2,000hp Rimac Nevera REVIEW with 0-60mph, 1/4-mile, brake & DRIFT test!
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Watch Mat's exclusive walk-around review with Mate Rimac - hrless.info/window/video/qKaW25eAqpTai60.html

This is the absolutely incredible Rimac Nevera… And Mat’s got his hands on one for a full in-depth review!

Now when it comes to some of the stats for this hypercar, you’ll be forgiven for thinking we’ve made a couple typo given how insane some of these numbers are! Thanks to it being packed with 4 electric motors (one for each wheel), the Nevera can produce a ridiculous 1,914hp and a colossal 2,360Nm of torque!

That’s not all though! It’s also fitted with a 120kWh battery pack (the largest in any production EV in the world) and then there's just the small matter of it apparently being the quickest accelerating car in the world!!

So, that’s a whole load of lofty claims… And we're only just scratching the surface! But let's be honest, what more would you expect from a car that costs around £2,000,000!

But is it worth it? There's only one way to find out... Stick with Mat for his all-new in-depth review!

00:00 Intro
00:39 Price
01:18 Exterior Design
03:59 Chassis
05:33 Drift Mode
06:27 Brakes
07:42 Battery & Charging
09:20 Interior
11:05 Boot
11:28 Five Annoying Things
13:12 Five Cool Things
15:18 0-60mph & Quarter-mile
16:02 Driving
19:20 Verdict

Rimac Nevera v Ferrari SF90 - bit.ly/Ferrari-SF90-v-Rimac-Ne...

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  • carwow

    Check out Mat's exclusive walk-around review of the Nevera with Mate Rimac - hrless.info/window/video/qKaW25eAqpTai60.html

    • Ivancho Kokinovski
      Ivancho Kokinovski

      Race it against Golf MK2 Vampire from Boba. I believe the performance of these two cars is very close, hence, we need a proof whether rimac is the fastest car in the world or not :)

    • cars cars
      cars cars

      @wowow lol

    • wowow

      @cars cars 2.1 dude, its all a lie

    • cars cars
      cars cars

      @wowow u can check and determine if i am lying

    • cars cars
      cars cars

      @wowow lol what?

  • J1

    smh, brits with their stupid KG and Km/h, Thank God I'm American

  • First Prototype
    First Prototype

    70.000 Nm = 70 tones

  • Sebastian Ramirez
    Sebastian Ramirez

    the funny thing about nevera is that in spanish the word means “fridge”

  • odhran

    why does matt look buff in the thumbnail

  • Mikael Nilsson
    Mikael Nilsson

    14:40 Koenigseggs are homologated for the whole world. Maybe not the first ones but all of todays Koenigseggs you can drive anywhere.

  • Aman Panesar
    Aman Panesar


  • Muthulingam Ramiah
    Muthulingam Ramiah

    Love this car, but we can make a way more affordable RWD Sports Coupe or a RWD 4 Door Sedan with just: - 1 of those Electric Motors and - an existing RWD Sports Coupe or RWD 4 Door Sedan while using just a Quarter of the Energy required to move this beast... Just imagine, all we have to do is just install 1 of the Electric Motors coupled to a 2 Speed Transmission to a pre-existing RWD Architecture (Rear Differential and 2 Drive Shafts/ Half Shafts) to the Rear Wheels and Ta daa!!!!...we have ourselves a 500 HP RWD Electric Sports Coupe/ RWD 4 Door Sedan with at least 3 to 4 times the Electric Range of the Rimac Nevera... Yeah, you heard me right and I'll say it again, we can potentially achieve 3 to 4 times the Electric Range of the Rimac Nevera with a similar Battery Pack... 500 HP is already a lot...it's more Horsepower than what people like me (40 year old, Middle Income dudes who make up the majority of the Middle Class income group on the Planet)... Come on guys... give the Middle Class people from the Third World a break will ya...

  • Keyboard Warrior
    Keyboard Warrior

    So, Tesla Plaid quicker 0-60, with four doors and two trunks? for $130k?


    Is that weight (2150 kg) with fully charged batteries?

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler

    How many laps can you make on the Nurburgring, what is the fastest lap time of Nevera there?

  • Dilush Selva
    Dilush Selva

    that UI is gorgeous

  • Bobotte

    The enoying bits are not even enoying lol.

  • Buktownx

    Woooo listen to that amazing tuned exhaust note....ohhhh wait...there is none...PASS....

  • Mc Knight
    Mc Knight

    Never heard of this car so why does it cost so much SMH, don't understand any of these cars on how do they price cars.

  • 인피리

    Rimc vs F1

  • R S
    R S

    Slower 0 -60 times than a Tesla Plaid tho. For a hyper car worth so much , I’m expecting at least 30% improvements. Pretty embarrassing imo

    • Mc Knight
      Mc Knight

      barely much of a difference between them, still makes no difference getting this over a Plaid.

