1 SSL Vs 3 of Each Rank Until They Lose in Rocket League
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Supersonic Legends (SSL) have the best rotations, game sense, mechanics and overall skill in Rocket League. But does that mean they are 3x better than every rank in Rocket League? I put SSLs to the test by having one 1v3 each rank until he loses. There were tons of funny moments, highlights and even money on the line for each round. Can a SSL beat 3 champs?

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0:00 Intro
0:30 Ad
1:29 Round 1
3:50 Round 2
6:11 Round 3
9:18 Round 4
11:17 Round 5
14:55 FINAL Round

Production Music by epidemicsound.com

Thumbnail: twitter.com/Totema_art

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  • Striped

    Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping @MANSCAPED with promo code STRIPED at MANSCAPED.com! #sponsored #manscaped

    • Ewan

      Thank you for the credit to fuuryRl

    • xscxti

      So many people bought that product and nobody wrote a review. PoorxD

    • Me Gey Hehehe
      Me Gey Hehehe


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      Sarup Saha


    • SlickMittens

      @Goother_ good luck

  • Jamie Murfield
    Jamie Murfield

    I’m plat

  • mezen 1
    mezen 1

    Lmao the golds are not gold 🤣🤣

  • Ninja Boi
    Ninja Boi

    The diamonds were rly rly good

  • Simp Weeb
    Simp Weeb

    This was the most intense set of matches I have seen, and I have seen hours and hours of RL videos and tournaments. Crazy moments and unpredictable goals from both sides.

  • Lone Wolf Gaming
    Lone Wolf Gaming

    I just came out of that video where you made people who called out other people in the comments fight them, and I legit would not mind fighting xx_capper_xx in that same type of situation after seeing that self score, even though I've never done 1v1 before. I'm like brand fresh new to the game and I might even be able to completely destroy the match.

  • ant3609

    I haven’t played rocket league in forever so I DONT KNOW ANYTHING EXCEPT FOR CHAMP. WHERES PROSPECT? WHERES CHALKENGER? AND WHERES RISING STAR (I guess kinda platinum)?!

  • ant3609

    Mandjtv reference

  • Sunni Singh
    Sunni Singh

    I’m in silver for everything except 3s I’m in gold I’ve only got like 26 hours on the game any advice to get into good abs higher

  • zax...


  • I Probably Won
    I Probably Won

    Am I the only one that realized they weren't subscribed but did it when he said to 😂

  • TheTenthMistake

    Respect the 999

  • Taracity_SkillzRL

    no way that guy was just a good plat you cant find out somehow that he was diamond 1 its just that you didnt want to end the video so quickly

  • David Dewey
    David Dewey

    4:43 I hated how that was off key

  • David Dewey
    David Dewey

    You shorted him $10 with no bronze

  • Andrew Kamys
    Andrew Kamys

    In true diamond fashion they choked winning by 3 with 30 seconds left

  • Tim L
    Tim L

    He is like the worst ssl I've ever seen

  • Frank Greco
    Frank Greco

    Plats are unpredictable because you can have a player like me who is in plat with zero mechanical skill but understands rotating and is always in the right spot and that's how I climbed OR you get a player who has all this mechanical skill but can't rotate for shit and is always over committing and out of position. Really 50-50 on who you're getting lol

  • Brent Zurawell
    Brent Zurawell

    That diamond game tho

  • Shdwz Lol
    Shdwz Lol

    10 bucks for beating a bronze as a ssl lmfaooooo

  • Omni clan
    Omni clan

    The d3 threw so bad lmfao

  • Haunted

    Everyone: Cool vid dude! Me trying to find the two plats who broke a rule one at 8:30

    • Statsq751

      How dare they

  • Tarantula Madness
    Tarantula Madness

    Not subscribing to someone telling me to do it lol. Who talks like that, "NO SERIOUSLY, DO IT RIGHT NOW" sound like a snob.

  • Goofy Goober
    Goofy Goober

    Champ is fucking dog shit, I got into champ 2 without even knowing how to do a power slide cut nor how to rotate. Shocking thing is most people are even worse than me in there. Also toxicity doesn't go away no matter what rank you are. In other words, don't hope for things to get better, they won't, you will just be the same as you are right now, with more virtual points to your virtual name representing your skill in a game.

