelby

    Huge douche lol

  • ADPx099

    These ads😂

  • acul beats
    acul beats

    42:55 - dude...

  • Mateo Salinas
    Mateo Salinas

    Rizzo is cool but would be alot cooler if he signed to these dudes I mean it's like he forgets who he is and where he's come from. It's like if twitch didn't give him points no one would get signed. Not even the big names dent signs as much 😒

  • Victor Long
    Victor Long

    The elated laugh predictably bow because lung spectacularly disapprove for a three cd. boiling, white plane

  • T Dawg Da Boss
    T Dawg Da Boss

    41:35 yo

  • Stogeez

    2s until i lose and 1v1s against athena are the best vids by far

  • Victor Long
    Victor Long

    The aboriginal caterpillar congruently stitch because steven reversely apologise pace a naughty anime. fallacious, impartial skate

  • Chris Jordan
    Chris Jordan

    I am a big fan of you

  • Victor Epstein
    Victor Epstein

    The flowery salesman superiorly dress because ease chiefly expect modulo a phobic creator. illegal, measly napkin

  • Stephen Lucas
    Stephen Lucas

    What’s a sign? I’m guessing an autograph?

  • TacoCat taCocaT
    TacoCat taCocaT

    1s when

  • Hunter

    "don't know how long the video is, it's probably like 42" 42:00

  • Arian

    What the fuck camera angle is 41:26

  • Cody Seager
    Cody Seager

    Wild. "Prolly 42 mins into the video" RIGHT AT 42 MINUTES. What a god.

  • Mishu Soap
    Mishu Soap

    gosh i never comment but i feel i need to express how much i enjoy watching rizzo. so chill, streams are great, it’s relaxing, not to mention he’s literally goated and a pro. Super well rounded, great personality, and hilarious. Thanks rizzo.

  • Bang-een

    C'mon bro it's just a sign...

    • Bang-een

      @Rizzo okay thanks for clearing that up. Idk much about twitch/steam, but I do watch your HRless vids :)

    • Rizzo

      You can only sign 10 a day so I give it to the people who watch my stream the most :)

  • Benjamin Cantelon
    Benjamin Cantelon

    Why couldn't he sign the steam profiles? I don't understand the twitch points or whatever

  • niklas fink
    niklas fink

    Sign for twitch points means pay for a sign?

  • Kosti

    imagine playing most literally one hour without lose

  • PineappleBoiii


  • Wesley Brito
    Wesley Brito

    It's really nice to see a pro player gets angry to this game too, i figured that i'm not that crazy when get angry and wish to kill my team8 =]

  • enjei_i

    I have to imagine playing with Rizzo is pretty nerve-racking so I always feel bad when they mess up cause I know Rizzo's bouta shit on them lmfao

  • Jessie Ellis
    Jessie Ellis

    Can we get a rizzo and leth collaboration?

    • Jessie Ellis
      Jessie Ellis

      Im just saying a video with arsenal jon leth and rizzo would be lit.

  • Jack Svoboda
    Jack Svoboda

    If he retired from G2, why hasn't he changed his pfp?

  • J.T. Molina
    J.T. Molina

    rizzos eyes were deeper inside his face before double cap

  • StrangeSlutty Slut
    StrangeSlutty Slut

    First thing I thought of is "what if he lost his first game and put out a 7 minute video?" Lolol

  • Balthazar Duclos
    Balthazar Duclos

    41:33 *That's what she said*

  • ворона

    bruh what is that only sign for twitch channel points bs

  • Damit Bro
    Damit Bro

    Bruh why r u so pale 🥲

  • Uonis

    Imagine letting a retured oldie win this much SMH. Nah I'm just playing.

  • Salah Moftah
    Salah Moftah

    What does it mean when someone asks for a sign?

  • EvoStar

    Not to tell you how to run your channel, but if you wanted to add like 5 minutes or so at the end of the video each game will be more suspenseful. We won't know when you are going to lose. If this is the only video you had planned for the series Sadge.

  • Greg Bobster
    Greg Bobster

    Anyone know what decal that is?

  • abdu2s

    Rizzo playing 2s like its 1s, its weird but apparently effective, it just makes the rhythm of the game so slow!

  • huddy bozak
    huddy bozak

    Damn thought I was watching at 1.5x speed

  • Dominic Morales
    Dominic Morales

    what is fire merch

  • SaoShadow

    Its rated G for Gamers

  • Klabauter Klaus
    Klabauter Klaus

    Myols must have been out of his mind to see Rizzo giving his italian sausage to the enemy team. :D @42:57

  • Hyside Productions
    Hyside Productions

    35:44 I'm GC2 just like our good friend Coral here, and on his behalf i can say we welcome all roasting in hopes that one day we may acquire opposable thumbs

  • DR1P!N

    Rizzos new favorite word regain

  • Alec Detzel
    Alec Detzel

    rizzo shuld just have a keybind for I only sign for chnel pts sowwy bwotha

  • Supreme Brick
    Supreme Brick

    Rizzo, you are so handsome

  • Eduardo Corona
    Eduardo Corona

    Comment for the algorithm

  • Eric Arroyo
    Eric Arroyo

    Is this how he play being retired?? Lol

  • Ted Ex
    Ted Ex

    How do you get that decal?