  • Dawid Maksymow
    Dawid Maksymow

    "like making a billion on Bitcoin" :) uuu Mat whale investor coming ?! ;) all best


    This. Car is. For Rich man who wants yo go to his. Friends for 2 hours and come back home.


    Very good looking car. But its more about the 2000hp. ;) metaphor - conservative pensioner with katana sword, chopping mafia guys.

  • vietnameseloempia

    Perhaps my favorite dream car ever!

  • Chukwuemeka David
    Chukwuemeka David

    Please race the nevera against the formula 1

  • Michael Nguyen
    Michael Nguyen

    The tail light reminds of the the BMW i8.

  • LøøT3R

    Wonder if they let Hammond have a go of it. Just to see if it'll fly 🤣

  • Qrvishon

    If you make me guess who make that car I would say: McLaren

  • Gwen Millett
    Gwen Millett

    Doesn't the plaid do 0-60 in 1.99 seconds? Is the plaid faster?!

  • Gwen Millett
    Gwen Millett

    I was all for it until you said to ignore km/h.

  • Daniel Osdinia
    Daniel Osdinia

    I’m still looking forward to see combustion engine sound in electric cars. Without sound they’re so so doll and seem like a horse-driven carriage!

  • Nenad Kitanović
    Nenad Kitanović

    Rimac is pronounced as Rimats not Rimack.

  • Vedran Grudenic
    Vedran Grudenic

    Matt since you drove this I think all of us here envy you. Anyway as one being born in the same region as Nevera I'd love to see the vibrating stick of truth poking a new BMW or a Merc :D

  • J DM
    J DM

    Small boot, no roof rails, no towbar. Does it even have isofix? It's a hard "Avoid"

  • CMDR Boom
    CMDR Boom

    As electric mega cars go, there's an awful lot to like here. But for my $2mil, when do we get a more Apollo Intensa exterior and less $40 3 button mouse?

  • Lips

    that carbon stick probably is worth a few grand, why did they give it to him?? XD

  • Russelle Wannell
    Russelle Wannell

    That's in miles per hour it still fast if it was klm,s cheers.

  • Tyrone

    If you didn't laugh at the glovebox you're way too serious with life 😂😂😂

  • Mohit Nayar
    Mohit Nayar

    If only i had the money to produce a movie with Matt & Ryan reynolds. People would die laughing at their comic timing

  • carlis sheenas
    carlis sheenas

    sick car

  • UBER 3 aka Uber3
    UBER 3 aka Uber3

    Carbon Fiber!!!

  • Sam Sosa
    Sam Sosa

    How are they even making a profit on these?

  • Akmal Danial
    Akmal Danial

    wireless charging, through kevlar(carbon fibre) :D

  • MrAxeTv

    Proper name is Reemac and c on end u read C not K

  • Robert Babic
    Robert Babic

    Nevera... hrless.info/window/video/wI-ns3x9sKqYnKU.html

  • inasingtr

    It looks like an I8, keonigsegg and mclaren had a threesome.!!

  • HazaHyperion

    "Yo dude! That car's sick!! Give it a rev for us?!" "Sure bro! Here goes!!" ...

  • Jay Holland
    Jay Holland

    I look at that and think someone's penis doesn't work

  • Ka Ma
    Ka Ma

    ZG tablice najjace

  • Rover Waters
    Rover Waters

    looks like a Ascari rip-off design

  • Sameed Legend
    Sameed Legend

    It looks like an i8

  • thrice1987

    A Nevera in Spanish is a fridge ._.

  • Mas Kito
    Mas Kito

    So, Tesla is faster to a 62mph than this car. Lol.

    • BlueLightning 16
      BlueLightning 16

      tell me, what's the quarter-mile time for the plaid?

  • micael lezama
    micael lezama

    Do a drag race with that and a formula 1 car

  • SirTubeALotMore

    Future car races will be sooo boring if everyone run electric cars ...

  • Zokisamja

    Simple Perfect!!!A friend of mine drive in a NEVERA a month ago and today he talks about her every day and he says if it's something extraordinary it means each of us would go crazy to try it, so people don't judge a horse you haven't ridden, I would love to ride NEVERA :) Cheers...

  • Matthieu Richard
    Matthieu Richard

    love this car so much

  • vvdbj

    Hi from Croatia

  • Barbod Noorabadi
    Barbod Noorabadi

    mat Watson u naughty geezer

  • Pete Marx
    Pete Marx

    Porsche is shareholder and backer of Rimac company via Volkswagen group, so Rimac 'bought' Bugatti. Games of large companies.Thank you Volkswagen Group for making this possible by merging know-how of Porsche, Bugatti and Rimac.

  • Ernesto Ramirez
    Ernesto Ramirez

    Wow just wow,congrats to Rimac 💪🏽🔥🙌🏼

  • Dan Eastwood
    Dan Eastwood

    I really love the look of the earlier model Concept 1 a whole lot more, it’s much prettier.