  • Jorti1 boombox
    Jorti1 boombox

    11:30 Landon off the track

  • visarasux

    im d3 and im wholesome >:c, but hey champ rewards r calling c;

  • Darius Stillwell
    Darius Stillwell

    his 999 clan tag for juice wrld i got the same one!

  • NN!XAY

    D1 is literally the same thing as plat 3

  • Turtle Master
    Turtle Master

    They got Mandjtv 🤣

  • Robert Rüütel
    Robert Rüütel

    Those golds were piece of s@%t

  • XxxNintendoBoy69xxX

    anyways this guy is a worthy SSL

  • XxxNintendoBoy69xxX

    could you teach me speed kickoff(i know but I finish my boost very early)

  • J912

    not better than the Shrek 🥇

  • Dynamo 91
    Dynamo 91

    This was so staged and also Landon is like a champ 3

  • L4ND0

    My name is Landen with an “e” I didn’t know anyone else’s name was spelt like that😭😂

  • Le Sot
    Le Sot


  • Dairon X
    Dairon X

    You loss in r3 2 plat 1 daimond but how you win 3 daimond ? Its vidio is cap

  • Azpul

    Yo would it be weird to ask my mom to buy that shit for me lmao ion have a card but I can pay her back with like cash but would that be weird?


    Its pretty normal that plat can do aerials

  • Harv.

    I’m plat 1 and I’m better than dizz

  • Harrison Hayton
    Harrison Hayton

    3:18 voice crack

  • Harrison Murphy
    Harrison Murphy

    How tf is Landon ssl

  • Owen Atkins
    Owen Atkins

    Have squishy muffins do this exact challenge

  • Matthew Dombroskas
    Matthew Dombroskas

    Man these videos would be just as good w/o all the money btw

  • Francesco D'ettorre
    Francesco D'ettorre

    Why i m gold 2 but i find only plat and diamonds?

  • Darkscar

    D3 is also the hardest. I’ve gone so many games carrying the team trying to get champ and always falling short because of teammates inconsistencies

  • Kelly White
    Kelly White


  • SG_Zombie18

    What decal is he using

  • Bedir Yildiz
    Bedir Yildiz

    He is a noob

  • Acrion

    "D3 is the most toxic rank." Where is the lie

  • Sam Alix
    Sam Alix

    Fact: plat player are crack

  • Zahners1

    Seeing MandJTV with that quote was the thing that got me so hard lol

  • Hayden Torres
    Hayden Torres

    The worst ssl I have ever seen

  • Zaifaa

    That diamond comeback was insane

  • Adam Rexter
    Adam Rexter

    Couple hundred hours surely not? I’m plat 1 with 2 days played

  • Juanito

    sounds like skeppy

  • MyTh

    Ye before u even said to subscribe I subscribed 3 seconds into the video

  • lolswag 2028
    lolswag 2028

    Thought this was a sunless Kahn vid 🤣

  • FattyVape 69
    FattyVape 69

    i remember when i randomly one day went from d3 to c3 idk how

  • Shadow3357

    Loooool that diamond match had epic music and was so worth it haha. Instant sub for the content lol

    • ELZZZ

      It was fake i think

  • Monsster Boi
    Monsster Boi

    Top 10 best rivalries in Rocket League!: 1 - dizz and landen 😂

  • Akiraꨄ

    My rank is bot 3 and i totally. Am a bot at rl

  • Mr frog man
    Mr frog man

    That comeback on the diamonds tho 😂

    • ELZZZ

      @Mr frog man look at the score and time 3 diamonds could not throw the game and let him score 5 goals in 1 muinet impossible

    • Mr frog man
      Mr frog man

      @ELZZZ how?

    • ELZZZ

      Its fake lol

  • Fortyprogamer ,
    Fortyprogamer ,

    you got to admit dizz was kinda destroying the ssl with his plays

  • Proish


  • the boyz
    the boyz

    i instantly lose all respect for any ssl who's voice cracks no cap.

