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    Azar Azar

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  • Josephine Clark
    Josephine Clark

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  • LitanyOfBoredom

    I seriously doubt that a half court buzzer beater is one in a million. Curry could take that shot 100 times and probably hit it 5-10 times.

  • Pain

    5:07 I can't tell if I should be laughing or be worried

  • Panp Inho
    Panp Inho

    Worst title in a million despite the great editing: made for those who watch sport only on sunday (and not practicing of course). Some are great and really 1/1000000, but most of these videos are now... common.

  • AK T
    AK T

    4:25 the best shot

  • James Monroe
    James Monroe

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  • Andile Asenathi
    Andile Asenathi

    Best goalkeeper 3:53

  • Andile Asenathi
    Andile Asenathi

    Stephen curry is the best when it comes to shooting

  • Vik London
    Vik London

    Stupid & completely random normal snooker shot?! Oh but it was by a woman - she is very brave and a real feminist icon.

  • Débora Rodrigues Barbosa da Silva
    Débora Rodrigues Barbosa da Silva

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    Md Anis

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    jun ho park

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  • Morbyn G7
    Morbyn G7

    4:21 😉

  • fakdole ranuqfuj
    fakdole ranuqfuj

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  • Jay Ping
    Jay Ping

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  • eric hogan
    eric hogan

    half court buzzer beaters aren't that rare

  • bradd131

    4:20 I don't know what the guy says, but I think he was talking about the precision of the ass

  • Ian Broadhurst
    Ian Broadhurst

    i dont do football but what is the point of a goal keeper they are to stop the ball from entering the goal right but they hardy ever do so what is the point please let me know

  • 고상길

    인위적이지 않은 순간.. 굿!

  • Brody Zimmerman
    Brody Zimmerman

    Tim slavers is a beast for 4:30

  • Lotus Aquatics
    Lotus Aquatics

    2:33 When me and my brother realize we dont have the money to pay for the drinks we just had

  • justin vidal
    justin vidal

    7:33 n'goloooo

  • Tosa


  • liam Neon
    liam Neon

    the killer

  • 信 二階
    信 二階

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  • David Williams
    David Williams

    Lots of them weren't one in a million, just infrequent

  • Ryan Films
    Ryan Films

    whats this song?

  • Harriett Neeley
    Harriett Neeley

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  • Financial Freedom | Relax Music
    Financial Freedom | Relax Music

    “If you don't build your dream someone else will hire you to help build theirs.” ― Tony Gaskins

  • Forbastr Mutchkh
    Forbastr Mutchkh

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    Waylin Dasilva

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  • retrofan

    Liverpool winning the Premier League

  • 武蔵 門
    武蔵 門

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  • Michael Deierhoi
    Michael Deierhoi

    It was a big over statement to call a lot of these video bits one in a million. That pool shot by the woman at 4:25 was more like one in three or maybe one in four! lol. And there were others as well. See for yourself.

    • Michael Deierhoi
      Michael Deierhoi

      @john james Exactly. The overuse of terms like one-in-a-million become really ordinary sports events.

    • john james
      john james

      What about the regular soccer shot or the hurdle by Elliott? Im just 1:11 into the video too so I'm assuming the entire video it like this

  • ciszu

    było już

  • canary zahn
    canary zahn

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  • MattSD Pell
    MattSD Pell

    where is 7:06 taken from?

  • Was1_ Gamer55
    Was1_ Gamer55

    The best one is the deer 🦌 animal with the ball 😍 so cute celebration 4:45 !!

  • Cora iu8un
    Cora iu8un

    Nice team spirit

  • Judit Vega
    Judit Vega

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    hugeo kusaa

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    Frank Gunder

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    Lori Smith

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    Lindsey Shanno

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  • 한수협

    7:05 오옷!?? 나도

  • NebuchadnezzaR


  • Luddy Aria
    Luddy Aria


  • Braddock

    What's the name of the song ?