    • Zachary Sheehan
      Zachary Sheehan

      It was from some fort nite event

  • YH Tan
    YH Tan

    Why did you stop using the fennec after i finally bought it? :(

  • Nolan Ash
    Nolan Ash

    Can we get a “we regain!” Counter on this video?

  • Yfrit

    Ur so bad

  • Raiden Lee
    Raiden Lee

    Rizzo can we play together im gold 1 or 2 but i play like a plat 1 and keep up the good work on the videos

  • Luke C. Russo
    Luke C. Russo

    sick videos man

  • No Na
    No Na


  • trevor york
    trevor york

    Don’t get me wrong I love rizzo but he washed now and he chases way more

  • Devin M
    Devin M

    42:00 "I wonder how long the video is, probably like 42". good guess

  • Bradley George
    Bradley George

    41:36 what did he sayyyyyyyy

  • Tsep

    New Title Idea: "Rizzo gets carried for 55 minutes straight" ;)

  • sad cat meme! all hail beluga!!
    sad cat meme! all hail beluga!!

    Hey Rizzo! I watch ur twitch stream! And also I like ur hair and eyes.

  • Yusuf Ali
    Yusuf Ali

    It would be great if you play other games such as Minecraft

  • Maxus

    Rizzo is the type of person to cuss but bleep someone else cussing out

  • iLAG

    41:35 hahaha

  • Fusion7644

    Rizzo ur awesome!

  • danthetallone

    holy shit

  • TheNotorious BigM
    TheNotorious BigM

    I have copped that merch it’s soooo dope ngl 😎🤩😍

  • Carter Nielsen
    Carter Nielsen

    What decal is that Rizzo?

  • Joel Teer
    Joel Teer

    Are we not gonna talk about how accurate rizzos video length estimation was?...

  • capton87 Serious
    capton87 Serious

    Who else wants rizzo to make more videos playing the extra modes!!! Like this comment!

  • Benjamin Quintanilla
    Benjamin Quintanilla

    you should try to play on 60fps for a challenge

  • Wilford Brimley
    Wilford Brimley

    May as well change his name to "I only sign for twitch channel points, sorry brother" Get fukt, randoms

  • LittleFilip

    if rizzo got some sun and worked out i feel like hed be a model. YA STILL GORGEOUS AS ISS THO

  • kmaty

    41:34 bro??

  • SrSkltn Pog
    SrSkltn Pog


  • Torrent Doesnt Win
    Torrent Doesnt Win

    Rizzo plays with vibration??? PogU

  • Alen Šoštarić
    Alen Šoštarić

    Rizzo tell psyonix to unban me so i can buy lambo OMG

    • the funny gamer mr
      the funny gamer mr

      No u deserve to be banned

  • Luciano Scagliarini
    Luciano Scagliarini

    Bruh it’s an hour long ur a legend rizzo

  • Freddie Terrell
    Freddie Terrell

    “I keep getting slammed by a bunch of dudes” I can’t be the only one to laugh for like 5 mins straight 😂

    • Balthazar Duclos
      Balthazar Duclos


  • Josiah Ellwein
    Josiah Ellwein

    Dude 55 mins SHEEEEESH

  • Micah Hollingsworth
    Micah Hollingsworth

    I was in a match yesterday (my username is placement pete) and my opponent after I dunked on him was like "imagine having to get your name from rizzo" and all his teammates immediately said "I don't associate with this guy we love rizzo". We ez clapped them but I thought I'd share

  • Simon-Pierre Beaudet
    Simon-Pierre Beaudet

    Fact : I never saw a player asking for a sign on a youtube video and actually get it.

  • Austin Meng
    Austin Meng

    34:35 was that sizz i just heard?

  • Riley Beltran
    Riley Beltran

    Rizzo out here grinding to 1 mil I see you

  • Thomas Mundy
    Thomas Mundy

    Loving your commentary!

  • Caesar Castillo
    Caesar Castillo

    No cap rizzo sound like the guy from zombie land or is it just me😭?

  • LiftOrGTFO

    Did Rizzo just hit puberty? He looks like an actual man now. Boy life moves fast.

  • thawne komene
    thawne komene

    Since I started watching you and garrett G I've thought that rizzo looks like discount garrett, and garrett looks like discount rizzo. Great vid btw

  • Jonny Culbertson
    Jonny Culbertson

    When rizzo takes that laughing breath in at 15:45 it kinda sounds like a cartoon bonk on the head

  • Nxlove Gunner
    Nxlove Gunner

    These are longer then musty’s episodes

  • Kenneth Jensen
    Kenneth Jensen

    'Don't know how long this video is, probably like 42' at 41:58 was pretty impressive

  • Sasquiny

    Why wouldn't you sign that dudes profile? I know what you said, I just go no idea what that means!

  • Chad Bostic
    Chad Bostic

    Coral and Yeez_e are the rando teammates we all hate to get.

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith

    Yo rizzo I’m ganna buy a hoodie from you hope it helps you out homie I love your attitude and the way you play you’re more than just a gamer. 🤙🏼

  • AbhijeetPlayZ

    Its been 2 days the video never ended

  • Splat1221


  • Magma

    But what if your a girl u love him

  • Max Reiter
    Max Reiter

    Damn. That’s a legend move

  • Daniel Wankmuller
    Daniel Wankmuller

    Whispers in soothing voice "Ninja poggers..." even quieter "I love ninja"