    • Derek Wallace
      Derek Wallace

      makes no sense but okay

  • Always Desolate
    Always Desolate

    Yea he fosho to scared to put those coppers against him. it’d be over

  • Chris Cave
    Chris Cave

    Fuk those diamonds are toxic, just stfu and play the game.

  • Shibawifodoge

    we can all agree is that diamonds are just more balchaser plats

  • Lewis Chapman
    Lewis Chapman

    I am gold and feel like I could 1v 3 these people

    • Lewis Chapman
      Lewis Chapman

      I mean the golds btw

  • Tomas Sepulveda basso
    Tomas Sepulveda basso

    nene creative es mejor, el lo contra 7 de todos los rangos

  • Faris fida
    Faris fida

    This guy might be ssl but by positioning and timing not by skills

  • Samson Marquez
    Samson Marquez

    Bruh dizz is a plat how did you mixed that up

  • Ernesto King
    Ernesto King

    What decal did this guy have

  • GusBus725437

    Watch yukeos version of this lmao , much more entertaining

  • Julio Avila
    Julio Avila

    Bruh of course they said the play was a diamond

  • Mars Bars
    Mars Bars

    What kinda golds are these?

  • persica

    In my opinion the 2020 champs and the 2021 champ skill levels are very different

  • Omar Alkandari
    Omar Alkandari

    Legend has it : the ssl got signed by the diamonds while they are still what a saving his head.

  • Mark Buising
    Mark Buising

    Landen:diamond 3 is most toxic TTV:hold on wait a minute

  • Xain

    Dizz was playing like a champ 2

  • Boaz

    Dizz was sus even for a diamond bro, he has no pfp either meaning its probably an epic games acc

  • Raisins

    Im gold 2 and this is making me feel like i couldve 1v3 those golds as well

    • Boaz

      @Raisins very easy to judge if you're watching but your gameplay probably looks very similar to theirs otherwise you wouldn't be in gold. very simple

    • Raisins

      @Boaz y e s

    • Boaz


  • Johan Villegas
    Johan Villegas

    Get noobed diamonds lol

  • GingTastic

    I'm plat and have almost 3 days of total time on the gane

    • ワディ

      Me too dont think u did somthing kid

  • GG Games
    GG Games

    I’m gold 1 with a gold 1 duo and we have insane teamwork

  • Beny LP
    Beny LP

    I can kinda speed areal, somethimes i mess it up, and im plat

  • Youtube Stroller
    Youtube Stroller

    Dizz was 100% a smurf btw. Way too consistent and comfortable with certain mechanics for a low diamond or plat. The consistent shots on net, often well placed, the aerial control. I've smurfed through plat and low diamond before and people were legit struggling to hit basic aerials or get the ball on net at all.

  • nestoli_

    Im good like dizznuts but i am plat 2 cuz my tm8s is really freakkin bad

  • Rowendick Pieter
    Rowendick Pieter

    Why does Landen sound like 1P Disc

  • Victor HATT
    Victor HATT

    most plats can fast aerial now lol

  • Mystic

    Is plat good for 50 hours?

  • just a fellow lad
    just a fellow lad

    Bro I did.some shots.that those champs did im almost plat1

  • carlos ortiz
    carlos ortiz

    bro i swear stripes is like a little fly in their ear that doesn’t stfu

  • NyXuS EterNiTY
    NyXuS EterNiTY

    1 ssl vs 3 ssl lol

  • CalLikesFootball

    Tbh Im plat 1 and Dizz is only a little better than me, I did not suspect him being a diamond at all

  • Optim

    Diamonds were toxic and for what? Losing a 1v3? HAHA LOL :)))))))))))

    • Optim

      @Raphael Bruh I said that the ddiamonds were toxic and they still lost a 1v3... wtf ?:)))

    • Raphael

      nope. they were what a saving him all the match, stop pretending like you didnt saw.

  • Joshua Hunt
    Joshua Hunt

    But nothings better than a shrek gogurt

  • Jenny Eaton
    Jenny Eaton

    2:22 mikey!


    I am stuck at silver 2 and I am much better so if anyone who isn't a bot add me this is my name MrAli11 and my playstation name is Ali yonis