  • James Lockner
    James Lockner

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  • Peter Tran
    Peter Tran

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  • Riza Faisal Rahman
    Riza Faisal Rahman

    nice thumbnail

  • NEH Gaming, Comedy & Music
    NEH Gaming, Comedy & Music

    7:28 Real Matrix Move 😨

  • Rival 819
    Rival 819

    3:25 .....Like if yall said "Holy Shit it's Dante from Devil May Cry".

  • hussam elwakeel
    hussam elwakeel

    3:53 Egypt teams

  • Merce

    3:04 BOOM!! HEADSHOT!!

  • fdger ghft
    fdger ghft

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  • I Am x Fire
    I Am x Fire

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  • Angelo

    4:20 wow, she look really sexy I think, i like the professionals(?

  • Sangeetify

    4:25 🔥

  • katherine adaline
    katherine adaline

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  • tz1 ark
    tz1 ark

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  • 0

    If u watched only to see the woman bent over the pool table!!

  • White Rabbit
    White Rabbit

    someone know the song name ?

  • Реваз Багишвили
    Реваз Багишвили

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  • tu pana miguel
    tu pana miguel

    5:05 .-.



  • James Symes
    James Symes

    You should include some Australian football!

  • yyy xh
    yyy xh

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  • Isaiah Noll
    Isaiah Noll

    1:30 you could not do that again if you tried for the rest of your career

  • G S
    G S

    0:33 1:36 5:24 6:50

  • Kathryn Garrett
    Kathryn Garrett

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  • Marcelo Amarante
    Marcelo Amarante

    Quem veio aqui por causa da mulher da sinuca dá joinha!

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    Malina Bewas

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  • María Eugenia González Zabaleta
    María Eugenia González Zabaleta

    7:05 el mejor momento. Me encantó el vídeo! Gracias por compartirlo.

  • engraçadinho 0
    engraçadinho 0

    Estive aqui e mano que thumb

  • Sammakko Kuutti
    Sammakko Kuutti

    lol, American Soccer :D

  • Mourad Tammam
    Mourad Tammam

    اللي شاف لقطة ماتش أنبي وبيراميدز يجي جنبي 😂

  • Md faysal Khan
    Md faysal Khan

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    somoe somao

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  • DreamYear

    Whats this song called?

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    Anthony Cibene

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  • Anthony Cibene
    Anthony Cibene

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  • Matthew Wheeler
    Matthew Wheeler

    4:30 you wanna see some real speed ill show you some real speed

  • Ranny Anny
    Ranny Anny

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  • Dominic Jones
    Dominic Jones

    What’s the name of the song?

  • Eduardo Brito
    Eduardo Brito

    7:06 :0

  • nohlina balacjug
    nohlina balacjug

    The tested lyre interestedly want because airplane oppositely squeeze minus a sudden flight. grouchy, juvenile head

  • Zac Paratore
    Zac Paratore

    I understand wind resistance but that’s crazy with the other guys still peddling he’s passing them.

    • PrixtronT

      since drag scales geometrically with velocity and linearly with surface-area, they must have all been driving at very high speeds for that maneuver to pay off with such a benefit.

  • Selinor578

    4:19 What was the "one in a million" bit about that snooker pot?

  • Kami sama
    Kami sama

    When you hit a tree with a bike in PUBG: 5:15

  • Meister_ Chef
    Meister_ Chef

    Just type the names of the match and you will find the thumbnail's source

  • Parker Essential
    Parker Essential

    The tawdry damage markedly suck because whiskey rhetorically wreck alongside a unhealthy stool. four frail, mellow jury

  • Brown Jedi
    Brown Jedi

    Came here for the thumbnail, stood for the rest. Pool game was least impressive, everyone else, wow!


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  • Name Name
    Name Name

    What's so special about the pool lady? Don't get it.

  • ニジンスキー


  • Dennis Hall
    Dennis Hall

    Why was the pool shot amazing! I have done that a thousand times!