  • mo syahmi
    mo syahmi

    compare with tesla model s plaid😁😁

    • BlueLightning 16
      BlueLightning 16

      @mo syahmi your the one asking them to compare them, not me

    • mo syahmi
      mo syahmi

      BlueLightning 16 but it's not fair 2000hp vs 1020hp😂😂

    • mo syahmi
      mo syahmi


    • BlueLightning 16
      BlueLightning 16

      tell me, what's the quarter-mile time for the plaid?

  • Carl Klinkenborg
    Carl Klinkenborg

    1914bhp/120kWh battery = 302 seconds battery life at full power...

  • Usman Shabir
    Usman Shabir

    Best super electric car ever

  • Rozy Begum
    Rozy Begum

    Does this car have map

  • Colt Russell
    Colt Russell

    This car is Absolutely Unbelievable!!! Really it has left me speechless from watching this video and the drag race with the Prancing Pony 👍👍🤟🤟

  • Ethan Roberts
    Ethan Roberts

    Matt’s kinda yoked

  • 1AwaChat

    Mat is it me or those rear lights look like those from BMW i8?

  • DAV G
    DAV G

    beautifull CROATIA

  • Robert Markovic
    Robert Markovic

    It’s pronounced “REE-MATS”, it hurts so much every time I hear Reemac..

  • Jovica Duro
    Jovica Duro

    Rimac is average but have average marketing and pay thiese citizes by Crotian Rimac is political player by local political party call HDZ and party allways have favorite in biznis but allways favorite biznisnan go the jail..rimac go the jail soon!!

  • wololo10

    Needs some Cup 2 R's

  • wololo10

    70000 N.m doesnt mean anything really about rigidity. Are you talking about N.m/°?

  • ariel beato
    ariel beato

    Nevera in Spanish mean refrigerator

  • Es Kay
    Es Kay

    Tesla is 1.99 sec 0 to 60 So it's not fastest?

    • BlueLightning 16
      BlueLightning 16

      tell me, what's the quarter-mile time for the plaid?

  • hfe18

    Next nurburgring 👑 king

  • Petar

    It is pronouncing Rimatzz not Rimak with K

  • Dalisu Ngobese
    Dalisu Ngobese

    2mil with doors that close like a public bus

  • Dalisu Ngobese
    Dalisu Ngobese

    Model S Plaid MmmB***h

  • NaVi '
    NaVi '

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  • BolfromCroatia

    Made in Croatia 👍👍BRAVO Rimac

  • Don Ochetti
    Don Ochetti

    That stick of truth was ingenious

  • Kelvin Owusu-Ansah
    Kelvin Owusu-Ansah

    Do a video of the Rimac vs F1 …… lets see who has the fastest acceleration 🔥🔥🔥

  • Kelvin Owusu-Ansah
    Kelvin Owusu-Ansah

    Do a video of the Rimac vs F1 …… lets see who has the fastest acceleration 🔥🔥🔥

  • Kelvin Owusu-Ansah
    Kelvin Owusu-Ansah

    Do a video of the Rimac vs F1 …… lets see who has the fastest acceleration 🔥🔥🔥

  • ###THE BROS
    ###THE BROS

    Did u know that it has a drift mode

  • Skate Raptor 1
    Skate Raptor 1

    13:59 what? How does this clip fit with the context

  • David Deivid
    David Deivid

    Nevera?, That's fridge in spanish. 😄 How cool!

  • TightCasserole

    I like the air conditioning vents. Makes it easier to direct the airflow to yourself.

  • Comrade Koala
    Comrade Koala

    “Is your fridge running, because it just went 0-60 in 1.85 seconds?”

  • Joe Lipez
    Joe Lipez

    That thing vs Porsche 918 spider

  • Farmageddon

    so insanely sexy

  • Leo Alvarez
    Leo Alvarez

    Nevera is freezer in spanish.

  • Khumo Malele
    Khumo Malele

    I actually heard my heart shatter when the porsche owning, everyday car changing matt watson said he was normal😪

  • borax92

    Why should you buy this car for 2 million if you can buy Tesla with same performance for 150.000

    • Adil Sagadiyev
      Adil Sagadiyev

      Because the Tesla will depreciate and will be worth 30k in 5 years while this thing will be worth 3 million

  • Wabalaba dub dub
    Wabalaba dub dub

    I want to see an Rimac Concept one vs Nevera Drag Race

  • Andrew Ame
    Andrew Ame


    • Adil Sagadiyev
      Adil Sagadiyev

      It’s not

  • pinSjon79

    It's pronounced "Rimatz"

  • Ntinos17 Kak
    Ntinos17 Kak

    One question Matt are you lifting cause you have big arm

  • don

    Whos here when Rimac takes 55% of Bugatti😂

2 mil.
2 mil.
2 mil.